Best Time of Day to Take Winstrol | Cycle, Dosage & Dangers of Use

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To be on the safe side, it is important to seek information about the best time of day to take Winstrol from experienced users.

Notably, this steroid is popular due to its weight-cutting and conditioning qualities as well as its performance enhancing properties.

The drug is a synthetic anabolic steroid that can be taken orally because it is methylated.

It has been used by bodybuilders to enhance bodybuilding and fat loss.

However, it is a highly-controlled substance and is considered to be an illegal steroid in most places and can only be acquired through the black market.

This is due to numerous serious side effects associated with its use.

Instead of taking these risks, we recommend natural dietary supplements such as Winsol which is a product of CrazyBulk.

What is the Best Time to Take Winstrol?

Most bodybuilders who have experimented with Winny report that the time you take it isn’t critically important.

Some have claimed success with splitting their daily dosage into two and taking the first dose in the morning and the second right before a workout.

Because of the illegal nature of steroids, finding data to verify the best time to take a steroid like Stanzolol is impossible.

Most users rely on anecdotal evidence from other bodybuilders when making these decisions, and this is part of what makes steroid use so risky.

If this steroid is taken in the form of injectable Winstrol, it is referred to as Winstrol Depot.

However, most bodybuilders consider the regular daily injections to be too much pain to bear, considering that the cycle can last up to eight weeks.

The injections can also lead to serious infections in the case of shared needles.

The dosage for the injected version has a half-life of approximately twenty-four hours as compared to that of oral Winstrol dosage half-life of approximately 9 hours.

It is a misconception that the former version of the drug is less hepatotoxic than its oral counterpart. In fact, both forms are equally taxing on the liver.

Both forms of drugs will cause significant effects on the body. They both carry the risk of side effects that range from annoying to harrowing.

These dangers are what lead a lot of weight trainers and workout enthusiasts to go the natural route.

A Few Facts About Winstrol

Stanzolol is taken with hopes of increasing the body’s ability to retain nitrogen as well as its efficiency at the synthesis of protein.

However, unlike Dianabol, it is not thought to be a bulk builder.

Notably, one of the main benefits bodybuilders have claimed from using it is the reduction of the Sex hormone-binding globulin.

This reduction is said toaid in the increase of free testosterone in the body. This is possible due to its binding affinity for SHBG.

Also, its inability to aromatize means that it cannot cause estrogen conversion. As such, unlike other anabolic steroids, those who use it are not at risk of water retention and the high blood pressure.

Dosages & Cycles

This drug is typically used for periods not exceeding the set 6-8 week period.

Bodybuilders recommend taking an exact dosage as recommended over the prescribed period. Changing the dosages and cycles is highly discouraged.

Notably, women report using this drug with minimal to no side effects.

However, female bodybuilders recommend that dosages be markedly lower, and the cyclesbe shorter. Higher dosages when pregnant or breastfeeding can cause miscarriages and still-births.

For athletes who wish to shed fat, steroid users often push higher dosages of this steroid for about two weeks before the competition.

Despite the short length of the period, users who attempt this will likelystill experience hepatotoxic effects, and will be at risk of being banned from all competitive activities on a doping basis.


One of the common complaints from users is painful joints.

As such, some decide to stack it with Deca Durabolin which has properties that are supposed to include joint relief.

Deca Durabolin has muscle growing properties and is said to improve bone density.

Notably, Winstrol Stanozolol is also routinely stacked with testosterone propionate to protect the loss of lean muscle tissue.

The latter hormone is thought to acts as an anabolic protectant. Bodybuilders will say it also helps the body to burn fats more efficiently but that it does not adequately address other side effects associated with the use of Winstrol.

Side Effects

The most notable side effect is hepatotoxicity, but it is less hepatotoxic than Dianabol.

Anecdotally, bodybuilders will suggest lower doses put less strain on the liver, but still, they will strain it beyond the normal levels.

The users are advised in bodybuilding discussions and forums to not to use this drug if they have a history of liver problems.

Alcohol is also strictly advised against during the entire cycle by bodybuilders. Users are often told by bodybuildersto limit themselves to lower doses and shorter cycles to avoid liver problems.

Another serious side effect of the steroid is the impact it has on the cardiovascular system.

The cholesterol levels are usually increased to dangerous levels by the drug, and this may lead to serious illnesses of the heart.

The less serious side effects include acne, hair loss, and libido level fluctuations.

The natural secretion of testosterone is also hindered by the use of this steroid. In the case of women symptoms of virilization may be experienced including the growth of facial hair and enlargement of the clitoris.

Getting post cycle therapy for this drug is believed to be helpful in restoration of natural testosterone amounts in the body. However, steroid users will say the therapy works only when there are low or no amounts of the steroid left in the body.

Bodybuilders may use Clenbuterol together with stanozolol in the body fat cutting stages.

It is thermogenic, hence lauded as a powerful fat loss agent on its own. However, introducing Clenbuterol brings a who slew of other potential adverse health outcomes, including muscle cramps and heart enlargement.

Final Verdict

Avoiding the hazards inherent in anabolic steroids while still enjoying extra support for weight loss goals and body sculpting is as simple as ordering natural steroid alternatives like those offered by CrazyBulk online.

The same can’t be said for anabolic steroids. Since cycling steroids for bodybuilding is illicit in most countries, it forces consumers to patron unregulated suppliers with no degree of certainty about the quality or safety of the product they are receiving.

Winsol or Clenbutrol won’t generate the same dramatic results as PEDs, but they will unlock the body’s natural ability to banish fat quickly by adding hit to the metabolism.

Plus, CrazyBulk offers detailed cycling information so you can know without a doubt the best time of day to take your supplement.

You can’t simply overlook the side effects and legality issues, and determining the best time to take Winstrol is really the least of your concerns if you start cycling this drug.

Make careful considerations before settling for steroid use.There are significantrisks involved including jail terms, bans from competitive activities, and numerous health issues.

As such, it is advisable to opt for the legal steroid alternatives combined with regular workouts.

These activities will also increase muscle mass, and will ensure safety from the risks mentioned above.

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