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When is the best time of day to take steroids?

Many bodybuilders believe that taking anabolic steroids in the morning allows them to take full advantage of the potential for increased muscle mass and fat loss, but the exact answer might depend on what specific steroid is taken.

But be careful.

Getting the dosage wrong can result in worse outcomes than mediocre results.

For example, if a strong drug like Dianabol is dosed improperly, life-threatening liver damage could be the outcome.

This is why a lot of physique builders are forgoing steroids like Dianabol and opting for natural steroid alternatives like D-Bal.

These supplements can provide moderate gains at the gym without the stress of life-threatening injury by getting the daily dosage wrong.

The Best Time of Day to Take Steroids

For medical contexts, this question will be answered by a healthcare professional.

But for the context of bodybuilding and performance, steroid use is illegal in a lot of places.

This means bodybuilders have to rely on anecdotes from fellow bodybuilders in the absence of robust human studies on performance-level dosages.

Medical ethics makes it hard to conduct clinical research on performance use of steroids.

Maintaining a consistent schedule is held to be important for safety and efficacy of steroid use.

Taking an oral steroid is not just a matter of “popping a pill” when a boost is needed.

Likewise, injecting a steroid isn’t just pinning whenever gains at the gym are desired.

Rather, there is a delicate science behind how steroids work inside the body. Understanding the half-life of the steroid is key before setting a schedule.

The half-life of a drug refers to the time it takes for the concentration of the drug (steroid in this case) to be reduced by one-half within the bloodstream.

Knowing the half-life informs the user how often a drug needs to be administered.

The half-life of a steroid depends first on whether the steroid is an oral steroid or an injectable steroid.

Typically, oral steroids have much shorter half-lives because they are metabolized by the liver much quicker.

On average, an oral steroid half-life ranges from 4- 48 hours while an injectable steroid may range from 24 hours to two weeks.

What does the half-life have to do with setting a time to take a steroid?

An oral steroid with a short half-life may need to be taken twice a day, while an injectable steroid with a longer half-life may need to be taken only once per day (or once per week).


Oral: Because oral steroids such as Dianabol have shorter half-lives, bodybuilders usually split their daily dosage into several doses.

For a daily dose of 30mg, that could equate to taking one 10mg tablet three times per day.

A user might take one with breakfast, one tablet 45 minutes before a workout, and one tablet with dinner. Taking tablets with food is said to help alleviate any potential stomach upset.

Injectable: Trenbolone Acetate has a half-life of 3 days making the optimal injection every other day in the estimations of most physique builders.

Likewise, Testosterone Propionate has a long half-life as well: 4.5 days.

Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) has a much longer half-life of 15 days, and this steroid is often injected once per week. Steroids like these are not taken multiple times a day like oral steroids often are.

When To Inject Testosterone

Testosterone is almost always included in steroid stacks.

This is because bodybuilders use it in the hopes of combating the low amounts of natural testosterone that is often associated with steroid usage.

Although men have injected Testosterone at all times of the day, the most common time to inject Testosterone is in the morning.

Bodybuilders tend to inject Testosterone in the morning because the body’s levels of Testosterone are naturally the highest in the morning.

Thus, bodybuilders inject in the morning with the goal of mimicking the body’s natural morning levels of Testosterone.

Benefits Of Injecting Anabolic Steroids In The Morning

In addition to mimicking the body’s natural levels of Testosterone in the morning, bodybuilders and athletes cite other benefits in argument of administering Testosterone and other injectable steroids after waking up:

Reduced soreness: Injectable steroids are injected into various muscles of the body. Injections may cause tenderness at the injection site, and pain is noted to increase if the muscle remains motionless.

Steroid users claim that the pain and tenderness is reduced by moving the muscle and / or massaging it.

When an injection is administered in the morning, the body can take advantage of a whole day’s worth of movement to help potentially reduce that tenderness.

Had the steroid user injected in the evening, s/he would miss the opportunity to move the muscle all day long.

Distributes the oil more efficiently: When oil-based injections are administered, the oil goes straight into the muscle.

A morning injection allows the oil to move through the muscle faster,again, because of increased movement during the day.

Taking advantage of warm muscles: Many athletes and bodybuilders prefer to inject into muscles that have been warmed up in a morning shower. The claim is that warm muscles are easier to pierce with a needle.

Is There a Benefit to Taking Steroids at Night?

Is there a benefit to taking steroids at night?

While some oral steroids may need to be taken with dinner, steroid users who inject tend to avoid injecting at night for two reasons: increased soreness in the morning and interference with sleep.

Note that despite the interference with sleep some individuals must take steroids at night.

A 1984 study revolving around Prednisone revealed that taking Prednisone at night – even though it may cause sleep disturbances – actually helps RA suffers with morning joint stiffness.

Physique bodybuilders are quick to point out that this study is not as relevant to bodybuilders who typically dose beyond what is medically recommended, and who do not usually use prednisone for performance.

Other corticosteroids – either in pill form or preventer inhaler – may be taken at any time of the day and are often prescribed with morning and night doses.

Although for bodybuilders who use preventer inhalers, it should be noted that some anabolic steroid users have noted a decrease in their inhaler’s effectiveness while using anabolic steroids.

When To Take Supplements & Natural Alternatives

Because anabolic steroids carry legal and health risks, many bodybuilders choose to look for “legal steroids.”

While the term is problematic because these supplements don’t actually contain steroids, they promise to mimic the effects of the anabolic steroid.

For instance, Testo-Max contains 100% tribulus terrestris, which is known to naturally boosts the body’s Testosterone production.

Luckily, learning when to take supplements like ones available at Crazy Bulk is made easy for the user: the “when to take” suggestions are listed right on the bottle, making sure each individual knows when to take each supplement.

Dosing without knowing the best time to take steroids can have disastrous consequences. With natural steroid alternatives, these consequences are not a concern.

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