Best M1T Cycle For Beginners (Dosage & Gains/Results)

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The M1T cycle has recently become a hotly debated topic in bodybuilding circles.

What is M1T? Also known as methyl-1-testosterone, it is a powerful anabolic steroid and was often used by serious athletes and bodybuilders.

M1T is more anabolic in nature than the steroid 1-testosterone it is based on and thus produces more immediate results through shorter cycle times.

The M1T prohormone is a methylated steroid designed for quick and significant results. It has been made illegal in some countries and banned by many sports leagues.

M1T Cycle Results

The benefit of the M1T cycle is the dramatic muscle mass gains possible when combined with proper exercise, and it won’t be water retention.

With most steroids, the user takes them over a long period of time to experience significant muscle gains.

The M1T cycle, however, is much shorter.

The potency of the steroid causes the need for the shortened cycle. Human bodies cannot handle this powerful steroid for extended periods of time.

Because M1T is a highly anabolic and also a moderately androgenic steroid, it is known as a steroid to use for serious muscle mass growth and body fat loss.

A user dedicated to consistent, hard workouts can expect to add 15-20 pounds and serious strength gains over a period of two-four weeks using M1T.

Because of the immediate nature of M1T results, it has become a favorite pre-competition steroid in the bodybuilding community.

In the early 2000’s, M1T took the bodybuilding world by storm. Here was a rediscovered steroid that legitimately added 20 pounds to your body while also cutting fat.

It was almost too good to be true. In fact, the results proved to be too significant. Many compounds containing the steroid were made illegal in early 2005.

After that people started turning to Methyl Stenbolone.

When people compare M1T to Dbol, they say it gives better results but it’s harsher than Dianabol, probably more on par with Anadrol.

M1T Supplement & Cycle

Because M1T is a methylated oral steroid, it commonly comes in the form of tablets.

M1T tablets, similar to other steroid capsules, must be dissolved in water to be taken. Otherwise, the desired effect will be lessened.

M1T dosage can be confusing and often varies by person. Due to its extreme potency, M1T dosages are smaller than many other steroids.

An experienced user may go as high as 20 milligrams per day. However, for most users, 5-10 milligrams per day is the maximum dosage to consider.

M1T cycles, similarly, are shorter than most steroids to keep the user safe. Inexperienced users should initially complete a two to four-week cycle to let their bodies become accustomed to the steroid.

Experienced users aim for M1T cycles of six to eight weeks. Doing these cycles back-to-back is not recommended.

Furthermore, M1T cycles are kept short because of the instant results produced. Users commonly gain over 20 pounds in the first two weeks of a cycle. Any more weight gains would become unhealthy in such a short period of time.

M1T Cycle Side Effects

The almost instant gratification felt from M1T’s quick results comes with a price. The potency of M1T also causes many side effects. These side effects range from mild to severe and everywhere in between.

The good news is there’s no water retention.

M1T is incredibly toxic to the liver. It is actually so toxic that experts recommend taking a liver protectant, such as N2Guard, during the M1T cycle. Because of its liver toxicity, M1T should never be mixed with alcohol and permanent liver damage is possible.

Milk thistle can also be taken to help with your liver.

Due to its anabolic nature, M1T suppresses natural testosterone production. The short cycle times are partly designed to ensure this side effect does not become permanent.

A short-term decrease in testosterone production is okay as production naturally rises and falls. However, a long-term decrease in production could become a major health issue.


To ensure no negative, long-term effects on testosterone production, it is highly recommended the user completes a post-cycle therapy.

Post-cycle therapies include taking drugs to boost testosterone production up to pre-M1T levels.

A four-week post-cycle therapy with drugs like Nolva or Clomid will do the trick.

Lethargy is the most common and toughest to deal with side effect of M1T use.

This side effect, like the others, is directly related to dosage. M1T dosage increases along with the user’s potential for extreme fatigue.

Another side effect common in many oral steroids is elevated blood pressure. In people with already high blood pressure, an even higher increase can become dangerous.

Less common, yet still potential side effects include nosebleeds, muscle cramps, decreased sex drive, hair loss, headaches, aggressiveness, and a lack of appetite.

If some of M1T’s side effects occur during your cycle, lowering your dosage of M1T may improve the symptoms or even get rid of them completely.

Where To Buy M1T

Prior to 2005, M1T supplements were for sale directly over the counter at the local drug store. Since 2005, however, M1T has not been available for purchase legally in the United States. The steroid remains legal for purchase in some countries though.

In the United States, finding M1T for sale is now impossible legally. Underground labs continue to manufacture the compound and place M1T for sale on the black market. Because of its extreme potency, it continues to be used.

You can buy Geneza Pharmaceuticals M1T (GP M1T) for the regular price of $33 USD for 50 tablets (10mg).

Although an M1T cycle remains highly effective, most users are turning to alternative options because of legality and extreme side effects.

Other designer steroids provide many of the same benefits for strength and size if you are willing to wait longer for results. Other steroids cause much less liver and bodily side effects than M1T does, legal gear in the form of steroid alternatives are another option.

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