Concerta + Clonazolam = GREAT

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I know many people hate concerta but for us europeans sometimes is the only thing we can get, also at least I know what exact dosage I’m taking, unlike street amphetamine.

What to say about this combo? For me, it’s godly. You don’t really feel any physical euphoria like you would with amph but the sociability, energy and alertness I definitely love.

The problem with concerta is its anxiety provoking features and peripheral stimulation, so for that we add the clonazolam (any other medium-long acting benzo would work too I guess). It negates all the side effects while even improving sociability. It’s a great combo for a great productive day at college/work.

REMEMBER TO NOT OVERDO THE CLONAZOLAM! Or else it will easily overpower the concerta or even black you out while stimulated (not fun)

I dosed today 54mg concerta at 7 AM, adding 0.5mg Clonazolam (note that I have tolerance, adjust dose accordingly to it) after 30 minutes passed. The result is in my opinion one of the best combos for productivity and sociability.

For partying, 108mg concerta + a lot of alcohol has me going pretty good… Although not better than amphetamines.

Stimulants + sensible dose of benzo= productivity, sociability and 0 anxiety.

I did a lot of stim binging this winter due to a extended overlap in time off with my partner. I was surprised to find that my favorite stims by far were the phenidates. I already prefer extended release [dex]methylphenidate for treating my ADHD, but overall the phenidates were more euphoric, smooth, and sexual. 4F-MPH was particularly good, much more euphoric than I think of phenidates as being capable of.

Something to keep in mind is that taking too much or redosing too frequently will make the side effects spiral out of control. Unless you’re blowing cocaine, with most stims you have to get comfortable with only having strong euphoria for the first quarter of the experience. There is usually an initial rush, a little crash from that rush that tricks you into wanting to take more, then eventually a softer and often more enjoyable functional stimulation. Phenidates have gross side effects if you overdo it (which most people do, which is why they don’t have a good reputation for abuse).

For the sake of comparison, we used short and long-acting Adderall, Concerta, non-extended methylphenidate, 4F-MPH, methamphetamine, dexmethylphenidate, and a small amount of mephedrone. I’m not going to try and claim that meth isn’t the most euphoric (and sleaziest) of those, but IME it’s a short-lived euphoria with a punishingly long tail.

Benzos are, of course, always a necessity when you’re taking stims. A small dose of a long-acting benzo is a crucial tool once you get past the first 24 hours or so.

Taking stims and benzos together caused me a shit load of problems. If you can do it responsibly all power to you but it’s very easy with these type of drugs to not realise that you have a problem until it’s too late.

Lol, I’m taking Concerta 18mg and Lexapro 10mg.. However the effectiveness is quickly dropping, I guess it’s from missing sleep for a couple days

This kind of combo is indeed godly when properly dosed. I have had similar experiences with 2-FMA + a comparatively weak but very long acting benzo (prazepam). Within minutes it gets me focused, motivated, alert, composed. I get in the zone so easily and for such a long time. Energetic and calm at the same time. One of my favorite drug combinations for a productive and satisfying day at home.

Just a note that Concerta = Ritalin = methylphenidate Idk about you, but where I’m from no one really knows what concerta is, but everyone’s heard of rit.

uses osmotic pressure to deliver methylphenidate HCl at a controlled rate. The system, which resembles a conventional tablet in appearance, comprises an osmotically active trilayer core surrounded by a semipermeable membrane with an immediate-release drug overcoat. The trilayer core is composed of two drug layers containing the drug and excipients, and a push layer containing osmotically active components. There is a precision-laser drilled orifice on the drug-layer end of the tablet. In an aqueous environment, such as the gastrointestinal tract, the drug overcoat dissolves within one hour, providing an initial dose of methylphenidate. Water permeates through the membrane into the tablet core. As the osmotically active polymer excipients expand, methylphenidate is released through the orifice. The membrane controls the rate at which water enters the tablet core, which in turn controls drug delivery. Furthermore, the drug release rate from the system increases with time over a period of 6 to 7 hours due to the drug-concentration gradient incorporated into the two drug layers of CONCERTA®. The biologically inert components of the tablet remain intact during gastrointestinal transit and are eliminated in the stool as a tablet shell along with insoluble core components. It is possible that CONCERTA® extended-release tablets may be visible on abdominal x-rays under certain circumstances, especially when digital enhancing techniques are utilized.

Whould you recomend taking 54mg of Concerta + another 54mg 6h later + a little bit of Etizolam in orther to study? How much Etizolam whould you recommend taking? (I took 1mg Lorazepam this Tuesday at night but I have never taken Etizolam at the moment)

Phenibut works well for combining with stimulants. Benzos are a class of substances that I refuse to touch so phenibut is my go to gaba-ergic. AMP/MPH/NEP + phenibut is godly for socializing. I am unhealthily introverted but this combo turns me into an extrovert.

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