Boofing Moxy Duration?

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I’m trying 10mg of 5-meo-mipt for the first time tonight. Up the ass. How long should I expect the experience last? I have pretty low psychedelic tolerance at the moment.

10mg is a good size oral dose. Plugging that? I’d start with half that, if not less. That said, I know nothing about bioavailability and Moxy. Might be inert in the ass, but I sure doubt it.

whoa, i thought this was in response to a DM and I said something totally out of context. Ignore everything I said there and I’ll respond now.

I have been warned against most dissos with moxy because of serotonin effects. Though ketamine might be okay. I think I tried it with phenibut once and had a bad time again so just gave up. Are benzos different?

because i love its intensity– i smoke it– its psychedelic crack 🙂

around 5-7 hrs if that. For me i’m pretty much done in 4– friends might feel the effects for a few hours more.

One guy told me the auditory enhancement lasted for whole day

i get the freebase– and have smoked that.

Its not hard to freebase– i routinely freebase this and 5-meo-dmt.

Its worth doing– amazing body high, music is mind blowing, sex is spectacular.

No real comment on the question at hand, just wanted to wtf over how long it’s been since I messed with moxy. I got some as a sample and gave away most of it in 10 or 15mg doses as a trippy aphrodisiac.

Man college was fun

Recently boofed 6mg moxy in 1 ml PG solution… Fast onset, maybe 4 to 5 hours duration with a longish tail…

Honestly a little underwhelming. I thought I’d be blown away because I get effects at much lower dosage and everyone says there is a really steep response curve on moxy.

No nausea or discomfort, except maybe the first 10 minutes or so of kind of ‘tingly urgency’ in the ass before that faded.

Please report back and let us know how it goes.

I ended up boofing 4-ho-met instead. I’ll probably do Moxy oral. My school finished so there’s no reason to rush trips for sleep anymore. But maybe I’ll boof it one day.

I was actually just thinking about this issue more this morning. I had another moxy trip prior to that one with the same dosage (6mg) but taken oral instead of boofed.

I remember now that it was stronger and had much more visual and mind and erotic effects orally for me.

So… personally I think next time I try it, I’ll go higher dose oral. By the way, a good capsule of ginger extract taken ahed of time completely eliminated nausea on that trip.

I definitely feel more comfortable with oral, so I’ll try that. And thanks for the ginger tip! I’ll be sure to try some

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