Blackstone Labs Super Trenabol Review | Are There Trenbolone Pills?

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What do you look for in a Super Trenabol review?

For starters, research the ingredients.

Understand what the product is supposed to do.

It’s also a good idea to look at what other people have the say about the Blackstone Labs Trenabol product.

Blackstone Labs is a manufacturer and popular seller of supplements available for athletes and bodybuilders.

Some of their most popular products include pre-and post-workout supplements, fat burners, and muscle builders.

Blackstone Labs Super Trenabol Review

Trenabol had the reputation of being one of Blackstone Labs’ more popular products, but as of 2016, has been discontinued.

Around 2013, their original Trenabol product was slightly adjusted to produce a new product known as Super Trenabol.

According to the manufacturer, it was stronger in regard to milligram strength and benefits.

Super Trenabol reviews can be tough to find as it’s often confused with the original version, but the manufacturer’s website itself markets Trenabol as a dietary supplement.

The product boasts the ability to:

accelerate impressive strength gains

enhance muscle mass

promote leaner physique

Marketed as a pro-hormone, Super Trenabol or Blackstone Labs Trenabol, was manufactured to stimulate hormone production in the body through supplementation of natural ingredients.

The ingredients were designed to boost synthesis and secretions of hormones in the body; mainly growth hormone and testosterone.

Trenabol Prohormone

What’s in Blackstone Labs Trenabol?

One of the main listed ingredients in original product was Trenavar or trendione, an oral pro-hormone manufactured by modifying the actual Trenbolone anabolic androgenic steroid.

Trendione has the reputation of producing or converting to Trenbolone in the body, but opinions on that vary.

Dosage recommendations for Super Trenabol (as a dietary supplement) was to take one to two capsules daily with food; for example, one capsule in the morning, another capsule in the evening.

This would maintain steady levels of estra-4,9,11-trien-3, 17-dione in the body (as defined by the manufacturer, Blackstone Labs).

Dosage recommendations cautioned against using the product for more than four weeks, or increasing recommended dosage.

Can Women Use It?

Women were advised to completely stay away from Blackstone Labs Trenabol, especially if pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or nursing.

Some sports nutritional online stores like eBay are now selling Trenavol, formally Super Trenabol pro-hormone by Blackstone Labs.

It’s ingredients are slightly different and include:

50 mg 6-keto-pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione, 17-one (a derivative form of progesterone – not typically desired by bodybuilders)

100 mg 6′,-7′-dihydroxybergamottin – defined as a furanocoumarin typically found in grapefruit juice. [1] It’s been studied for its effects on certain chemical reactions and functions of the dog liver (specifically beagle).[2]

Occasionally you can still find real Super Trenabol for sale online, but you have to question whether it’s legitimate or expired.

Super Trenabol Testimonials

Reviews regarding Super Trenabol results are mixed.

Especially in regard to the product as marketed in regard to its similarity to the anabolic androgenic steroid Trenbolone.

Bodybuilders don’t believe that it can provide the same benefits as an anabolic androgenic steroid.

This is because it contains no genuine anabolic androgenic steroid, and is marketed as a pro-hormone.

Trenbolone does have quite a reputation within bodybuilding circles, but the Trenbolone reviews are different than those of a Super Trenabol review because they are two different types of product.

That needs to be clarified among bodybuilders in regard to usage.

Genuine and informative comments left on bodybuilding discussion boards are generally lacking in information.

One thing of concern is what Super Trenabol dosage will equate to benefits with Trenbolone.

While pro-hormone products and supplements such as this are not generally known to produce as many negative side effects as a genuine anabolic androgenic steroid, it is possible due to the increase in hormone levels in the body.

Super Trenabol Side Effects

Side effects of Trenbolone or Blackstone Labs Trenabol can depend on dosage, milligram strength, frequency of dosage, and plain genetics.

Pro-hormones are designed to trigger increased hormone production by numerous glands in the body:

Pituitary gland – manufactures growth hormone

Testes – the testicles of manufactured testosterone (hormone)

Liver – the liver manufactures insulin like growth factor (hormone)

Putting a substance into the body that is not required can negatively influence not only hormone (endocrine) levels and productions and secretions of specific hormones, but can also negatively influence metabolism.

Hormones have a huge influence over metabolic processes.

It can be difficult to find a recent Super Trenabol review; most date back to 2013 and 2014.

Side effects associated with Trenbolone can be intimidating, but again, dosage and frequency of dosage can have an influence on the type and severity of side effects experienced.

Blackstone Labs does produce a number of products, some of which are continually updated to get around similarly updated steroid and pro-hormone banishment by sports organizations, but the company generally has a solid reputation.

When looking for a Super Trenabol review or any form of Blackstone Labs Trenabol, look for reviews, comments, and feedback from those who have used it, or who find similar products on the market today from sites such as Amazon.

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