Are there any research stimulants that don’t affect serotonin?

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I’m currently on SSRIs and I’m looked at at the effects of research stims on psychonaut wiki, and many of them affect serotonin, however many of these are not listed as being dangerous with SSRIs. For example, look at the dangerous interactions with 3-FEA :

However, I don’t want to risk any taking any research stimulants that interact with serotonin. I once took 3 MDMA bombs and it had absolutely no effect because the SSRIs blocked the effects.

Any suggestions if there are any?

Phenidate analogs? PHP,PVP and all those alike? Hexen, NEP?

I agree.

Apvp, aphp, hexen & nep are basically comparable to Meth, Crack-Cocaine etc.

Dont do that. Its dangerous and nobody needs them.

The pyrros are much rushier feeling than meth I thought too. NEP feels much more subtle and cleaner than Hexen but it also feels like it has more serotonin action than some others. Hexen at one point I used for 2 weeks as my only stimulant, and I could certainly notice it taking a toll on my body and nose lol, I was using it redosing most of the time I was awake

I feel that, especially vaped. It’s possible to have some self control, but there’s definitely been times I’ve vaped way more than I initially intended. Have even seen my friend who is extremely good about self control, not redosing too much and good about harm reduction blow through 20 grams of 3f-a-pvp within a few days

4F-MPH is cost effective and potent (10~15mg) . It has perfect functional qualities when taken orally and goes well recreationally when snorted in combination with alcohol.

EPH isn’t that functional but it’s the poor mans long lasting coke. That means it’s the most recreational out of all the phenidates.

IPPH is purely functional and provides a good mood boost without euphoria. It works wonderfully when cycled with modafinil for everyday functionality.

Everyone basically already listed what’s available which fits your criterion except Modafinil analogues/prodrugs (Adrafinil, Fladrafinil, etc). They aren’t very recreational, however, very functional drugs.

Adrafanil is very similar to vyvanse/meth without that overeuphoric push that makes you do crazy shit (it can and very efficiently does cause stimulant psychosis however. At doses of 900mg-1.2g w low tolerance definitely yields recreational effects.

I did it like 2 or 3 times a week at 900mg in one dose based on a study showing that taking over a certain amount would simply take longer to process thru liver and extend effects. This went on for about 2 or 3 mo but like i said it makes you stay awake for like 20 hours so i would get psychotic and annoying after just 1 day. Simply stopped taking it when i realized this effect (hard to notice when jts very mild psychosis and youre just extra paranojd about already stressful shit)

Still have about 120 of the 300mg caps in my cabinet just in case I have to drive 400 miles in a go or some shit.

2-FMA, 2-FA, the phenidates, and most long chain cathinones have no effect on serotonin (yes, that includes NEP). IIRC the only exception are 3,4-methylenedioxy substituted cathinones like ephylone and the rest, but they’re worthless anyway.

3-FPM has a dat/sert release ratio of over 1000, so it doesn’t have an effect on serotonin either at normal doses.

I like GHB .. that doesn’t operate on serotonin. And, LOTS of euphoria. Be careful with the dose curve though .. 3ml “ok” … 4ml and your knocked out (no waking you up for about 5 hours) (maybe seizures) .. ( all no problem really .. but, if found like that people freak out .. and you wake up in ER feling great … but, now having to deal with ER bills … LOL)

I was always curious on why people thought this, I’ve binged and redosed multiple times in the same hour when I was dealing with stim addiction and to counteract the negative effects from the effexor i was taking, and I never noticed any comedown, crash or like I had been binging on drugs whenever I stopped. But maybe I was just used to how bad some amp and cathinone crashes get it didn’t seem like anything lol

I sniffed about 20-30 mg every 6 hours maybe more. Definitely too high a dose.

But I do have to say. I had periods of awful confusion delirium and mind fog sometimes even on day 2. Sometimes if I kept going they’d get better. However it was quite unpleasant. Now I get this fog pretty quickly making it not worth.

Yup 20-30mg was usually my preferred dose, 50 is the highest I’ve done. When I would binge on it I would start with 20-30 and then every 15 minutes to an hour redose more, justify it to myself by only doing 5-10mg and telling myself it was fine because I wasn’t doing a full dose lol.

For real, I’ve done probably 60mg today if I had to guess and it’s only 4pm and I feel fine, granted my tolerance is a little high now, and I take Focalin daily aside from that. Probably going to chill for now, got hella vasoconstriction in my eyes at work so that’s a good sign it may be too much, but I never really crash from it or feel like shit after.

Also in spite of not being serotonergic, basically all Amphetamine or cocaine like stimulants increase typical symptoms of Serotonine-Syndrome like cramps, hyperthermia, hypertension etc. But combining noradrenergic drugs with serotonergic ones doesn’t increase the risk as unpredictable as two with serotonergic mechanisms of action. They basically just overlap in their side effects while two serotonergic Drugs tend to potentiate each other

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