Best Prices For Lurong Deer Antler Velvet [Online Savings]

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Lurong deer antler velvet has become an increasingly popular supplement on shelves today for a number of reasons.

Deer antler has been used for thousands of years in Asian countries, however it has only recently been making waves in the West.

This is mainly because of the controversy surrounding its use by a number of athletes.

What’s the big deal about deer antler velvet? It’s a supplement, isn’t it? Yes, and it’s the components of the velvet that athletes and non-athletes covet.

New Zealand velvet extract products are considered among the best in the world, so where does that leave Lurong deer antler velvet?

Lurong Deer Antler Velvet Bodybuilding

Lurong or Lu Rong is the Chinese term for deer, hence the name.

Lurong is a brand, more specifically Lurong Living, a supplier of nutritional products.

In 2012, Lurong Living Essential All Natural Deer Antler Velvet was granted BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group) certification.

The Banned Substance Control Group tests numerous nutritional supplement products to ensure that athletes nor consumers test positive for the presence of performance-enhancing drugs in a nutritional or dietary supplement.

Lurong Living states that their products are used by top athletes, are certified drug-free by the Banned Substance Control Group, and rely on the expertise of doctors in creating, optimizing, and producing their products.

One of their main products, Lurong Living Essential Dietary Supplement, contains 100% natural velvet antler in capsule form. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Chinese traditional medical practices have relied on the value of products found in nature (from roots and tree bark to animal components) to treat a number of illnesses.

As such, dear antler, rich in amino acids, protein, a number of minerals, and its main component, IGF-1, has long been a primary and valuable asset for improving energy, enhancing blood circulation, improving reproduction and libido, fertility, and in treating erectile dysfunction.

Lurong deer antler velvet benefits have been used for generations in a number of tonics.

In Chinese medicine, deer antler is considered a precious herb, and considered an all-around beneficial nourishing tonic recommended for a number of deficiencies including those of the kidney.

It’s also been used to reduce the effects of aging, improve chi (energy), blood circulation and production, as well as semen production.

Deer antler extract is considered to be a safe way to boost IGF-1. It is, at the very least, much safer than some of the synthetic forms of insulin-like growth factor out there.

Chinese physician Li Shizhen wrote about deer antler velvet in his Compendium of Materia Medica , emphasizing that it boosts kidney function in order to strengthen yang, which improves bone, blood, and health of natural essences.

According to a number of traditional Chinese practitioners and herbal websites, deer antler velvet provides a number of pharmacological benefits in modern usage due to its components. Such benefits include:

stronger heart contractions

ability to reduce high blood pressure

increased cardiac output

anti-stress effects

anti-lipid peroxidation

In ancient Chinese tonics, the powdered form was often mixed into teas or other liquid substances.

Today, it is available in a variety of forms from powders to sprays to capsules. Which is most effective?

Main component of deer antler velvet

IGF-1, as one of the most coveted components of deer antler velvet, is a type of growth hormone.

IGF-1 has the ability to regulate cellular growth, division, and development, and stimulates normal cell growth in multiple cellular tissues including muscle.

The ability to rapidly replicate is one of the most valued aspects of IGF-1 for bodybuilders and athletes wishing to increase muscle mass, strength, endurance, and stamina.

IGF-1, manufactured and secreted by the liver, binds with proteins that are in turn controlled by human growth hormone or HGH, which is produced and secreted by the pituitary gland, located deep in the brain.

Human studies in regard to the effect of IGF-1 on extreme muscle mass gains and enhanced exercise performance are still lacking.

A small number of animal studies have been able to document a number of positive aspects in regard to growth of multiple forms of tissues in small animals.

While it does contain numerous nutritional components that benefit health and wellness, effects will also be influenced by age, health status, diet, and lifestyle.

Lurong deer antler velvet by Lurong Living (and marketed as Lurong Living Essential) is marketed and promoted for its ability to improve joint function, relieve the discomfort of muscle and joint injury or conditions, increase libido, as well as to boost energy.

Dosage recommendations

Label dosage recommendations by Lurong recommend two capsules per serving, offering a total of 1,000 mg. The label does not specify instructions regarding the number of servings per day.

It should be noted that some components of deer antler velvet pills, such as growth hormone, can be destroyed in the stomach before it even reaches the bloodstream, which can defeat the main purpose of the product.

Spray absorbed under the tongue avoids the digestive process and is considered more effective. However, when used as directed, Lurong deer antler velvet extract is considered safe.

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