Are we getting novel dissos anytime soon? (MXPr, HXE), or I’m getting bsed?

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The scene feels kinda limited rn for dissos, we’ve only got 3-MeO-PCP/PCE, 3-HO-PCP, O-PCE and 2-FDCK, it’s not like they’re bad, I love me some 3-MeO-PCP and 3-MeO-PCE but I feel like there would be newer alternatives by now, DCK is gone and O-PCE is starting to get harder to find and that leaves us with 4 alternatives of chems.

Does anyone who is tuned to the scene know if the fabled “legend” of MXPr(3-MeO-2′-Oxo-PCPr) and HXE(3-HO-2’Oxo-PCM) will actually come true? Cuz some really trusted sorces I know (won’t mention the name) keep telling me that will be just a while for them to be done but it seems like an eternity. I really want some new compounds, especially MXE analogues, but this fucking bs of promises makes it seem it will never come, are they coming at all? Are there other chems that are coming? The market is really getting saturated with these 4 options…

Anyone willing to solve this problem have my thanks.

EDIT: Take it with a HUGE grain of salt, spoke with one of the sources, promised by May 30th there will be MXPr, alas I don’t really trust what anyone says, even though it’s a trusted and well known supplier.

They are probably waiting for more banns on these substances we have now. Then the new ones will last longer Before they also get banned eventually

I don’t think every government would do that only for dissos, I think it would be a major ban on all chemicals but I doubt something like that would happen. There’s still the real research aspect of things when it comes to new chemicals.

Ketamine will still be available. Although with all the major darknet market closing down I am starting to get scarred cause I ain’t buying drug in the street, and I won’t find Ketamine in my city anyway.

Same for me, I don’t trust local dealers and also it’s not avaiable in my city too, hope the odds are in our favor and neither we get all banned chems nor shall we have to live without DNM’s, frankly I’m optimistic about it, I don’t think any major ban is coming out anytime soon, nor that DNM’s will go down(Also DNM’s don’t really die), so best of luck for RC Chems.

For now I have a source for 2 fdck tho and alone I will make it profitable for my seller I hope he will restock before a ban.

What are the chances that 2-FDCK will be banned anytime soon though?

Fluoroexetamine? I’m not exactly sure, it was in a post a year or so ago and I remember hearing later posts saying it was a scam but I have hope

When are the 2-br-dck reports gonna come out? That one actually exists afaik

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