Best Methandrostenolone Dosage For Beginners (For BIG Gains)

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Never start taking a Methandrostenolone dosage at high levels.

It is far too strong a steroid to just wing it.

The general rule among medical professionals about many medicines is start with the lowest possible dose.

Monitor the results for a certain amount of time, and if the results are less than adequate, increase the dosage gradually.

Another thing to remember is that not everyone’s body reacts in the same way to medication or supplements, so there are no rules set in stone; this is why some people start Dianabol at the lowest dose of 5mg to see how their body reacts.

The pills usually come in 10mg dosages so it’s not too hard to cut these pills in half.

Methandrostenolone Dosage

Experts do not recommend buying Methandrostenolone for the female bodybuilder due to side effects.

A dose of 5mg is considered a low dose though.

Many bodybuilders show amazing results and effectiveness at a higher dose such as 25mg.

25mg is enough to build exceptional muscle mass, along with superb strength.

Some seasoned bodybuilders who are used to taking Dianabol dosages or other intense steroids like Anadrol may take 20mg to 25mg per day and at these doses, they see startling results.

Others may need about 50mg a day to see maximum results. Most say that as their body adjusts to Methandrostenolone, 20mg doses per day seem adequate. Bodybuilder should never take this steroid for more than six weeks at a time.

Experts recommend that fewer cycles show just as much advancement and there is less side effect risk.

Some bodybuilders are riding the line for serious side effects due to pushing doses to the 100mg limit, but some are fine at that level as it just depends on the person’s body. They really must monitor for side effects though.

Dianabol Methandrostenolone

What is methandrostenolone used for?

Today, methandrostenolone is mostly used as a performance enhancing drug by athletes and bodybuilders.

Its highly active androgenic properties make this drug a desirable choice for those looking to build muscle and strength in a short period of time.

Dianabol Methandrostenolone came on the market in the 1960’s soon after the Olympic athletes of the United States took the steroid as recommended by the team doctor.

It showed to enhance muscle mass, endurance and strength at the right dose. By 1983 athletes were reports some serious side effects and by 1986 Dianabol Methandrostenolone was pulled from the markets throughout the United States.

This oral anabolic androgenic steroid has surrounded bodybuilders for over 40 years.

Its attractiveness is that it can pass through the liver without the liver destroying its properties. This steroid is then free to pass into the body in its purest form.

Dianabol Side Effects

These are some of the possible side effects of Dianabol:

Water retention or bloat

Virilization in females


High blood pressure


Increased bad LDL cholesterol

Decreased good HDL cholesterol

Hair loss

There is little difference in the Dianabol effects. Steroids are steroids no matter what name people choose to call them, they are all the same with pretty much the similar pros and cons.

Companies like It (Dbal) and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals make quality steroid alternative supplements that will help you see similar results without these harsh side effects. There are some great Dianabol alternatives out there and some equally good Anavar alternatives.

Methandrostenolone, Dbol, Dianabol and many more are essentially in the same class.

While steroids have great effectiveness, there are risky side effects that must be monitored while taking steroids, and the Dianabol doses have to be monitored and adjusted as necessary.

This is because Dianabol effects prove to eventually tear down the body’s vital organs and present other serious complications.

Methandrostenolone 10mg Tablets

Methandrostenolone 10 mg tablets are an age-old bodybuilders steroid supplement and branded as Anabol, Reforvit-B, and Danabol DS among others.

It is the favorite steroid used by bodybuilders today and is widely used in the arena of this sport today due to its stunning effectiveness.

Bodybuilders must turn to other countries to obtain the results of their sport that this steroid offers.

The United States banned this testosterone supplement about 1986, after users reported some serious side effects. The UK also has laws against it.

The recommended dose of Methandrostenolone 10mg tablets is 15mg to 60mg per day.

If the novice bodybuilder is starting to take Methandrostenolone 10mg tablets, the recommended dose is no more than 15mg to 40mg, starting at the lowest dose.

Results are visible generally within seven weeks. All bodybuilders know that the amount they take will determine their results, however, remember that everybody reacts different to all doses and supplements.

Recommendations are to spread out these doses during the day.

Methandrostenolone Pharma

Methandrostenolone Pharma companies offer the drug for sale online through distributors. There are at least 12 Methandrostenolone Pharmas where Methandrostenolone or Dbol is produced and sold.

The pharmaceutical labs selling this steroid include:

Ciba Laboratories

Alpha Pharma

Balkan Pharma

Asia Pharma

Genesis Pharmaceuticals

Geneza Pharma

GS Labs

Swiss Pharma

British Dispensary

Body Research


British Dragon

BD Gear


There are reports that Organon (known for their Deca Durabolin) is selling Dianabol, but despite what people hope for with regards to steroids, Oxyflux only sells Clenbuterol tablets.

Methandrostenolone Risks

The heart is one of the most important muscles in the human body and is at risk for enlargement due to Methandrostenolone use.

After all, bodybuilders are taking Methandrostenolone to increase muscle mass and enlarge the muscles of the body, and this is the main reason why bodybuilders take Dianabol.

This steroid increases bad cholesterol and decreases the good cholesterol, and causes high blood pressure. All of these factors could cause a heart attack and stroke.

People also take Anadrol stacks for gains like Dianabol, but the side effects are even more pronounced unfortunately.

Some male and female users notice an appearance of severe acne, thinning or loss of hair, oily scalp, breast growth, and decrease in size of testicles, increased manly hair growth in women, clitoris enlargement in women and a deeper voice in both sexes.

Taking too high of a Dianabol Dosage can cause emotional outbursts, violent behaviors, aggression, anger, depression and mania, nervous demeanor and unusual delusions.

Too much of this steroid starts to tear down vital organs such as producing liver damage or cancer, yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes.

It can impair growth, can cause shortness in height, sterility and decrease in sexual activity, nausea, headaches, and dizziness have been reported.

Taking a proper PCT after will help ease off these side effects.

Methandrostenolone Price

Many of the Pharma sites offer price reductions and special deals, and discounts, such as around the holidays, and seasons, so it pays to shop around for the best price and quality for the money.

The important things is to look at all the reviews of these sites and read what customers have to say about doing business with that company. Buy from the highest rated Pharma.

Those wanting to buy 10mg Methandrostenolone dosage tablets need to research their Pharma sites for the best deal. Various prices differ from a little to a lot through each site.

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