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Juvetrope is a relatively common aesthetic growth hormone often used only bodybuilders and athletes looking for accelerated muscle growth.

Is it legitimate? Who manufactures it? How does it work in the body?

Before turning to human growth hormone injections to boost physique, at least understand the basics of what synthetic growth hormone can do to benefit your efforts in the gym.

For some, results aren’t exactly as expected.

Juvetrope Review

Synthetic growth hormone is known as somatropin. Juvetrope is one of the brands.

It’s designed to mimic the effects of endogenous or body-produced growth hormone known as somatotropin.

Growth hormone is manufactured and secreted by the pituitary gland.

Levels of growth hormone are carefully maintained in the body, so be aware that using growth hormone injections when the body doesn’t require it may contribute to a number of unexpected side effects.

Because of the questions regarding the efficacy of Juvetrope and other growth hormone products manufactured by underground mail order HGH labs, do use caution.

In children, growth hormones stimulate bone length in stature and aid normal body structure development.

In adults, growth hormone (endogenous) helps to maintain metabolism and levels of blood glucose as well as involvement in body structure maintenance.

Endogenous growth hormone is released in pulses, mainly during sleep on average every few hours. It is not secreted on a continuous basis.

Likewise, synthetic growth hormone provides a surge of growth hormone into the bloodstream, with a relatively short half-life.

Benefits of Growth Hormone

Genuine growth hormone benefits bodybuilders a number of ways:

Binds to growth hormone receptors in targeted cells and organs. This binding interaction triggers reactions that signal processes in the body to grow. This process applies to muscle, bone, and dozens of other cellular structures and tissues in the body.

Promotes cellular production, development, and renewal/regeneration

stimulates and regulates metabolism (also influences protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism).

Stimulates synthesis of protein.

Encourages synthesis of blood glucose due to its influence on carbohydrate metabolism.

Because of the risks of side effects associated with prescription strength growth hormone, bodybuilders often turn to legal nutritional supplements known as precursors, pro-hormones, or enhancers.

Such supplements encourage and increase the potential for the pituitary gland to manufacture and secrete growth hormone without actually replacing it, as prescription strength growth hormone injections do.

Another notable legal alternative is deer antler extract which supports IGF-1, a hormone intimately connected with HGH.

It is difficult to find general guidelines for use of Somatropin in regard to dosage. Even some online sellers do not provide adequate information in regard to usage.

Regardless of manufacturer, proceed with caution and use the lowest dosage recommended on the box or label.

How Much Does Juvetrope Cost?

The Juvetrope price is fairly expensive, ranging in price, depending on manufacturer, from $300 to nearly $600 for one kit.

A kit typically contains 10 vials of 10 IU somatropin 191aa growth hormone.

The endogenous growth hormone contains a chain of 191 amino acids in a specific sequence, hence the name 191 aa (representing amino acids).

Some underground growth hormone products are defined as 192 aa HGH. The difference? Some manufacturers, often in Asia, use poor quality processes to create their synthetic growth hormone.

Some add in extra amino acid, therefore creating a chain of 192 amino acids.

Why? It’s believed that the addition of the extra amino acid encourages the body to “accept” the growth hormone rather than rejecting it, which is a possibility for all users.

However, the body tends to “recognize” that an extra amino acid present on the chain as a foreign substance.

When that happens, the immune system kicks in and the body releases anti-bodies to attack that foreign substance.

This can reduce the efficacy of the 192 aa injection altogether, so bodybuilders should always verify what they’re getting.

Use Caution When You Buy Somatropin Online

When looking for information about Juvetrope or finding the best human growth hormone for sale, body builders are likely to come across a number of claims:

“Most potent and fewer available online”

“It works!”

“100% pure, authentic, pharmaceutical grade HGH on the market today!”

Is all that true? Not necessarily. Where are the Juvetrope bad reviews? How do you even tell if you’re getting real or fake product?

One of the indications that a growth hormone or any growth hormone product, commonly used by bodybuilders may be a product of an underground lab (no matter how great the reputation of that underground lab) is the difficulty in locating information about the drug on legitimate pharmaceutical chemical databases.

Today, dozens of growth hormone products are marketed as the real thing. They’re given a name that is similar to a prescription strength growth hormone, and may be similar in structure.

In most cases, they are manufactured and sold without a prescription, which is illegal in many countries around the world, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Accessing bodybuilding forum board discussion groups is a good way to determine the “legitimacy” of some of these underground labs. Still, a lot of the sellers are on there like Phurious Pharma and Pharma Lady.

Some have good reputations of providing quality products even when they sell anabolic steroids and growth hormone products and other drugs against medical recommendations for use by bodybuilders. Plenty of them don’t.

Juvetrope is one.

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