Best Steroid Diet Plan for Bulking & Lean Mass Gains

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Having the right steroid diet for bulking is essential if you want to realize the huge gains you’ve been working hard for.

In order to bulk properly, you need a proper bulking diet plan and an understanding of how this plan is used to harness muscle mass gains and strength,

It might seem daunting at first, but don’t fret:

We’re going to go over the basics of not only bulking diets, but also dieting for lean mass to help you hit the gym and leave with the look that you want.

Steroid Diet For Bulking

Before we elaborate on the best steroid diet for bulking, let’s first answer the question “What is bulking?”

There are two phases to bodybuilding: one is the cutting phase, where you “cut” your fat and develop that lean muscle mass.

Then you have the off-season bulking phase, which involves putting on a large amount of weight in order to give yourself an adequate build for the aforementioned cutting phase.

There are many steroids used for both of these phases:

Deca Durabolan, or its natural alternative DecaDuro is commonly used for bulking, while Anavar Oxandrolone and its natural alternative Anvarol are ideal for the cutting phase.

But as effective as these compounds are, you need a comprehensive meal plan while on steroids.

Bulking Cycle Meal Plan

Below, we’re going to list a bulking cycle meal plan for beginners using steroids.

But first, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

We’re going to go over six meals, which is a standard amount for someone looking to bulk. And within each of these meals, there are certain kinds of foods that are ideal.

Meal 1: High in starchy carbohydrates

Meal 2: Low in carbohydrates

Meal 3: Low in carbohydrates

Meal 4: High in starchy carbohydrates

Meal 5: Includes some starchy carbohydrates

Meal 6: Includes some starchy carbohydrates

Starchy carbs are the prime post-workout foods for bulking and are really what make a smart bodybuilding diet plan for bulking.

Why? Because they cause the pancreas to secrete insulin, a powerful hormone involved in weight gain.

We’re going to go a bit more in-depth into beginner steroid bulking cycles and overview the essential foods for each meal.m

Sample Steroids Bulking Diet

Consider this a sample steroids bulking diet.

Meal 1: Bananas, raspberries, bread, egg whites, and chicken sausages

Meal 2: Smoothie (protein powder, almond milk, almonds, blueberries)

Meal 3: 6-ounce steak and/or trout, and salmon fillet

Meal 4: Protein shake (aim for 50 g of carbohydrates and 25 g of protein)

Meal 5: Bulking protein such as chicken breasts, top round beef, buffalo rib eye, or pork tenderloin

Meal 6: More bulking protein (make sure to include shrimp, tuna steak, cod, or tilapia

Keep in mind, this isn’t a strict diet for bulking, but a rough outline that can be tweaked.

As you continue through you’re bulking cycles, you’ll find what works best for you and end up with the most ideal diet on steroids for mass when it comes to your personal needs.

Steroid Diet for Lean Mass

Understanding the difference between simply bulking and a steroid diet for lean mass is important if you want the best results.

What we’ve outlined above is a great outline to follow, but understanding why it works is just as important in helping you implement it properly.

When you’re bulking with drugs like Anadrol Oxymetholone, your protein sources must be lean.

When you’re on steroids, your blood testosterone is going to be very high, increasing your lean body mass through the creation of new muscle growth.

But for this to work, your body needs proper nutrition to back it up

This means eating lean chicken, meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. By doing so, you’ll help your body create the lean mass that you need to get the physique that you’re working toward.


So what about fats?

You might hear the word fat and think negatively right off the bat, but in reality cholesterol, which is a fat, is a precursor to testosterone.

That is why fatty fish like salmon and cod, as we mentioned in our diet plan above, are important for your bulking diet.

And when it comes to carbohydrates, stick to the complex ones that won’t lead to spikes in your sugar levels.

This includes fiber-rich carbohydrates found in vegetables and whole grains, including bran, whole oats, cucumbers, and cauliflower.

These kinds of fiber are important for one reason: lean body mass.

They satiate you sooner than other alternatives, which prevents you from overeating and gaining fat instead of lean body mass.

Steroid Diet Plan for Cutting & Weight Loss

Once you’re done with bulking and are entering your cutting phase, you’re going to need to change your meal plan up and create a steroid diet plan for cutting

Cutting is still about preserving lean muscle, but it’s also about weight loss / reducing your body fat.

This can lead to problems, as you can end up depriving your body of energy and throwing a wrench into your bodybuilding routine.

In order to avoid this, a high-protein diet is necessary, one that typically consists of two grams of protein per one kilogram of bodyweight.

Ultimately, it’s going to take you some time to refine your bulking diet, but the results are worth it.

Although there might not be one best diet while on steroids or an optimal number of calories that everyone agrees on, there are many variations of this idea that can help you put on quality mass during your off-season bulking cycle.

Let’s put it this way: you’ll be more likely to see results once you jump from your steroid bulking diet into your cutting cycle.

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