Ask the EXPERTS–Should I Take Steroids For Bodybuilding?

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Should I take steroids for bodybuilding or other purposes?

Steroids that are considered anabolic contain androgenic characteristics that promote development of masculine traits, especially muscle mass and stamina.

By stimulating protein synthesis to encourage growth of cellular tissue (anabolism) in muscles, anabolic steroids produce the same effects on the body as the hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

First identified about seventy years ago, anabolic steroids are now medically utilized to promote bone growth, stimulate appetite, and alleviate symptom of AIDS and cancer.

The American College of Sports Medicine also states that using them in conjunction with a balanced diet, will supply the body with extra muscle mass, add weight, and increase muscle strength.

It only works when users are engaged in high-intensity workouts and weight training.

Should I Take Steroids to Get Big?

When taken properly, they will assist the serious weight trainer in achieving desired results.

Not only do they increase protein production but also reduce recovery time following a workout.

By suppressing the degrading effects of cortisol on muscles, catabolism of muscle tissue is significantly curtailed, facilitating development and stability of muscle mass.

They may also inhibit glucocorticoid activity thought to be involved in muscle breakdown as well.

Taking anabolic steroids properly further alters the amount of cells that eventually develop into adipose-storage cells.

They accomplish this by influencing cellular differentiation of cells into muscle tissue cells rather than fat cells and increasing the user’s basal metabolic rate.

Moreover, they support bone growth and remodelling, which promotes bone marrow activity and red blood production.

Through these basic mechanisms, they will increase skeletal muscle mass, strength and stamina in people taking steroids for these purposes.

Anabolic steroids are available in three forms: skin patches, injection, and pills. When taken orally, they are quickly digested and absorbed by the bloodstream.

However, ones that are orally-consumed are chemically converted into inert metabolites, with approximately 1/6 of the remaining steroid useful to the body.

However, those injected directly into muscles circumvent abrupt alterations in blood level testosterone and reduce conversion amounts.

Finally, supplementary testosterone patches, called “transdermal” patches, are commonly used by athletes to sustain regular input into their body.

Should I take steroids for bodybuilding? Taking them will help your body endure the rigorousness of intense bodybuilding exercises and contribute to bulking up. In addition, using them for bodybuilding purposes also provides the following benefits:

Increases red blood cell production to ensure muscles retain sufficient oxygen molecules for improved energy, stamina and recovery times.

Eliminates water retention so you get the kind of well-defined, ripped appearance you want.

Helps you lose those stubborn extra pounds while increasing muscle mass. Steroids force your body’s chemistry to burn fat so you receive plenty of energy boosts while performing weight-training exercises.

Since they elevate testosterone levels, users will enjoy positive mood changes which works to motivate them even more to reach their bodybuilding goals.

Consuming protein-rich foods while taking steroids and working out can further help expedite weight loss, growth of muscle mass and increased strength.

Should I Take Steroids Before or After My Workout?

Steroids should be taken according to the directions provided when purchased.

Dosage amounts also depend on whether you are taking them orally or via injection.

It really doesn’t matter whether you take them before or after a workout.

What matters is taking them on a set schedule and following dosage instructions implicitly.

Steroid cycles and stacks are terms used to describe when you take them and how much you need to take. Read more about cycling and stacking here.

Professional weight trainers and athletes who use anabolics for increasing muscle mass and strength do not recommend teenagers take them.

Adolescents males tend to abuse steroids because they often suffer body image disorders or are hyper-competitive among peers. In fact, abuse is much higher in 16, 17 and 18 year olds than any other age group.

Medicinal Uses

Anabolic steroids not only benefit professional weight trainers but also exert therapeutic effects for certain health conditions.

For example, doctors may prescribe them to patients who need to gain weight after suffering a serious illness or injury.

They may also effectively treat anemia, some breast cancers and an inherited disorder called angioedema, which produces swelling of the throat, arms, face, legs and trachea.

Corticosteroids are steroid hormones produced by the adrenal cortex that are prescribed to relieve poison ivy, sumac rash and contact dermatitis.

Prescription corticosteroids are available as ointments, pills or shots and should be used according to physician instructions. They will not relieve the itch and spreading of poison ivy.

Should I take steroids for bronchitis? A type of anti-inflammatory product called Prednisone or inhalers containing cortisone can help minimize symptoms of bronchitis, such as coughing, wheezing, lung inflammation and difficulty breathing.

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