Clenbuterol in Italy—Buy Clenbuterol 40mcg

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Before you buy Clenbuterol in Italy be aware of the potential legal ramifications of doing so.

Use of Clenbuterol-type products, at least among bodybuilders and athletes, is similar to trends found around the world.

Clenbuterol is not an anabolic androgenic steroid, although it can offer some of the same benefits as anabolic steroids, albeit to a lesser degree.

Before looking to buy Clenbuterol in Italy or any other country, or buying or selling it, be aware of what it is and how it behaves in the body.

Bodybuilder opinions regarding use of Clenbuterol during any stage of a bulking or cutting cycle, or as a component of post-cycle therapy are mixed.

Some believe Clenbuterol does provide some benefits, while others consider it nothing more than a waste of money and effort.

When seeking information about Clenbuterol, be aware of laws in Italy regarding controlled substances, prescription-only drugs, and drugs that are banned by sporting organizations in Italy, in addition to obvious local or provincial laws.

Is Clenbuterol Legal In Italy?

Clenbuterol in Italy and many countries around the world is not a form of drug condoned for human use.

Because of its potential for side effects, it’s mainly used in veterinary care environments.

It’s known by different names depending on country, for example:

Clenbuterol in English, German, and Spanish

Clenbutérol in French

Clenbuterolum in Latin

Brand name Monores Clenbuterol in Italy

Clenbuterol today is more commonly found in Latin American countries, and only for veterinary usage in countries like the United States, Australia and Germany, and throughout many countries in Western Europe.

You can buy Clenbuterol in Italy, mainly through underground or black market resources. The prices will vary widely.

However, just because the drug is not classified as a controlled substance doesn’t mean that selling or purchasing it doesn’t come without some risk.

Clenbuterol in Italy is not classified as a controlled substance but its use for bodybuilding or athletic performance enhancement is strongly discouraged.

Italian regulations are clamping down on use of performance-enhancing drugs.

When used for medical purposes, products like Clenbuterol are accepted, and usage (accompanied by a prescription) is not going to cause any problems.

This is true for other countries as well, including Australia, UK and the US.

In Italy, laws are constantly changing, so it’s important for anyone seriously interested regarding Italian laws and use of Clenbuterol should take the time to research reputable resources.

One option is to access the Library of Congress. The law library does provide in-depth information regarding legislative laws and legal guides for countries around the world.

It’s also important for anyone intending to use any prescription-strength drug (among which Clenbuterol listed under a variety of names and manufacturers) to also realize that laws may differ between Italian provinces.

A couple of other valuable resources include the 2016 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report and the US State Department’s US Passports and International Travel (Drugs Abroad) resource.

How Does Clenbuterol Work?

Clenbuterol is classified as a sympathomimetic amine.

It’s a component found in bronchodilators, most commonly recommended for individuals dealing with some type of lung disorder such as asthma, COPD, or sometimes even emphysema.

It has adrenergic features that trigger activities of the sympathetic nervous system.

Autonomic or automatic body functions are part of this system and define activities over which we have no control.

Just a few of which include:


Liver function

Kidney function


Heart rate


For bodybuilders, this means:

increased metabolism, which is perceived to aid in weight loss;

increased oxygenation delivering oxygen and nutrients to muscles, thereby enhancing growth, and because of its mechanism of action, can aid in muscle growth.

While a number of bodybuilders do turn to bronchodilators like Clenbuterol to enhance oxygen intake, using it when the body does not need it can trigger a number of negative side effects.

Depending on milligram strength, it can take quite a bit in regard to dosage in order for bodybuilder or athlete actually benefit even moderate results with use of Clenbuterol to increase muscle mass, enhance metabolism, or as a weight-loss drug.

Using Italian Clenbuterol

Before you buy Clenbuterol in Italy (or use it) be aware that it mainly refers to the Italian brand of Clenbuterol known as Monores.

Even in Italy, Monores is a veterinary-grade type product, legal for use in the treatment of horses and non-livestock animals. It is not legal to distribute any prescription strength substance.

This brand of Clenbuterol, as a bronchodilator, comes in tablet, injectable, and liquid (spray) form. In most cases, what a bodybuilder will get – as an imported product – is the tablet form.

Finding Italian Clenbuterol (Monores) and having it shipped to the United States can trigger a number of risks in regard to legalities.

While a product may not necessarily be considered a controlled substance, postal services around the world are increasingly cracking down on individuals using their services to distribute prescription-strength drugs. Clenbuterol is one of them.

Before considering use, or seeking to buy Clenbuterol in Italy, do your homework.

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