Beastdrol V3 Review | How Does It Compare to V2 & the Original V1?

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Beastdrol V1 was an illegal anabolic androgenic steroid that contained Superdrol.

The second version contained Ultradrol so it was also illegal.

Beastdrol V3 is the 2015 legal version of the drug made by Muscle Research.

It is a prohormone supplement containing ingredients that are relatively safe, but still able to help improve bodybuilding results.

Beastdrol Reviews

Bodybuilders, athletes and enthusiastic fitness buffs use steroids or steroid type supplements to help them improve performance, muscle growth, and recovery times.

Designed by a small company, Beastdrol Extreme was an oral anabolic steroid that has had some controversy surrounding it.

Historically, it was designer anabolic steroid with a similar make-up to superdrol, which is illegal due to the effects on the liver.

The initial version became illegal because it contained superdrol. Beastdrol V3 was illegal because it contained Ultradrol. The newest version 3 supplement is legal steroid alternative (dietary supplement) for use and purchase.

Beastdrol V3 Ingredients

The contents of Beastdrol v3 include Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is similar to a hormone produced in the adrenal gland that promotes the production of estrogens and androgens.

It also contains Fenugreek, Arimistane, Acacetin, and medium chain triglycerides (MTC).

The main ingredient is 1-DHEA, which leads to an anabolic and androgenic response and leads to an anabolic-androgenic ratio of 200:100. The ratio is twice as anabolic as testosterone (100:100).

Fenugreek is a testosterone booster. Arimistane reduces estrogen production and suppresses cortisol.

Acacetin is an anti-estrogen ingredient. MTC help to improve the release of 1-DHEA to increase testosterone.

Steroid or Supplement?

Beastdrol v3 is a muscle builder supplement and is not considered an actual steroid.

As a supplement, it is designed to help improve the body’s natural ability to increase testosterone and decrease estrogen.

The combination works to increase lean muscle mass building capacity, increase strength and endurance, and recovery time.


The recommended dosage is 3 Beastdrol v3 capsules a day, taken over the course of the day with a 2 to 3 times a day split.

It can be taken for 8 weeks straight with a light post-cycle therapy because the body will need a break from the 1-DHEA. Even though it is easier on the liver, it is recommended to take liver support supplements.

1-DHEA used continuously can lead to unwanted side effects. Because it contains ingredients to decrease estrogen, water retention and gynecomastia (breast enlargement) are less of a concern.

If you are prone to gynecomastia, it’s best to take an extra estrogen blocker.

Beastdrol Results

The reported results have been mixed, which may be due to reports from those who used the Beastdrol original or Beastdrol V2.

The comparison with the previous versions of the product can be disappointing.

Mostly because v3 does not contain the same ingredients and cannot work in the same way, but on the other hand the side effects should be a lot less severe.

Other users report positive results from Beastdrol V3 with increased lean muscle mass and hardness, a slight decrease in body fat, and recovery time reduction.


The benefits of taking this supplement are an increase in vascularity without bloating. It creates a more natural growth in lean muscle mass reported within 3 to 4 weeks of use.

There are fewer side effects because of the naturally-based ingredients and the addition of elements that decrease estrogen production, and it is easy on the liver.

Beastdrol V3 increases workout performance by strength and endurance through enhanced vascularity. It decreases water retention and overall body fat. It reduced recovery time from workouts and improves healing time from injuries.

Side Effects

There are not many reported side effects for Beastdrol v3. It does require a short cycle due to the 1-DHEA, but the other ingredients work to decrease estrogen that can lead to gynecomastia and retaining water.

It may increase or hasten pattern baldness if you’re prone to losing your hair.

The most pronounced side effect is a general lethargy outside of workouts.

There are no noted effects to the liver because it is non-methylated. If you have liver problems, it may be a healthier choice that will still benefit your workouts, results, and recovery times.

Reviews & Testimonials

If you’re looking for a supplement to give you a boost to your workouts, a gradual increase of lean muscle mass, and improved recovery time, then Beastdrol v3 might be what you want to use.

There are few side effects, and it’s not hard on the liver. Does it work like versions one or two? Not at all because it is missing the ingredients that made it work so well.

With the increased ban on ingredients that work by the FDA due to the severe side effects, it is more difficult for manufacturers to create steroid-like supplements that work as well.

Beastdrol Extremel is an example of a manufacturer making the efforts, but it just falls short of the original version.

It is not to say there are no results, they are slower but do come. If you have not used an anabolic steroid and are not looking to, then this is a good supplement that will bring gradual results.

If you are expecting the same results as with a steroid, then you will likely be disappointed with prohormones.

You can get Beastdrol for sale online at (but is currently out of stock) or over the counter through different supplement supply places.

It can also be purchased from MuscleLabsUSA.

It is also called B-Drol, and the properties are the same. Prices vary from around $60 for a 90 capsule bottle that should be a 90-day supply if taken as recommended.

It can be found at a lower cost by purchasing three or more bottles at a time. You can watch for these type of deals to save and stock up.

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