can fumes from making pg etizolam be a danger to my cat

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i been buying premade pg etiz and then i realized i could be making my own easy.. i live in nyc which means i live in a small apartment that dont have doors

I got a room divider to keep the cat out but fumes will still go over and under it. i have 5 grams and i have a homie who nabbed a magnetic stirrer after reading this sub because he vapes

if I put a lid or cover on the beaker my cat will be safe maybe or are fumes mostly pg ? my cat is very important to me so i want to make sure

DUDE, PG is the primary ingredient in vape juice. AND its also an ingredient in many different candies, so we also eat it all time as well. As long as your cat doesn’t eat large amounts of it you’ll be fine. If it was toxic, it would not be eaten and vaped by humans.

edit: I am talking about pure PG not a etiz solution. I would be worried if your cat ate some of the solution. Although some heating is usually needed to get all the etiz to dissolve, its not enough to vape the PG. You want to use a hot water bath to keep the PG from heating too much, just as much as you need to get the etiz to mix proper. You can risk the quality of your chem if you heat it too much. Especially true for tryptamines.

Etizolam has a very high vape temperature and you shouldn’t be heating it more than 100c anyway. C

Yeah but he’s worried about fumes which would only be a issue if he brought the chemical to it’s vapour point or burned it

Although this is true, it does not guarantee he is vaping it. He might be not very experienced and worried about his cat while mixing an oral solution. Which BTW is how I took the post. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe not??

I’m not saying he’s vaping and I’m pretty sure he just said his friend vapes. OP was understandably and responsibly asking if there was fumes and if those fumes would be dangerous to his cat ?

yeah I agree, thats how I took it. Like I said I think he was just under experienced and had general concern. There were posts from someone in here I thought were kinda overblown & harsh so I was just trying to defuse it somewhat because I dont blame the OP for a) not knowing and asking & b) having concern for a pet. Honestly its a relief to read people asking before hand, and not coming here in a panic because something went differently then they expected. Which I see in various RC and drug related subreddits.

I’m sorry but holy SHIT has this sub turned into a fucking joke.

Edit: I don’t mean to sound elitest but I’ve been following this place for many many years and while I don’t visit as much as I’d like to anymore due to life things, but damn so many of the posts seem like theyre made by 14 year olds who should NOT be fucking around with ANY of these substances. YOU GUYS are the fucking reason RCs get the attention of congress and LEO and god knows who fucking else. Because of stupid shit you do. Fuck you.

THe fumes he should be worried about are the fumes from that meth pipe he’s obviously smoking by making a post like this. Can’t think of any other reason you’d make such a ridiculous post, he kinda reminds me of a 15 year old. Homie scored a magnetic stirrer LOL to make vape juice etizolam? FUCKING JUST TAKE IT LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE DO YA FUCKING CHUMP!

(Not ya, but OP.)

Sorry but as someone prob twice his age it kind of iirks me what this place has turned into. It’s gonna be it’s downfall too. Sooo many kids in here, obviously under age at times too ingesting these chemicals. Yea, looks Reaaaaaaaaaaaalll good to the LE watching these places. LOL

and I do have stim rage, go fuck yourself.

Because he doesnt know how etziolam juice works you assume hes underage? This is exactly the type of (albeit stupid) question for harm reduction that should be asked. Seems like dude just doesnt want to hurt his cat which doesnt make OP any sort of an asshole.

No. The fact that he’s wondering if his cats safe? Like what kind of fucking fumes does Etizolam give off? Never give off any for me in the many years I’ve been working with it. OP seems underage because hes not well informed on how the fuck to even make a god damn solution if he thinks “fumes” come off it. LIke…???!!! I’m not the only one whos mind is boggled as fuck rn. There’s tons of information out there about making solutions and none mention fumes. The fuck. Do ya wear a respirator when making urs? I Dont.

THere’s harm reduction and then there’s complete fucking idiocy. The way he types too he comes across as a child who should not be around these chemicals. Leave it to the more older, a little bit more responsible people to do that shit.

And like why vape etiz? that’s another indicator of him being young.

Where did he say he’s vaping etiz? It sounds like he’s making a volumetric solution for oral dosing.

If you’re not making this type of solution for your benzos you’re the one not being safe lmao

Lots of people use PG for storage. In fact its also sold in PG solutions. Chill out. PG contains no water and does not evaporate quickly on you, its becoming the goto liquid used in volumetric dosing. Are you against the accuracy and safety of volumetric dosages?

Living in an apartment in NYC with his cat, def the OP is no more than 14 yrs old. LOL.

I don’t make etizolam juice? I make solution like a normal person.

I’m on etizolam, I’m on Dexedrine all night and yeah I’m irritable and riding the comedown and I apologize for stating my opinion on the low quality this sub has been as of late.

No fumes involved the way I make it. This isn’t breaking bad shit. If yours is like a that the cat will be fine. Smoke a pack a day, never hear my cat cough. Very occasional sneeze.

Edit: If the fumes are etiz you’re messing it up and losing etiz.

Edit 2: Fun fact about cats: They love amphetamines. I hope I haven’t dropped dexedrine on the ground.

I think it’s awesome that you’re asking questions. I don’t really understand why you’re heating a mixture this way, but that’s for you to explain. Please don’t ever let some dickheads make you feel bad for asking questions relating to harm reduction.

Also, cats are awesome.

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