Are Proviron & Trenbolone Worth Stacking? | Cycle Info, Dosage & Side Effects

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Should Proviron and Trenbolone be stacked?

Is it a safe combination?

Proviron is a steroid frequently sought for its ability to increase libido.

Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid that causes a suppression of natural testosterone.

The answer to the first question is yes, they can and have been stacked.

The answer to the second is no.

Remember that there is a reasonable basis for banning even a steroid like Proviron from use in athletic enhancement, a compound that has been given one of the highest safety ratings by bodybuilders.

Proviron should especially be avoided by women because of its known tendency to cause virilization.

We will look closely at the main factors underlying a decision to stack Proviron with Trenbolone, and provide alternative paths that are both safe and legal.

Should You Stack Proviron & Trenbolone?

Proviron is often touted for its ability to increase libido and help restore male fertility.

As such, it strikes many as a logical step to stack Proviron with Trenbolone since Trenbolone is famous for its depleting effects to the male libido.

However, among men who have tried the combo, the effect of Proviron against Trenbolone isn’t considered to be completely impressive.

Stacking Proviron and Trenbolone is thought to be much more effective in underground communities of steroid users when also stacked with Testosterone.

A more suitable stack than just Proviron and Trenbolone is thought to look like this:

Week 1-12: Testosterone AND Proviron

Week 1-10: Trenbolone

As far as dosing is concerned:

Proviron Dosing: In a clinical setting, men taking Proviron for infertility will take 50-75 mg per day, but the daily amount is split into 2-3 doses.

For men taking Proviron for performance purposes, the daily dose can be anywhere from 50-150 mg per day with most men experiencing the best results around the 150 mg per day range.

Trenbolone Dosing: Trenbolone dosage is generally understood to depend on the experience of the user, with beginners commonly using 50-75 mg every other day.

Individuals experienced with advanced cycles have been known to use 100 mg every other day.

Testosterone Cypionate Dosage: In a cycle like this, 400 mg – 750 mg of Testosterone would often be cycled with these drugs every week to increase the effectiveness of Proviron and help mitigate the testosterone suppression of Tren.

This cycle is believed by some to have the potential to drive the development of quality muscle tissue.

But the better approach to getting the look of clean, polished muscle that drives people to experiment with a Trenbolone and Proviron stack in the first place is to build a cutting stack with natural steroid alternatives.

CrazyBulk offers a Trenbolone alternative called Trenorol that claims to re-create the androgenic benefits of Tren.

The big challenge with steroids like Trenbolone and Proviron is not just the risk of side effects (though those are considerable).

The challenge is acquiring them with 100% certainty that the product you are purchasing is legitimate.

Fake steroids could mean more than mediocre results.

Contaminated or expired product could lead to health complications that could make the regular side effects associated with these steroids look like a walk in the park.

With natural supplements, you aren’t forced to buy from unregulated sources.

Steroid alternatives like those offered by CrazyBulk are FDA approved, legal and available with free shipping.

The results offered by natural alternatives won’t be as drastic. But with enough hard work and time, they will help generate the results most bodybuilders are seeking.

So the answer to the question of whether or not you should stack Proviron and Trenbolone is a no from our perspective in light of the result-backed guarantee of legal, safe steroid alternatives.

More About Proviron

Proviron, also referred to as Mesterolone, is an anabolic steroid that is frequently used within the European medical field.

Among its several medical uses, Proviron is also used to treat male infertility, and that fact alone means that Proviron is a very unique anabolic steroid.

While many anabolic steroids cause fertility issues, Proviron does just the opposite. In fact, this is why many athletes and bodybuilders turn to Proviron.

Proviron is not used to create massive gains during a bulking season, but rather men seek it to increase libido.

Some also seek it to manage estrogen control, though the effectiveness of Proviron at mitigating estrogenic side effects is not verified by the data.

In addition, Proviron is used because of its seeming hardening effect

When stacked with other steroids, it is also believed to enhance the hardening effect of those steroids too.

Because Masteron is also known to provide a hardening effect, many men skip Proviron and just use Masteron.

IWomen are strongly advised against using this steroid by health and bodybuilding circles alike. The risk of virilization for women is too high.

For men who choose to use this steroid, any claimed pros should be heavily weighed against the cons.

A notable con is the increased of cardiovascular issues, including increased cholesterol levels.

In fact, this steroid has one of the biggest effects on cholesterol levels than most other steroids – so much so that any man with any cholesterol issues should not ever consider using Proviron.

More About Trenbolone

Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid which is used for its seeming ability to provide results in both cutting and bulking cycles.

Although, it should be noted, just because it can potentially yield impressive results does not mean you should automatically assume using this steroid is a good idea

Because it so powerful, Trenbolone cycles are often only used by experienced users.

Trenbolone is thought to offer many positiveeffects including increased muscle endurance (hence, the popularity of Trenbolone among performance enhancers) and increased protein synthesis.

Trenbolone also stands out as a great promoter of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1. Another potential positiveof Trenbolone is the boost in red blood cell count, which is sought to improve both endurance and recovery.

Trenbolone demonstrates botheffects that are believed to be favorable to the goals of bodybuilders, but also intense adverse reactions.

Some effects, such as gynecomastia or hair loss, affect men on an individual basis. Those men more already predisposed to gynecomastia or hair loss will experience those effects more profoundly.

Other effects, however, are likely to affect all users, despite genetics.

Those effects include:

Increased blood pressure and rapid pulse


Night sweats

Low libido

Feelings of anxiety

It is believed that a few men can limit those symptoms by lowering the Tren dose, but the overwhelming majority of men will experience these symptoms regardless of what dose they take.


Stacking Proviron and Trenbolone won’t necessarily prove to be the most effective cycle.

Regardless, one thing we can say about this stack with some degree of certainty is that it will expose you to risks that are not worth whatever possible benefit that stack may promise.

Being such a popular steroid, Trenbolone is somewhat easy to find and purchase on the black market.

As such, there is more of a risk of receiving a counterfeit or contaminated product.

We recommend stacking Trenorol with another natural alternative like Clenbutrol to gain the look of quality, lean muscle mass without the legal and health risks of buying on the black market.

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