Daily 3 fpm use?

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Anyone post any experiences? And I’m not talking about you fuckers who are snorting 3 grams a day, moderate use

I use 3-fpm on a very functional level.. almost too functional. Tolerance definitely increases and your “moderate” dose may turn into a “recreational” dose for others but if kept in check it has found to be a very good aid in replacement of amphetamines. I have at least 5-6.5 years of continuous use with no negative side effects or worthy mentionables. I find adderall gives my Epilepsy a harder time as well, so for me it’s just a perfect level.

edit: The honeymoon phase with insuffulation went by quickly, not worth it IMO. Oral and small bumps are okay to keep a plateau if seeking recreation but for purely functional assistance oral is the way to go for those who this compound reacts well with.

Gelatin capsules or parachuting with rolling papers. Never been a fan of volumetric dosing, only ever used that method with substances that are now schedule 1 for a good reason.. also not my glory days and was absolutely abusing substances.

I would assume this is from some of the substance essentially “sticking” or embedding into already dry skin on your lips. 3-fpm is a pretty caustic compound, so it definitely doesn’t sound surprising. I tend to dose capsules when I get a pack, put into a bottle and stored just like any other prescription. Becomes therapeutic and calming in it’s own way after awhile, just like when one would sit down and roll a joint after a long day.

ButDry lips definitely make it worse but I think that it’s just caustic enough to damage anything besides the stomach. It’s similar to sugars effect on teeth I imagine.

What other ROA have you tried beside nasal and oral? I agree nasal is pretty fine at first but quickly becomes not worth it. Other ways are too compulsive so I had to stop using it but I want a stimulant for going back and finishing English 12. I ordered some 4f-mph in the mean time but it’s illegal in Canada.

this gives me hope that I can actually use small functional doses for a long period. My only concern is do you have any problems with your immune system since that’s apparently a major problem for some people on this drug.

I would not condone using a substance to obtain a goal, it creates an unhealthy connection in your brain. Instead maybe look at it as a temporary band-aid to get you motivated and concentrated on improving yourself, but make sure you know the difference between functional use and abuse as they are very fine lines.

To answer your question on the immune system, I have not noticed any decreased ability in fighting off cold/flu’s (I rarely seem to catch the common cold or flu in general anyways) and with research chemicals, even though 3-fpm has been on the market for a long time… everyone’s use and effects on their body would be purely anecdotal and likely differs hugely from person to person.

I’ve been using it for a week or two weeks and such daily, at ~50-100mg a day (still too much!). No problems, fairly good sleep, no withdrawal crashes.

I have a feeling a month or two daily wouldn’t be problem if you actually do stay at functional dosages, perhaps 20 to 40mg a day.

It’s probably not the safest stim to use daily, since there is supposedly a serotonin release. Also some people have complained about a flu like symptom. I did use it multiple days a week for a couple of months though without any problems.

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