British Dispensary Azolol Reviews (Effective Winstrol Steroid?)

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Azolol is a form of Stanozolol, an anabolic androgenic steroid.

It is one of many products available from underground labs used by people in the arena of bodybuilding.

Manufactured by British Dispensary, the product is available in oral tablet form.

Before using any synthetic form of testosterone, including Azolol, research the component, the manufacturer, and be aware of potential for not only results, but possible side effects.

Azolol 5mg Winstrol Tabs Reviews

Azolol is not a particularly common form of anabolic androgenic steroid in the US.

It tends to be more popular in Western Europe.

Stanozolol is the generic term for the brand name Winstrol and is no longer manufactured in the United States.

Manufactured by British Dispensary, you can get Azolol for sale from online steroid shops around the world.

Before purchasing it, pay attention to milligram strength and marketing ploys.

For example, one seller markets its product as “Azolol 5 – 400 mg tablets” when what is actually meant (according to the product description), is 400 tablets, each with a 5 mg strength.

What is it marketed to do? The above-mentioned seller claims that Azolol (a substitute for stanozolol/Winstrol) converts fat into muscle. Another marketing ploy.

Fat doesn’t turn into muscle. One can lose fat, or build muscle, but one doesn’t turn into the other.

Benefits of Azolol

Nevertheless, Azolol, like other forms of anabolic androgenic steroids similar to stanozolol, has the potential to:

Increase strength

Promote lean physique

Enhance hardness or definition of muscles (viscosity)

Azolol is not known as a muscle bulking drug, so it’s more typically used in cutting cycles than in bulking cycles.

It also, like esiclene formebolone carries the effects of of a physique enhancer, helping define the appearance of muscles.

The primary mechanism of action of stanozolol is its ability to reduce fluid buildup or water retention – contributing to decreased edema.

Originally, stanozolol was intended for the treatment of hereditary angioedema, which causes bloating, or swelling of the legs, the hands, the genitalia, the neck, and the face.

In some situations, stanozolol was also deemed relatively effective for treating anemia caused by the insufficient production of red blood cells.

However, because of side effects associated with use, the drug is no longer recommended in many countries around the world – including the US – due to the fact that side effects tend to outweigh benefits of use.

Azolol steroids are promoted for their ability to aid bodybuilders in the retention of lean body mass gains in between cycles.

Azolol Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews regarding results when using Azolol are relatively mixed.

Some claim the oral form of the drug works as well as the injectable form.

However, most of the benefits of use are for cutting phases and as a component to PCT, as some have used it in low dosages to reduce progestational side effects associated with other forms of synthetic testosterone.

It should be noted that medical usage of stanozolol ranged up to 6 mg a day.

Some users state that the most effective dose hovers around a minimum 30 mg a day.

Some users didn’t see results even when taking higher dosages of 50 mg to 70 mg a day for as long as a month. That equates to anywhere between six and seven (and up to 10) six oral tablets daily.

While 5 mg tablets may not seem that strong, oral anabolic androgenic steroids can take their toll on liver function.

In addition to the inconveniences of taking so many pills, they are a bit pricey, with the average cost of 100 tablets going for $90, with the product lasting anywhere from a week or two.

Side Effects of Azolol

Because Azolol is a substitute for stanozolol, it stands to reason that side effects would also be similar.

Side effects range from mild and merely annoying to quite severe, some with long-lasting health ramifications. Some of the more common include:



Allergic reactions (mild, although some can be quite severe)


Difficulty sleeping

Development of moderate to severe acne

More potentially life-threatening side effects associated with stanozolol/Azolol have been reported in medical journals and include:


Alkalosis and Hypokalemia

Liver damage

Use Caution with Azolol

Other side effects are also possible, especially for those diagnosed with pre-existing conditions, whether they are aware of them or not.

Women should employ caution when considering use of any type of anabolic androgenic steroid, and not just oral forms, due to the potential for virilism.

The recommended daily dosage for a woman taking stanozolol/Azolol averages 10 mg.

Some individuals are more sensitive to the effects of Azolol than others, especially when it is stacked with other components to accelerate benefits.

Avoid taking more than one oral steroid in a stack, as doing so can increase the risk for potential liver strain and/or damage.

Some bodybuilders opt to take stanzolol by itself instead of stacking it, and this option should be fully explored.

Even if an oral steroid is modified to provide protection for the liver during filtration processes, it can still interfere with liver enzyme functions, which in turn contribute to undesired side effects. The same applies to Azolol.

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