Best Blotter Paper

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Hey everyone. I was just wondering if anyone here has experience laying blotter and if so, what type of blotter worked best for you? I’d love some beautiful artwork but that’s not really top priority. Thanks in advance!

I dont lay blotter but collect blotter, have a small collection. Most of the older vintage artwork feels of a lighter paper. Some of the newer ones are a little thicker feeling.

There are a few vendors in the US and UK. Ive never tried the guy from russia (rusblotter) but his look like the image would run if you used them.

Then there is actual blotting paper, this is what your White on White comes on. Can absorb slightly better.

Oh thats good to hear, his prices are good and was always curious about em. As long as it looks good in a frame.

The only reason I said that was because Ive seen some cheaper blotters being used by some people and the design just bled out.

You want 14lb pressed watercolour paper from your local art store, if you wanna go the distance you can order a hand perforator off ebay, youll have to dose them all single to get your accurate dose tho

If you can afford drugs, you can afford $15 worth of paper. With paper, like most things, spending a little extra will go a long way in terms of quality and stability

It has nothing to do with what I can afford dude. $15 for a piece of paper that fits in my palm is retarded. At that price, the paper costs more than the drugs. And, I’m not specifically trying the get the cheapest. I’m trying to get the best value. Cheapest? No. Cheaper than $15, yes please. I’m more than likely making my own. But, thanks for letting me know I can afford it! Very helpful!

Edit: I didn’t say any of that with an attitude just for clarification. I honestly cannot take another retarded argument over a disagreement on here. But, with what I’m working with, I would be spending close to $500 on PAPER if I paid that crazy price. You feel me? It just doesn’t make any sense for me to do that.


33.333*900=30,000 (assuming they are 900 per page).

You are dropping 30,000 tabs and cant spend $500)?

The paper is expensive.

Please try everything out on a small scale a few times before doing all of them. What substance are you dosing? Remember if people die from your tabs you can get hit with manslaughter charges.

15 per sheet not not page. That’s why it is so expensive. You’re such a goofball man. You’re assuming WAY too many details. That’s why it seems crazy to you. But, what is really crazy is writing a huge reply to my comment with a handful of assumptions. G’day.

Edit: I know my account is young and it’s also shared now that I mention it, but you can stop talking to me like a child playing with fire. My question was a simple one and you’re being silly homie.

you said 500$. Say an average price of $15 a page. there are 9 sheets per page so 900 tabs a page. 500/15=33.333 pages to make $500. 33.333 pages is 30,000 tabs. If you can’t follow the math then please don’t make the blotters.

Edit: I might be treating you like a child but you are the one who is coming to Reddit asking what paper to lay 30,000 doses on.

Ok retard I’m talking actual numbers here. They are $15 per sheet domestic hence the post. Just fuck off now. I am asking the experienced what their favorite best value blotter is. You must be tripping dude. And, you came up with the 30,000 figure on your own based on assumptions. You keep saying a page is 15 but it’s not. Its 15 per sheet of 100 tabs. Jesus christ, read you fucking moron.

Lol ik it is. It just seems like since I’ve been actively trying to be nicer to everyone online and in person, the universe has been throwing jackass after jackass my way to test me and see if I’m really being good lol. Thanks for that. It just blows my mind sometimes how people can literally know nothing, slap a bunch of shit together that makes no sense, and try to make ME feel stupid. The dude is LITERALLY pulling stuff out of his ass. Well, not literally, but you know what I’m saying.

Thanks. I was looking at etsy before I made the post and saw some wonderful artwork for a great price but I’m wanting to order domestic because I’m on a bit of a time crunch. I will probably make my own in the meantime and just order a shit ton of good art from etsy and wait. Thanks for the suggestion!

Post it note, use a dropper or micropipette and place a drop in each of the lower corners. Not as absorbent as blotter paper, but discreet as fuck.

Thanks. I used to use index cards but I’m wanting some legit pretty blotter artwork that looks professional. However, the artful blotter is expensive unless buying intl which is fine I just don’t want to wait too long.

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