Best Time of Day to Take Dianabol | Dose, Half-life & Timing

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Dianabol is a fast acting steroid, raising questions about the best time of day to take Dianabol.

According to some experienced PED users, taking Dianabol 10 mg 4 times a day (40 mg total) with 4-6 hours in between doses is the way to go.

In all of the cycle suggestions you come across, performance users recommend starting low and increasing once it is clear the body can tolerate the potency of the steroid.

The exact time of day isn’t felt to be critical, but a lot of users take this steroid on an empty stomach in doses that are split and spread throughout the day because of its short half-life.

Bodybuilders who take Dianabol are exposed to a number of risks to their health and well-being.

These include potential legal troubles, wasted money because of counterfeit product, and dangerous side effects like cardiovascular disease and liver damage.

For these reasons, natural bodybuilders advocate natural steroid alternatives like D-Bal, which seek to mimic the effects of Dianabol without the legal or health risks.

The Best Time of Day to Take Dianabol

Dianabol is a potent oral anabolic steroid which is known to harm the liver with long-term use and is thought to be best administered for performance purposes in short cycles of 4-6 weeks.

The drug is administered daily, and the daily dosages are sometimes split up throughout the day to try and maintain consistent blood plasma levels of the drug all day.

Exactly when you take Dianabol, or whether you take it before or after a workout, is not held to be important.

What performance users do stress is taking dosages 4-6 hours apart. This is because Dbol has a half-life of 4.5-6 hours.

Half-life is the total time a drug remains active in the body. It is the time it takes the body’s metabolic processes to reduce the drug to half in your system.

Some physique builders also swear by the method of taking Dbol on an empty stomach.

A daily dosage schedule for a 30 mg Dianabol dosage per day might look like this.

6:00 am, well before breakfast – 10 mg

10:00 am, well before lunch – 10 mg

4:00 pm, well before dinner – 10 mg

Some bodybuilders might shift this Dbol dosage timetable up, allowing them to take their Dbol before bed.

Bodybuilders suggest taking Dianabol to either kick-off an on-cycle or to help push through a plateau.

An “on-cycle” is the period when you are taking steroids. A plateau is a period during a cycle when a bodybuilder is unable to increase weight. They may feel muscle fatigue.

In either case, the steroid is used to help rapidly bulk muscle.

Some Physique builders suggest using Dianabol in the first four weeks of a bulking cycle by starting with 20 mg a day divided into a morning and afternoon dose.

After the first week of this cycle plan, the dosage is often increased to 30 mg a day for weeks 2 to 4, and the daily dose is split into 3 portions.

Bodybuilders commonly report gaining an average of 15-20 pounds with just a few weeks of use. Some of the weight gains will be from water retention.

When including Dianabol in a cycle with steroids, bodybuilders suggest that it is included as one of the drugs in the first weeks because it will deliver a burst of power that can be carried the rest of the way with Testosterone.

Sometimes this is referred to as priming or “kick-starting” the bulking period.

Bulking cycles can last many weeks, but because of its high hepatoxicity Dianabol cycling ends after 4-6 weeks.

Plateaus are a very frustrating part of bodybuilding.

Introducing Dianabol as a reinforcement in the last weeks of a cycle when the body is showing signs of having adjusted to the increased muscle mass is said to reinvigorate the bodybuilder to push through with new intensity.

The introduction of this steroid can also increase the nitrogen in the blood levels and feed the muscles better helping them to grow instead of staying in the plateaued state.

Effects of Dianabol

Dianabol is both an anabolic and androgenic steroid.

It increases male characteristics similarly to Testosterone, and enhances nitrogen retention feeding the muscles so that they can bulk up.

For this reason, many refer to Dianabol as “the King of oral steroids.”

Dianabol is also held to be effective in boosting a bodybuilder’s power at any point in a cycle as it increases red blood cells production.

The steroid feeds the muscles when it binds to and activates the androgen receptors in target muscle cells. Users often report that the effects of taking Dianabol can be seen and felt within a few days.

Bodybuilders recommend starting with a 10-20 mg a day divided between 2-3 doses.

With a half-life of 4.5-6 hours reported, splitting doses throughout the day is done to help keep blood levels of the drug from spiking or dropping rapidly.

Since Dianabol is hard on the liver, the lower doses throughout the day are also believed to protect the organ from having to filter more substantial amounts of toxins and impurities all at once.

Split doses are also taken to help the blood produce increased amounts of red blood cells through the day to feed the muscles higher levels of nutrients needed to help the muscles grow.

Side Effects

Most bodybuilders do not suggest Dianabol usage for women because it can cause virilization.

Side effects are similar to those of Anadrol. Androgens are an essential part of the development and maintenance of male sexual traits.

Too many androgens in a female body can provoke male secondary sexual traits such as unwanted body hair growth, deepening of the voice, and clitoral enlargement.

Side Effects of Dianabol Usage Include:


High Blood Pressure

Liver Damage

Head Aches

Back Acne

Increased hair growth

Kidney Damage

Estrogen Spikes


Testosterone suppression

Vicious, painful pumps

Mood Swings

The bloating and high blood pressure listed can run together due to water retention.

Estrogen spikes can develop which increase weight and give a “puffy” look due to water retention.

Because the side effects of Dianabol are so severe, most bodybuilders suggest stacking the steroid with products to protect the liver, keep blood pressure from spiking, and maintain adequate levels of testosterone.

Following a Dianabol cycle, post cycle therapy is often used to restore HPTA function and restart endogenous testosterone production.


Crazy Bulk offers a safer alternative to Dianabol that will still provide moderate results for physique builders planning a cycle.

D-Bal tries to mirror the effects of Dianabol.

It is taken to increase nitrogen retention in the muscles. More nitrogen equals more protein retained in the tissues.

Protein feeds the cells and aids the bulking process. D-Bal claims it can help bodybuilders gain in both size and strength rapidly. This safe and legal alternative is also reported to help increase stamina while lifting.

For the best bulking results Crazy Bulk recommends stacking D-Bal with





These alternatives may slow the bulking process slightly compared with steroids. But by choosing these legal options, users avoid medical dangers.

Slightly reduced bulking results is a small price to pay for a healthier body.

Any supplement will be most effective when taken properly in combination with a healthy diet.

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