Azolol 5mg Tablets For Cutting & Strength [Cycle Guide]

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Azolol 5mg is a type of anabolic androgenic steroid that can be used to treat anemia or for bodybuilding.

It goes by additional names, including Winstrol and Stanozolol.

This substance is a variation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), providing similar benefits as other DHT derivative steroids.

Bodybuilders tend to take this product to increase the definition of their lean muscles and quickly gain strength. It is typically used via cutting cycles to help lose body fat.

Originally, Stanozolol was created to treat hereditary angioedema, a condition causing swelling of the throat, bowel wall, genitals, face, and extremities.

Azolol 5mg Winstrol Tabs Reviews

What is Azolol 5mg? As mentioned, it is real Stanozolol, not a supplement for it.

It is simply another name for the steroid, as is Winstrol.

You may also hear various nicknames and similar names for this steroid, including Stanabolic, Stanolone, Winstrall, Winstroll, Zambons, and Strombafort.

It is offered as both an injectable and oral steroid. Interestingly enough, identical raw materials are typically used for both versions, meaning that you can take the appropriate dosage, by either ingesting it or injecting it accordingly.

Most bodybuilders will prefer to take oral versions of Azolol since the injections are water based and quite painful.

How To Take Azolol Winstrol

The dose for Azolol 5mg is almost the same whether you choose to take it orally or via an injection.

Men will want to stick to 40 to 100 milligrams a day while women should only use between 5 and 15 milligrams a day.

At a maximum, women can use 20 mg each day, but this should only be done by fitness competitors or body builders.

Those looking for specific cutting cycles can combine 50 mg a day of Winstrol with 30 mg a day of Anavar (oxandrolone), 20 mg a day of Cardarine, and 7 capsules a day of N2Guard. This cycle is great for beginners but should only be used with the oral version.

Those looking for a cycle that can be oral or injectable can take 50 mg of Winstrol, 20 mg of Cardarine, and 7 capsules of N2Guard a day, along with 500 mg of Testosterone Cypionate and 600 mg of Primobolan Depot a week for 6 weeks.

This is followed by four weeks that are identical but without the Winstrol.

You may take Azolol 5mg with or without food, but should take it with a full cup of water.

Azolol Results

Just like other DHT derivative steroids, Azolol 5mg provides the benefit of fat loss and it acts as an anti-estrogen.

As an interesting benefit, it is easily stackable with many different steroids.

Out of all the available steroids found on the market, Winstrol has the best ability to lower sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels.

This hormone binds with other steroids within the cycle, causing them to be useless. Essentially, it means taking too many steroids provides no additional benefits. By lowering SHBG levels, Azolol changes this.

Stanozolol Cutting Cycles For Bodybuilders

When bodybuilders use Azolol 5mg in cutting cycles, they will get lean and hard. This is particularly true when it is stacked with Anavar.

This steroid also enhances nitrogen retention within your muscles, protein synthesis, and red blood cell count.

For athletes focused on functional competitiveness, Azolol can enhance strength, resulting in improved speed and power.

Azolol Side Effects

It is not wise to take Azolol 5mg for longer periods of time or during harsher bulking cycles.

When used in this manner, Winstrol is associated with joint problems, including pain and “dry” joints.

This problem is only likely to occur in bulking phases since overall weight gain and heavy weights can lead to joint problems.

It can be avoided by use only during the cutting phase with lighter weight training.

To further reduce this potential side effect, take joint supplements, such as vitamin C, collagen, calcium, MSM, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

Liver problems are also a concern with Azolol, as is always the case with oral and certain injectable steroids. Taking N2Guard provides protection for the liver as well as heart, kidneys, and overall health.

Watch out for Azolol side effects indicating liver problems, such as dark urine, vomiting, nausea, yellowing of the eyes or skin, and light stools.

Additionally, you should watch out for signs of an allergic reaction, swelling of the legs or ankles, voice changes, persistent or frequent erections, enlargement or tenderness of the breasts, changes to your sexual desire, trouble sleeping, acne, and headaches.

British Dispensary Azolol Reviews

It is relatively easy to find Azolol steroids, provided you know the various names it goes by. Finding it should be easy, but this steroid is also commonly counterfeited.

A reputable brand that produces this steroid in a high-quality version is the British dispensary. It is still possible to find the original brand of Winstrol, although only from a single company Desma, in Spain.

Alpha Pharma produces high-quality Azolol known as Rexobol or Rexogin for the oral and injectable forms, respectively.

Azolol For Sale

Nearly all black market suppliers will have the steroid for sale, including human grade and underground variations and both oral and injectable versions. To stay safe, try to opt for human grade labels.

Compared to some steroids, Stanozolol will be mildly expensive. Pricing will always be better online than in a gym.

The British Dispensary, for example, charges 99 Euros for 400 Azolol 5mg tablets. People taking it may experience varying results, depending on factors such as caloric intake and metabolism.

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