Caustic Stims

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Researching here/ in the FAQ threads and it seems like a lot of RC stims are pretty caustic, feels pretty damaging. I’m looking at Hexen, NEP, 2FA, 3-FPM, 3-MMC.. I hear hexen is pretty harsh but remains popular. Lots of street drugs hurt too. Obviously insufflation might be more painful, but doesn’t mean the rc isn’t wrecking havoc regardless of ROA. There’s a big difference between just painful and burning holes like ethylphenidate. What is truly caustic, and what can’t be snorted? (I hear NEP is best vaped)

To answer your question, I am not sure the pain you feel when snorting a certain compound is a good indicator of the damage it causes to the nose. If it were, mine would probably be destroyed after insufflation of 4-methcathinone and 4-fluoroamphetamine, which feel extremely caustic and hurt like hell. I think it mostly has to do with your pattern/frequency of use. If you snort any kind of powder everyday for a long period of time, without proper nasal care and hygiene, there is obviously a risk of nasal damage over time (deviated septum, for instance).

Thanks. I agree. And I’m willing to tolerate pain. But If there’s something like ethyl that is literally gonna burn holes, I’ll want to either avoid it or find a safer ROA.

4F-MPH does burn but the dosages are so low (5-10 mg works great for me) that it’s very manageable simply due to the small amount needed.

3fpm hurts nose a lot

NEP hurts slightly the first line, but not after. Hex is worse, but caustic does not so much mean it’s damaging.

A night of coke is gonna be way way worse for your nose than a night of nep/hex. Primarily because of amount you do, but really after even doing a couple gs a session of NEP my nose doesn’t hurt, when doing a ball of blow In a night your nose will hurt for the next 2 days

Man. Some hex hurts more than others I’ll tell you that. I’m good on that shit. Never tried anything other than ñep and hex snorting. Vaping aphp. But the hex I have to wash def so bad bad bad. Strong. But bad causticity

Even if it’s like 5 minutes even if it

Ik nose kinda defending rather oral

Dude, get some sleep.

hide the clam bro

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