Cycling RCs for a year of productivity and anxiety relief?

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So next year will be a pretty important year in college, And I need to remain functional and work hard throughout the entire 10 months of study, Which is impossible because of depression, Social anxiety and no motivation.

So, Since one drug can’t solve this on it’s own, Because of tolerance and addiction, I plan on cycling my use as follows:

0-2 weeks: 3-MeO-PCP

2-4 weeks: Etizolam

4-6 weeks: Phenibut + Kratom

6-8 weeks: RC stimulant

8-10 weeks: Break


What do you think? Has anyone done this before? Could this backfire in anyway I’m not seeing? Any thoughts?

Also, Will this even work? Or will I still get addicted because of, Say, Dopaminergic activity of both 3-MeO-PCP and the stimulant, And the cycling won’t really matter? Any thoughts appreciated!

Dude this is a bad plan. Go to a doctor or academic advisor and let them know your issues. Your doctor can prescribe you something if needed. You are not the first student with depression and anxiety, and many have succeeded without having to set up a drug regime to do so. Believe I yourself bro!

Thanks man. But that’s something I’ve been living with my entire life, I’m not just a student who feels down and needs a lift, And I have no doubt that I have severe social anxiety that prevents me from attending my classes. I’ve come to terms with it I just need a break from that for this one year, I also can’t see how a doctor could help so.

A doctor should be able to help you address your social anxiety issues, maybe he can direct you to a good therapist or psychologist that can help too. Just give it a shot, you may be surprised.

Maybe you need a break from studies and reconsider your life choices. It’s tempting to resort to drugs to deal with problems on a short term, but a whole year seems too much to me, specially considering that you have been living with these issues your entire life. You’ll be sacrificing your mental and physical health for what, a degree? Not worth it imho. If you don’t enjoy what you do now, you probably won’t enjoy your job later own. Perhaps you should reconsider your career options and look for sustainable, long term life happines instead of a quick fix to just get done with it. I’m talking from personal experience, I wish I had been wiser earlier on.

What do you think I should replace those with? I’m looking for something that’ll take away anxiety and still have me lucid enough to function, Something that doesn’t have any cross-tolerance with the others, Any suggestions?

This is a bad way to start your life. You only get busier after college, and life gets more stressful. If you don’t learn to deal with your current issues, your substance abuse will only get worse.

Don’t get me wrong I have my regimen, but I got got addicted to opiods, benzos, and Adderall in college trying to do what you did. Took a few years to recover. I thought I needed Adderall for my work load. Then it would cause anxiety so I would take a benzo/oxy. Turns out I’m waaay busier nowadays and don’t need Adderall.

If I take anything it’s kratom maybe twice a week…. Opiods give me energy. Or a small dose of a dissociate. The businesses I run involve some manual labor.

Is it a stimulant? Would it be enough alone, Just once a week??

Basically, My social anxiety is so bad, That attending classes is psychological torture for me. 3-MeO-PCP’s mania gives me the opposite of that, And benzos are supposed to make me not give a fuck, Even though I never used them, I think they’ll work.

Also, 3-MeO-PCP makes me super productive so I’ll be studying during the afterglow.

A doctor would prescribe benzos and don’t be ignorant to the idea of using PCP having medicinal properties PCP and it’s analogues have neuroprotective and anti addictive effects just because 3-MeO-PCP sounds scary it doesn’t mean it is

Can’t see how a doctor could help, And won’t be able to even if I wanted since I live in a foreign country.

Those substances are only life-ruining if they’re used in excess. I think I planned enough of a break from each substance before using it again, That I won’t get addicted, No?

The schedule still seems too hard, you said you usually study during the 3-MeO-PCP afterglow – would you be able to attend classes on disso afterglow? In general that much depressants seem like a hard time for your cognition, can’t you for example take out kratom? Also try to not take those substances daily for a full week, leave a day or two. Maybe try microdosing (I don’t think it would work but you could try) and CBD?

But the best choice would be to see a doctor and a therapist. Psychedelic experience with some lighter tryptamine like 4-HO-MET would defenitely help too, although you would need time and a good setting so you don’t have a anxiety inducing trip. Or, alternatively, use low/mid disso dose before a psychedelic experience, it would have both anxiolytic an enhancing properties. Or trip on a disso afterglow. Also look at different aspects of your life and try to improve it with or without drugs – meditation, diet, sleep, meeting friends (online ones count too!!), physical activity – all those thing will make a difference, even if it’s not THAT big trust me, it’s gonna help

Yes, it is a stimulant. It can be purchased from Indian pharmacies.

If you must consume a 3-meo-pcp to feel comfortable in a class I’m sorry.

A lot of times drugs can and will solve the negative effects of the issue you are having, and they definitely would in this case. But it would do nothing to help the issue itself.

I found weekly modafinil use to be perfect for getting through tedious school tasks but it negatively affected my ability to be a compassionate human.

Phenibut is good for social anxiety in 150-500mg doses(strength varies person to person but you should be looking for a dose that doesn’t impair you even if it’s fun to be impaired)

But phenibut is even more of a tricky Ricky when it comes to addiction than modafinil. I recommend phen a Max of once every two weeks for full effects remaining and moda once a week if needed, try not to use it.

If you cannot handle class now, no amount of drugs in the future will allow you to handle life without being crippled by side effects.

Your memory will be harmed by benzos, it will not be conducive to studying

Visualize what makes you anxious about class, write it down, tell me what it is if you want.

There are tons of people in my classes, I bet some are very anxious about it and some aren’t but I have no clue which is which because I’m not there to worry about other people, just like everyone else.

Yeah, you don’t need to show me how being anxious is irrational because I already know that. Neurological responses are like robots though, They don’t listen to reason. This is like telling someone with depression that life is beautiful, Or that they’re not a failure. It’s not really about what they think, It’s the imbalance in brain chemistry that causes neurological disorders.

And yeah I realize that the rest of my life will be fucky as if it’s not bad enough right now, Thanks for reminding me of that! What would YOU do? If you don’t know then why point that out? I just try to cope with whatever I have at the current moment. I’ll find a way later on, Just like I’m finding one now.

Thanks for the information anyways.

If I was in your position I would seek alternate long term solutions.

None of the drugs you listed allow for long term use, even short term use of them will have negative effects if done daily for 2 weeks.

Neurobiological imbalances are completely valid, I am not suggesting you decide to not be anxious, I am suggesting you analyze what makes you anxious and why.

As much as neurobiological imbalances of neurotransmitters effect emotion, physical wellbeing has a similiar effect of neurological wellbeing. It is significantly harder to feel good mentally if you don’t feel so physically.

At the same time your disorder makes it harder for you to take up actions which benefit you (going to class, being physically fit, socializing). It is not your fault that this is the state you find your brain in.

I have not expeirenced this level of anxiety the only similiar disabling feeling was a constant urge to kill myself at the sight of anything deadly, seemingly it wouldn’t stop, and it didn’t for 2 years.

The thing that helped the most was physical activity that pushed me to my limit.

I am very sorry for any negative reactions my comments caused, I wish the right answer was the easy one, so often it is not.

Address your anxiety through behavioral therapy. Even as you’ve said above, if it is a purely neurological problem and not a psychological one as you said above, there’s above evidence that behavioral therapy encourages greater neuroplasticity that will help to alleviate the issues

How often do you plan on using each substance within those two-week timeframes? I don’t recommend taking phenibut more than twice a week or over 2g/week.

All of them either daily or every 2 days, Basically however much I feel like I need to function. Except for phenibut because tolerance makes it impossible, That’s why I’ll be using it with Kratom. I don’t think that even using it daily will be enough o get me addicted though, Since I won’t be using it again before 2 more months, Don’t you think?

Why the 3-MeO-PCP…? Using that at school is already a really bad idea…

As I say in each of one of this kind of posts, the problem is not the tolerance but just the fact you will be hitting your brain constantly …

If it would be just a couple of months, Ok. But 10 months? Bf, your body will eventually get more and more tired (and your mind) so you’ll have to dose more, and etc etc

I think is not viable for such a long amount of time, sorry man.

If you want to try medication to help with ADHD, anxiety or depression, get a referral for a psychiatrist from your physician and talk to the doctors about the issues you have. Medication is tricky but if you get prescribed one that really helps it is more sustainable than ordering RCs and most likely safer.

This is an awful idea. Seriously, take a year off from school and address your mental health. I wish someone had told me that at some point. What you will do to yourself in these 10 months will be far worse than delaying your degree a year. Believe me. Take time off, go to some intensive therapy, as much as your health insurance will allow.

Lol dont do that. Just get urself together, and visit a doctor if you really have to.

Eat good, Sleep well and shit and you make it thrue. Going on a drug Spree for weeks is not a awnser.

Rotate month of Addy and month of Desoxyn.

Etizolam can and phenibut will cause physical dependence after two weeks of daily use.

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