Axiron vs Androgel–Which is Best for Bodybuilding Results?

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Here we compare the two most common topical steroid medications: Axiron vs Androgel.

For men with low levels of testosterone, these medications are used to boost levels back to normal.

They are obtained through a doctor’s prescription and are synthetic in nature.

Despite their medical uses, in the field of bodybuilding these medications can be harnessed to increase testosterone and push gains in the gym.

Each of these products are similar in many ways and aim for the same goal—boosting testosterone levels—but there are a few differences to take note of if you’re planning on using them for bodybuilding supplementation.

Axiron VS Androgel Bodybuilding Benefits

In terms of their bodybuilding benefits, comparing Axiron vs Androgel reveals their similarities.

They both increase testosterone levels and can be used to increase your size and strength gains.

Axiron is a cream that increases testosterone levels, leading to faster muscle development as well as the creation of stronger, larger muscles.

When used as a supplement for training, it can greatly increase the effectiveness of exercise.

Much like Axiron, Androgel is also a topical testosterone booster that can help you gain a leaner body by increasing muscle development and strength and reducing the creation of fat.

The main differences between the two medications is evident when comparing their application methods and dosages.

Best Way to Apply Axiron & Androgel

Although both medications are topical in nature, they differ in their composition and the way that they are applied.

Axiron is a clear liquid solution provided within a pump bottle. Each pump delivers 30 milligrams, which is put into a cap that is then used for application into your armpit.

Since the skin in your armpit is thin, absorption of testosterone into your bloodstream occurs quickly. After applying Axiron into your armpit, it’s advised to rub it in with the application cap.

Using your fingers carries the possibility of the drug entering your bloodstream through them and increasing the dosage to a higher level than desired.

When you apply Axiron, try and do so at the same time daily following a shower. For those that use deodorant, always apply it before Axiron application.

Alternatively, Androgel is a clear gel. Although it’s also provided in a pump, it pumps out two different doses (12.5 mg or 20.25 mg) depending on the type of gel packet that you use.

Androgel is applied once daily to your upper arms, shoulders, or abdomen. Unlike Axiron, it is applied by massaging it into your skin with the palm of your hand.

For those with sensitive skin, Androgel is ideal because it provides more flexibility in terms of application locations.


The Axiron dosage coincides with the amount of swipes used by the applicator cup. Each swipe, right or left, delivers 30 milligrams into your underarm. Overall, there are four daily dosages:

30 mg

60 mg

90 mg

120 mg

Only 60 mg is to be applied to either underarm. For example, a 60 mg daily dose means you should deliver one swipe to each underarm, while a 120 daily dose means swiping once under each underarm, waiting for it to dry, and then repeating the process again.

Dosages of Androgel correspond to the type of gel and dosage of packets used. There are two types of this gel: Androgel 1.61% and Androgel 1%.

Androgel 1.61% is typically applied once daily at a dosage of 40.5 mg on either the shoulders or upper arms.

Conversely, Androgel 1% is applied at a dosage of 50 mg once daily on either the shoulder, upper arms, and/or stomach.

Axiron Results

Since Axiron and Androgel are both used off-label for bodybuilding, no research studies have been conducted on their effectiveness for this purpose.

Despite this lack of research, many within the community use them for this purpose and report positive results.

Given the science behind these medications and their action on testosterone levels, it follows that they would have the strength and muscle mass benefits bodybuilders want to take advantage of.

However, the problem is that obtaining these products for bodybuilding will likely mean getting it outside of a doctors office, which is illegal.

Furthermore, unlike natural testosterone boosters, these synthetic products come with some side effects that can be very unpleasant.

Side Effects

As the primary effects of both Axiron and Androgel are the same—an increase in testosterone levels—so too are their side effects. These include testicle shrinkage, acne, and high blood pressure.

Conversely, natural alternatives such as Testo-Max can provide you with similar boosts in testosterone levels without these side effects.


The retail price of Axiron is approximately $600 USD. Androgel 1.62% is around $600 USD, while Androgel 1% averages at $330 USD across available dosages.


Axiron reviews for bodybuilding are slightly higher than that of Androgel, although not by much. While reviews are generally positive for both medications, it’s important to note that this feedback is for those using it for low testosterone levels.

Negative feedback for both focused on their undesirable side effects on sexual functioning and blood pressure. In addition, the price of both medications was noted as somewhat extreme.

With natural products like Testo-Max on the market designed specifically for bodybuilding and without the aforementioned side effects and high price, it’s hard to recommend these medications for bodybuilding.

For topical steroids that boost testosterone in people with lower levels than normal, comparing Axiron vs Androgel might reveal them as your only option, but for bodybuilders there are plenty of natural alternatives to these synthetic steroids that can give you just as much benefit.

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