Boldenone Acetate Profile Review | (Better Than Equipoise?)

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Boldenone acetate is one form of Boldenone.

It’s an anabolic androgenic steroid modified by the acetate ester.

Esters influence a drug’s absorption rate and half-life or the length of time the drug provides its intended function or activity in the body.

Usage trends, dosage and possible side effects should always be carefully reviewed by a bodybuilder prior to using the steroid.

This is in order not only to achieve optimal results, but to avoid unpleasant or adverse side effects.

Boldenone Acetate Reviews

Boldenone acetate is one of the common forms of Boldenone base drug used by bodybuilders for accelerated muscle mass gains and other benefits.

While not the most common form of Boldenone (Boldenone Undecylenate – Equipoise, is the most common), it is readily available from online as well as underground resources.

Boldenone acetate, like other forms of the base steroid, are considered mostly as veterinary grade steroids that were never intended for use on humans.

The drug is used mainly on horses and other large animals, and has a history of usage in horse racing scenarios (illegal).

Boldenone Acetate VS Boldenone Undecylenate

The acetate ester is a shorter acting whose life averages three days; shorter than other esters such as undecylenate, which can last two to three weeks.

In regard to bodybuilding, the shorter the ester attached to a base anabolic androgenic steroid, the more frequently a bodybuilder will need to inject the drug or take an oral form of it.

It’s also important for a bodybuilder to remember that the longer the half-life of a drug, the longer it will take for the drug to completely purged from the body.

This is of vital importance to many athletes undergoing routine drug testing.

Boldenone, like other anabolic androgenic steroids, does have the potential to aromatize or convert testosterone into estrogen. When taken in high dosages, this is likely to happen.

With lower doses, the potential for aromatization when using Boldenone acetate is less than other anabolic androgenic steroids.

Though the risk of aromatization is reduced, estrogenic-like side effects can occur.

At safe dosage levels, however, the potential for aromatization results in a relatively low risk for negative side effects including water retention.

This makes this form of Boldenone popular among athletes looking more for endurance and strengthening for muscle mass gains rather than bulk, especially versus Deca Durabolin where side effects are more severe.

Boldenone Acetate Dosage

A potential user of Boldenone acetate steroids will come across a number of recommendations in regard to dosage and cycling.

In fact, dosage recommendations range from 300 mg on a weekly basis to up to 700 mg, and sometimes more. Injections are generally required every other day or every third day.

For optimal benefits, it should be used in a cycle that lasts at least six weeks. Some go longer.

A Boldenone acetate cycle can be done on its own or stacked with other forms of testosterone (enanthate, cypionate, etc.) depending on personal preferences and experience.

Boldenone Acetate Side Effects

Any anabolic androgenic steroid does have the potential to trigger a number of undesired side effects. Some factors can influence these side effects and include:

Age – the body metabolizes drugs differently as we age

Gender – males and females metabolize drugs at different rates, depending on metabolism, hormone levels, and chemical balances in the body.

Height versus weight – most drug dosage recommendations in medical scenarios are based on a person’s height versus weight. This aids in the determination of frequency as well as potential results.



Current health status

Medical conditions such as diabetes or other metabolic or hormonal disturbances can also negatively influence a drug’s main mechanism of action, it’s half-life, and overall efficacy.

Serious reactions can and do occur with use of anabolic androgenic steroids, even at low dosages. Risks increase with stacking of other components to the Boldenone acetate in order to achieve accelerated results.

Animal vs. Human Side Effects

A number of animal study results have exposed very real risks of use. Such studies have been conducted on animals since Boldenone in any form was never designed for human use.

Human studies are not possible, but the potential for side effects in animals and humans is similar and should not be ignored.

A number of the most notable:

Potential for bile nephropathy [1]

Stress on the liver and kidneys [2]

Changes in chemical levels and negative physiological influence


Of course, other side effects and adverse reactions are also possible. Such side effects are not always limited to high-dose or overlong use of Boldenone in any form.

Other side effects associated with the use of drugs combined in a stack, including aromatase inhibitors, anti-estrogen drugs, and those designed to protect the liver or otherwise reduce side effects also produce their own side effects.

Before using Boldenone Enanthate, Cypionate, Undecylenate, Acetate, or any drugs combined in a stack, know how each of them behave separately in the body and what they’re designed to do.

Be aware of the side effects associated with each and every component included in a Boldenone acetate cycle.

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