AWESOME Halotestin Reviews From Bodybuilders & Powerlifters

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What do Halotestin reviews really offer bodybuilders or athletes interested in using the steroid for the first time?

It depends on the source.

Bodybuilding websites as well as those that promote and sell steroids provide plenty of information about Halotestin.

How much of it is actually researched though? And how many of the Halotestin reviews left by users are genuine?

A few things to look for when it comes to determining the reliability of the review:

Is it a verified purchase?

Are details provided? Not just “it works great!”

What about dosage information?

Potential side effects?

Most of the time the reviews don’t provide all the information you need unfortunately.

Halotestin Reviews

When looking for Halotestin reviews, know that there are many names given to this anabolic androgenic steroid.

It’s also known as:





How can you be sure you’re getting Halotestin? Doublecheck its molecular formula: C20H29O3.

Halotestin/fluoxymesterone is used in medical environments to treat hypogonadism or low testosterone levels.

It’s classified as an androgen whose primary mechanism of action is its behavior as an androgen receptor agonist.

An agonist is simply something that triggers specific activities in chemicals and chemical reactions in the body.

Halotestin is a derivative (halogenated) of 17-Alpha-methyltestosterone. After binding to specific androgen receptors, it triggers increases in protein synthesis among other benefits.

Halotestin/fluoxymesterone is also known to:

Retain levels of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus

Inhibit catabolism or destruction/damage to the amino acids. Amino acids provide the foundation for protein synthesis.

The pharmacology of Halotestin/fluoxymesterone is deemed to be quite a bit more potent than methyltestosterone.

What does this mean for bodybuilders?

The oral steroid, when compared to the anabolic and androgenic potential of other forms of testosterone, may seem excessive, but because it’s an oral drug and must pass through digestive processes, its bioavailability is drastically reduced.

Nevertheless, Halotestin reviews left by users claim a number of benefits:

Halotestin strength gains

Increase in muscle density


Increased support for healing and post-workout recovery

Details Important in Halotestin Reviews

When accessing Halotestin reviews, compare more than one website or forum board discussion group when it comes to both benefits as well as drawbacks of use.

Reviews often mention a wide range of Halotestin dosage recommendations as well as frequency of dosage.

Even if milligram strength and dosage is mentioned, cycle length often isn’t. It may be stacked, but such details are often lacking as well.

Halotestin/fluoxymesterone is available in a variety of different milligram strengths per tablet.


The milligram strength will depend on manufacturer, country of origin, and whether a legitimate pharmaceutical developer or an underground lab has created the drug.

The most common:

2 mg

2.5 mg

10 mg

Averaging comments left by users on bodybuilding sites and discussion threads, Halotestin reviews claim that most users take anywhere from 10 mg to 40 mg a day.

A Halotestin cycle can last six weeks to eight weeks or more.

Note – the higher the dosage and the longer the cycle, the increased risk of developing side effects.

Reviews left by former users state that Halotestin is more suitable for sports where weight is an issue (such as wrestling or boxing).

It doesn’t trigger impressive gains in muscle mass, but rather focuses on minimal development of leaner muscle mass and strength.

Increased viscosity and muscle definition is more prevalently seen in a bodybuilder with an already lean body mass.

Halotestin Side Effects

Reviews promoting use of Halotestin to increase strength and definition rarely focus on the potential for side effects.

When accessing Halotestin reviews, look for those that are balanced and contain both positive and negative results based on dosage.

Side effects associated with Halotestin should not be ignored. While most reviews skim over potential side effects, watch for the most common including:

Headaches (often severe)

Nausea (may be accompanied by vomiting)

Gynecomastia – development of breast tissue in men

Increase in anxiety

Potential increase in irritability and aggressiveness

Halotestin For Women

It is interesting to note that women don’t leave Halotestin reviews as often as men.

Women should use caution with any anabolic androgenic steroid, especially those noted for moderate potential for androgenic side effects.

Such steroids can trigger virilism or development of male sex characteristics when used by women, even in low doses.

Watch for:

Enlarged clitoris

Growth of hair on the face or unusual places on the body

Deeper voice

Changes in breast side (most often smaller)

Cessation of menstruation (amenorrhea)

Disrupted menstruation cycles

Reviews left by both genders often focus on the positive Halotestin results for bodybuilding and not the negative.

Any bodybuilder turning to Halotestin reviews should be familiar with both the physical and psychological impact of high doses of Halotestin and length of use in regarding adverse reactions.

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