Could I use Flualprazolam to taper?

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I’ve been using etizolam daily for a little over a month and a half now. For a while around 8-10 mg a day. Thankfully where I’m at now I seem to get by with around 6 mg throughout the day. While I know diaclazepam is ideal for tapering, I am in a position where I don’t want to spend more money on diazepines.

So my question is: would it be better to switch over to flualprazolam (in very small doses) for tapering or should I just stick with etizolam. I know flualprazolam is more potent and hypnotic but would the longer half life ultimately be more beneficial?

Spend the money on diclaz. The half life is crazy long so you can take it for a week and the next week you’ll still have it in your system slowly depleting and the wd won’t be as bad. Etiz is fast acting and multiple doses is needed thru the day. Diclaz u dose one and done. After a week or two of diclaz u can pretty much do less and less until your done.

Just taper with Etizolam if you don’t want to use Diclazepam. I detoxed from daily Etizolam 4mg taken for over a year. I initially switched to Diclazepam. I only ended up using half of a $40 bottle btw. I did that for a month and got down to 0.1mg. After that I simply replaced the Diclazepam with ~0.1mg Etizolam every night for about two weeks. I then skipped nights. And eventually I stopped altogether. The detox was certainly difficult, but completely manageable. If you taper, this shit doesn’t have to be that hard. That is if you’re actually motivated to quit.

If I were you I would switch to twice daily dosing for a week. 0.5mg, twice daily. Daily total 1mg. Once in the morning, once before bed.

Then dose 0.75mg once at night for a week. Then dose 0.5mg once at night for a week. Then dose 0.4mg once at night for a few days. Then dose 0.3mg once at night for a few days. Then dose 0.2mg once at night for a few days. Then dose 0.1mg once at night for a few days. Then jump.

You can taper off within a month if you are motivated.

With this protocol you will be uncomfortable throughout the duration of the taper. After you jump it will likely take you about a month to feel 90% better. However, you ought to be able to observe your responsibilities, work, etc. Like I said, this is similar to what I did except I initially used once daily low-dose Diclazepam to kick start the taper process. It worked very well for me but it’s not for the faint of heart. As long as you’re willing to stomach some discomfort, you can do this — especially since you’ve only been on a month.

All of this advice somewhat changes if you’ve been dependent before, but nonetheless should be helpful as a guide

Word, no problem. Some supplements I believed were also quite helpful during this process: NAC, 600mg, thrice daily (morning, afternoon and night) + Magnesium Glycinate 200mg, twice daily (morning and night).

I would also highly encourage some form of therapy, ideally group therapy

Most people favor Diclazepam for use in tapers. I personally always favored flubromazolam for this purpose. In general, something with a longer half life is always preferable. Flualprazolam, while it does have a longer half life, is extremely potent and considerably more sedating.

If you want to use it, I’d suggest dosing it extremely low and gradually going up until you reach the lowest possible dose needed to keep you from withdrawing. Once you determine this dose, you need to assess how frequently you need to take it by waiting until you experience withdrawal symptoms.

With that information, you can figure out a schedule for titration. Flualprazolam isn’t a particularly good choice for this application. However, it may allow you to avoid the many peaks and valleys one gets from using a short acting option like Etizolam.

Just my thoughts. Do what’s best for you.

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