Best Time of Day to Take HGH & Cycle Dosages

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Performance users of human growth hormone spend a lot of time researching the best time to take HGH.

Getting the timing right with anabolic drugs is felt to be critical for safety and efficacy in bodybuilding and fitness.

Some fitness enthusiasts insist that morning is the ideal time to take GH. Others believe that staggering their doses throughout the day leads to the best results.

Recommendations around dosages and timing for physique enhancement are based on anecdotal evidence.

Supplementing this way, regardless of the time of day, can expose the user to a number of negative side effects.

HGH is synthetic, and can have a number of unpleasant health outcomes, including carpal tunnel syndrome and thyroid dysfunction.

Natural GH releasers like HGH-X2 are a safe, legal alternatives with very concrete guidelines for scheduling doses, taking away the guesswork.

According to CrazyBulk, the best time to take this dietary supplement is 20 minutes before breakfast.

Best Time of Day to Take HGH

Experienced HGH users often recommend users do not take HGH before bed for performance purposes.

This is despite a 1990 clinical study that demonstrated that HGH is more effective for normalizing HGH levels when taken in the evening.

Physique builders are quick to point out that the subjects of this study were GH-deficient patients, not athletes or bodybuilders.

Since HGH is not approved for bodybuilding purposes in many countries, robust clinical data about the safety and benefit of taking performance doses of HGH during certain times of day as opposed to others is not available.

Performance users have to rely on the advice of their peers, who can only offer anecdotal guidelines based on their experience.

Bodybuilders report that it is a waste to take HGH during times of day when the body’s endogenous production of growth hormone is at its highest.

The human body produces HGH throughout the day in a pulsatile way, but the heaviest pulses are said to come around two or so hours after going to bed, once someone is asleep.

On the other hand, the synthetic HGH that is injected to build muscle mass is highly absorbable, and the human body uses it within about three hours of taking it.

Knowing this, performance users develop a strategy for taking HGH based on their age and individual sleep cycle.

The best time of day to take HGH can be a highly individualized thing.

With someone who is in their 20’s to early 50’s, their body is very likely still producing a good amount of its own HGH.

Many bodybuilders claim that people in this age range should probably take their HGH supplement in the early morning, as soon after they wake up as possible.

People who follow this routine inject after their body’s own natural release of HGH while they were sleeping.

Before beginning any supplement regimen, it is recommended that users recieve testing on their natural HGH production at their physician’s office.

Some people are really precise about their morning GH routine, getting up between 3 am and 5 am to inject themselves with the understanding that this is the optimum time.

However, other bodybuilders disagree that going through this trouble is necessary to get the full benefits of their supplementation.

These users will opt to wait until they naturally wake up in the morning before taking their growth hormone injection.

Multiple Daily Dosages Method

Other people don’t like to take the whole dose at once, and so divide it up during the day.

Bodybuilders who prefer to use HGH this way claim it is better to take part of their dose when they first wake up, and the second part in the early afternoon.

The reasons bodybuilders supplement this way is that these are held to be the times of the day when cortisol levels are at their highest.

Because cortisol is a catabolic hormone, meaning it breaks down muscle tissue, HGH injections are taken in an attempt to mitigate this effect.

The average performance dosage of HGH is between 2 IU and 6 IU per day.

Splitting dosage in this way would mean a bodybuilder would inject 1-3 IUs in the morning, and another 1-3 IUs in the afternoon.

A downside often pointed out in discussions about this method is the amount of injections it requires.

The more injections a bodybuilder takes, the more exposed they are to the risk of injection-related side effects like infection and soreness.

These dosages also often exceed medically recommended dosages, which fall in the range of 1-3IU per day.

Because performance dosages are administered without a prescription and without medical oversight, the risks of adverse side effects increase, regardless of the time of day the HGH is taken.

Some of the side effects commonly associated with HGH include:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Unnatural enlargement of the jaw, feet and hands


Feelings of numbness

Nausea and other flu-like symptoms

Type-2 Diabetes

Natural dietary supplements like HGH-X2 do not require a medical prescription because they do not carry nearly the same risks for side effects.

These natural HGH alternatives do not claim to provide the same degree of results as synthetic Somatropin, but they work to ramp up the body’s natural production of this hormone to provide moderate boosts at the gym.

Taking HGH in the Morning or Night

According to some advanced GH users, the guidelines covered so far may not apply to performance users who are older than their mid-50’s.

Younger people who have a diagnosed condition that makes their pituitary gland unable to release normal amounts of HGH may also be advised against morning or afternoon injections.

In either of these situations, the best time to take their HGH injections is believed to be just before the user goes to bed.

This is argued through a 4-week clinical study conducted on 8 HGH-deficient subjects in 1990.

The study randomly assigned some of the subjects to take a morning dose, some to take an evening dose, and some to have no dose at all.

The study concluded that the patients who received the evening doses had the most success achieving correct levels of natural GH.

This is believed to be because dosing this way lets the patient mimic the way their pituitary would function if it was doing so normally.

At any rate, if a user is taking HGH for health reasons rather than bodybuilding purposes, they should follow the advice of the doctor supervising their treatment

Unless a bodybuilder is older than their mid-50’s or has a pituitary condition, bodybuilders believe the user should not take HGH before bed because it could keep the body from releasing its natural nightly pulse of it.

Taking HGH before bed often enough may throw the pituitary off completely, preventing the body from releasing its own HGH at the proper time and in the proper amounts.

With HGH suppression or shutdown, a bodybuilder could be dependent on HGH supplements for the rest of their life.

This new HGH cycle would be just to keep their body in a normal hormonal state rather than the original goal of reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass.

Best Time of day for HGH & Insulin Dosages

These are not the only timing strategies a HGH-supplementing bodybuilder might use with their HGH dose.

If a bodybuilder is using insulin, their HGH dose may be timed completely differently.

Bodybuilders believe the best way to approach dosing in this situation is to take their HGH right before their workout, and their insulin immediately after their workout.

The HGH before the workout is thought to provide the best fat mobilizing effects, and gives the HGH a headstart to get to the liver at the same time as the insulin.

HGH and insulin are used together by fitness enthusiasts to enhance the IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) production from the liver.

Bodybuilders pay close attention to timing of their HGH injections to improve their chances of success in reaching their weight loss and lean body mass goals.

However, the illegal nature of supplementing with HGH for bodybuilding means there are no trusted studies on its actual benefits or safety.

All these guidelines are anecdotal and based on the experiences of other bodybuilders.

A bodybuilder can run the risk of a number of unpleasant health issues by supplementing with HGH, and the timing of the dose can influence this risk.

Bodybuilders who have any questions about timing the dose of their HGH should consult with their doctor.

Using a natural, legal, and proven safe alternative like HGH-X2 can help bodybuilders avoid that awkward conversation with a medical professional who will not condone the use of HGH for bodybuilding.

It also lets a bodybuilder experience moderate gains in muscle mass and endurance while sidestepping some of the severe life-altering side effects associated with GH.

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