Bad trip on noids

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This is an experience on 5f-mdmb-2201. Someone posted about a noid experience sending them into the ‘upside down’ like in stranger things and it reminded me of my oddly similar experience.. so here it is:

I eyeballed a tiny amount that I poked with a tooth pick (stupid I know), and threw it into a vape pen. Took the hit and the second I blew it out I knew I had fucked up. Put everything away quickly and layed down in my bed. Within a minute I was Tripping HARD. They weren’t psychedelic visuals, but they were very dark and sinister. I don’t really remember what they looked like though. I also could no longer comprehend what I was thinking in my head. It was all just jumble. Basically I just layed there and think I fell asleep.

Shortly after though, I came to and this is when shit got really scary. So I woke up and was in my room, except to me it seemed like it was my room in hell/underworld/’upside down’ or whatever you wanna call it. Everything was dark and grey (even though it was night so it made sense, but it was oddly bright enough in my room, just extremely gray and evil toned.) But basically I sat up and immediately for some reason I had thought that someone who hated me or a group of people who hated me got together and found or hired some hacker who shut my life down. It’s very hard to explain, but I 100% thought that my life had been terminated/shut down and I had been trapped inside my mind or some type of underworld. It was the same as our regular world, except it was a dark version where I was completely alone. For some reason I thought that this hacker had created this world or whatever and the only way out was for me to do a bunch of different “challenges” of some sort, which I was thinking would take way too long, and that this place was just way too dark and depressing to spend the next month winning my way out of this trap. So I felt it would be easier to just kill myself. But then I decided to just lay my head back down on the pillow and close my eyes because I couldn’t handle what was going on, and the next thing I know it was the next morning and I was fine.

Scared the SHIT out of me and I never touched it again. Have like a gram and a half left. I didn’t even buy it, it was a free sample that I hadn’t even asked for.

Edit: I said I never touched it since but I actually have done it 2 more times I believe.. it has just been like 6-8 months so I hadn’t remembered the experiences. but the 2 other times I did it, BOTH times made me feel like nobody was actually really friends with me. I came to the realization that people were only friends with my out of pity and that everyone thought i was this sorry dirtball of a person (I don’t even have a reason for why I thought this. This chemical just gave me this feeling. Fucking gross shit)

Kinda the same shit happened to me. It was like i could feel mysepf getting scanned in a video game. I layed my head back and tried to just relax this scary uneasy trip to something a lot nicer. Outside front porch nieghbors mowing and working on cars is all i hear so i rip my pipe and hold it in as if it were some hard. Eye lids heavy when trying to locate my hands after loss of vision. I ripped it quickly and whop. Instant scanning of my body almost felt as if i was getting slightly electricuted morphine drip. Scared feeling i kinda paniced and grabbed for my cig to do something thats normal just in case im acting a fool in front the neighbors. Laid my head back and the sounds got louder and created my visuals as long as i kept my eyes closed. Well it started awesome. Very very vivid cartoon rob zombie like animated visuals. I opened my eyes hit my cig and closed em real fast to see of the cartoon continued….it did. Well turn out the character that is me in the visuals ramps his mootorcycle into the blades of a giant lawnmower. The cartoon me a rabbit that races motorcycles. Well im lost in this dream cartoon visual like state. Curious to see if the cartoon will end i kept watching. Vrrrooommm (sounds of nieghbors working on cars) i hit the ramp that sent me flying and someone run something over with the lawn mower causing a horiffic noise that snapped me to reality and made me remember ohh i got a cig. Dragged it til it was gone and the whole time the scanning effect was happening to my body but the only way to get it to stop was to watch my visuals and that was a cartoon depicting me getting ran over by a lawn mower. It hurt. Like to watch it. But if i opened my eyes while i was getting grinded by the blade it hurt worse from the “body scanning” effect. Im freaking out at this point. Didnt wanna watch myself get shot out the mower but couldnt keep going on feeling this body scan shit. I calmed down lit another cig paced a few and bam sat down and said i guess your gonna have to do it. Watched myself get shot out the mower. As i tunnel swirled out of the closed eye visual the body scan got more intense but was leaving my body. Game over and showed my rabbit character in my outfit that i had on that day as if i was a GTA character or some shit

Man this shit had one of my friends fucked up. He went from having the world at his feet to a shell of a human being. He has not touched the stuff for years now but he’s not the guy he once was or that he should be. You should throw the last gram and a half in the bin.

With him it wasn’t one particular trip. Over 2 years he got so addicted. Lost lots of weight, became anti-social and apathetic, couldn’t go a few hours without getting a hit of it. It’s changed him as a human being. He lost his wife of 10 years and his son, currently building back up those relationships. He’s still riddled with anxiety. I really feel sorry for him though but I’m glad he’s through it and alive.

I mean there are obviously people who really enjoy this chem and other noids but I’d personally say trashing it is in your best interest. It was pretty fucking freaky.

And I know I said I hadn’t done it since, but I edited the post because I just remembered I had done it two more times a few months after that experience . Both times gave me the exact same feeling, like I had come to this realization that nobody was truly friends with me and everyone who was my “friend” had been doing it out of pity or embarrassment. No clue why I thought this, but it only started happening after that scary experience. And it occurred both times I tried it again. It just put my headspace in a very scary place. Never felt darkness or anything like this on a drug before.

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