CJC-1295 Benefits & Results for Bodybuilding

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Have you been hearing a lot about the benefits of CJC-1295 from your fellow bodybuilders?

For those exploring the use of peptides like CJC-1295, it’s good to know the basics.

Basics such as the different ones available, and what they do for your body (and your gym routine).

To begin with, CJC-1295 is a hormone, like estrogen or testosterone.

But it is also markedly different.


Well testosterone is a steroid hormone, while CJC-1295 is classified as peptide hormones.

We’ve got the low down for you on CJC-1295 and how it can help you up your gains and game.

CJC-1295 Benefits for Bodybuilders

CJC-1295 is a peptide that is referred to as a mimetic growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH.)

It helps to maintain the right conditions in your body to allow your system to release its own growth hormone (GH) into your body.

You may also hear about growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRP) which work as signals to your pituitary gland to release the growth hormone.

GHRH has a long half-life so it doesn’t create spikes of GH within your system, but instead works to maintain that high therapeutic level that so many builders find beneficial.

It arrives in 2mg or 5mg vials in a dry powder that you have to reconstitute using bacteriostatic water. You can then store it for a couple days in your fridge.

It is taken intramuscularly. As a GH supportive measure, a twice a week injection of 1000mcg will help slowly build your GH levels to a therapeutic level.

When combining, you may inject several times a day at a lower dose that will generate pulses of GH for killer workouts.

Is it an Anaerobic Supplement?

Not in this case.

You can find anaerobic supplements like ones manufactured by CrazyBulk online that work to mimic illegal steroids like testosterone.

CJC-1295 and GHRH are not designed to function in the same manner and should not be confused with supplements or steroids.

GHRH are peptides that work within your bloodstream to increase your body’s natural ability to perform at a higher level, helping you to build those huge lean muscles and help to reduce fat.

Is it Legal?

Yes and no.

Peptides fall into a category called research chemicals.

They are not currently regulated by the FDA as a controlled substance and you do not require a prescription to purchase them.

However, they are only able to be legally purchased for research purposes and it is illegal to introduce peptides into a human or animal, unless it is part of an authorized clinical study.

Yes, you can buy them.

No, you can’t use them and remain within the letter of the law.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From Using It?

A healthy level of growth hormone in your system delivers a wide range of benefits that support your effort to build a bigger, leaner, and meaner body.

When you return your GH to the level you had as a growing teen, you will enjoy higher levels of energy, recover more quickly from intense workouts, sleep better, and enjoy a better frame of mind.

The raised metabolism helps your body convert all those calories you are eating during a bulking cycle into lean muscle.

If you have more energy, you are able to intensify your workout which can also support a healthier cardiovascular system.

Are there Side Effects when using CJC-1295?

Most of the side effects reported by users of CJC-1295 are not that significant.

You can experience headaches, but an adjustment in diet can often help reduce the severity of them.

Some experience tingling in the hands and feet. Others find that they retain water at a more significant rate.

Since it is injected, irritation and soreness at the injection site is possible but can be reduced by alternating your injection points.

In rare cases, carpal tunnel issues and reduced insulin sensitivity have appeared.

Often lowering your dose can help eliminate these side effects.

Can You Combine CJC-1295 with iPamorelin? Is it Worth It?

This is a very popular GHRH and GHRP combination available from most inline peptide suppliers.

The GHRP iPamorelin works as a short-term pulse, sending a cue to the pituitary gland to release growth hormone on cue, so builders like to take a shot a couple hours before their workout session.

When combined with GHRH like CJC-1295, it helps to encourage the body to manufacture more GH, making the releases more potent and giving you a better boost.

You may experience the added side effect of feeling flushed or dizzy as the injection works its way through your system, but is generally temporary.

What Kind of Reviews does it Receive?

Most users report an improved sense of well-being, improved sleep, and higher energy.

This all leads to helping you be able to build a better body.

Finding a reputable supplier can be a bit challenging, and it’s possible to get some low-grade peptides when ordering from an unknown supplier.

Your experience with peptides use can be ruined if you get poor quality versions. Make sure to talk with your friends so you’ll know which internet shops are scams or the real deal.

Cost and Where to Buy CJC-1295

You can find CJC-1295 for sale online at a variety of research chemical lab companies like American Science Labs, Blue Sky, and Peptide Sciences.

They tend to run between $18 and $25 for a 2mg vial. You may find deals like buy one/get one but unless you know the supplier, you can get ripped off.

The online suppliers offer shipping for the United States and for international orders.

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