Buy Jintropin in China—Is Growth Hormone Legal to Buy?

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Before you look for the best place to buy Jintropin do some comparative shopping.

Why? Because synthetic human growth hormone like Jintropin is one of the most commonly counterfeited products manufactured and sold by underground labs around the world.

What makes Jintropin so special?

Nothing really, although it does have a reputation lower cost than other forms of growth hormone.

Jintropin is manufactured in China, which for many, equates to lower prices and greater availability of products.

Manufactured by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals, Jintropin is marketed as a high-quality synthetic form of growth hormone that contains the same molecular and structural makeup as the growth hormone produced by the body.

Reviews regarding quality are mixed.

Why Buy Jintropin?

Synthetic growth hormone like Jintropin provides a number of benefits, especially in medical scenarios.

The manufacturer states that Jintropin was created as a treatment for growth hormone deficiencies in children, and in some cases, for adult onset growth hormone deficiencies.

What does it do?

Most associate growth hormone with stature, but the hormone is involved in numerous other body processes and activities. For example:

Aids indigestion

Provides a boost in metabolism, and can contribute to some weight loss and reduce body fat storage

Increased development of lean muscle mass

Enhanced endurance and stamina

Promotes retention of nitrogen in muscles. Balances of oxygen and nitrogen in muscles benefits not only development of muscle cells and fibers, but also enhances optimal function and longevity

Accelerates post-workout recovery and promotes healing of overworked, torn, or otherwise injured muscle fibers

Before rushing out to buy Jintropin however, bodybuilders should note that Jintropin has never been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Dozens of synthetic growth hormone used today have been approved by the FDA.

How is Synthetic Growth Hormone Created?

Before injecting anything into the body, know what it is, where it comes from, and how it’s supposed to work.

Growth hormone is normally manufactured in the body. It’s synthesized in the pituitary gland, located in the brain.

Unless some damage or disease has damaged the pituitary gland, chances are that your growth hormone levels are adequate.

Injecting growth hormone into the body in such circumstances can contribute to a number of side effects.

Growth hormone manufactured by the body is called somatotropin. Synthetic or laboratory-developed growth hormone is called somatropin.

High quality synthetic growth hormone (somatropin) is created via recombinant DNA technologies to replicate the 191-amino chain sequence found in human growth hormone.

Note: The manufacture of genuine, high-quality somatropin requires specialized equipment, technologies, and expertise.

Few underground labs have these capabilities, hence the vast amount of counterfeit and low-quality product manufactured and sold on the black market today.

Is Jintropin Legal?

Before you buy Jintropin from any source, be aware of the legal ramifications of doing so in your country of origin.

Legitimate HGH requires a prescription. Customs agents and postal services, as well as local law enforcement communities, have cracked down on the import and export of prescription-strength performance enhancers around the world.

For specific information about your country or region and its laws regarding the receipt of steroids, growth hormone, or other performance enhancing drugs, access information from government websites and legislative laws regarding prescription-strength drugs.

A good place to start is to type in “Controlled Substance Act…” and the country you’re researching.

Dosage information

You can buy Jintropin from a number of online sellers, generally available in a 10 IU kit containing 20 vials of 10 IU. Cost for Jintropin averages about $500. It can be found cheaper depending where you look.

Various suggestions and requirements for Jintropin dosage are found on bodybuilding websites and discussion groups.

Recommendations for dosage in medical scenarios is lower than the average dosage taken by bodybuilders.

In medical scenarios, starting doses average approximately .005 to 0.3 mg per kilogram of body weight. In a treatment scenario (roughly 6 to 8 weeks), dosage may increase incrementally.

Note: 3 IU is typically equal to 1 mg. Substance and components may alter this average slightly.

Bodybuilders taking Jintropin and often inject 2 and up to 6 IUs on a daily basis, which is quite a bit higher than that recommended for medical treatment.

Bodybuilders generally use growth hormone anywhere between 6 and 24 weeks, depending on cycle, potential side effects, and results.

Safety Concerns

One of the biggest safety concerns regarding synthetic growth hormone purchased on the black market is quality and safety. Jintropin is one of the most popular growth hormone products manufactured and sold by Chinese laboratories, but it’s certainly not the only one.

China is one of the world’s largest exporters of prescription-strength drugs sold to the general population without a prescription.

Some of these products are okay, while others may be contaminated, counterfeit, expired, or contain unknown ingredients. China’s manufacturing and government oversight process is more questionable.

Before you buy Jintropin, use caution, as so-called legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers often use low quality ingredients and frequently lack expertise in its manufacture.

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