Danazol Steroid (Danocrine Cyclomen)–Tricks For Using Properly

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Before considering use of Danazol steroid (Danocrine, Cyclomen, Danol, Danatrol, Danoval) for bodybuilding or athletic performance enhancement, be aware of what it is and what it’s supposed to do in the body.

It provides similar behavior to the androgenic properties of testosterone.

This means that women wouldn’t take it due to the strong possibility of it virilizing.

Knowing everything you can about the steroid is critical before taking it.

Danazol Indications

What is Danazol Used To Treat?

The synthetic steroid is typically used in the treatment of female endometriosis and as a treatment for certain types of breast disease.

It is known by a number of brand names including Danocrine and Cyclomen.

In medical scenarios, it is used as a treatment to relieve pelvic pain in women diagnosed with endometriosis.

It’s also commonly used among female patients under treatment for fibrocystic breast disease.

The steroid is also used to reduce and sometimes prevent swelling caused by congenital hereditary angioedema, which causes fluid retention and a bloated appearance to the face, the abdomen, and the extremities.

Danazol steroid is an oral drug. Medical recommendations for use in regard to dosage are specifically catered to the individual.

In general treatment scenarios, the oral medication is taken twice daily. The dosage and length of use will be determined by the condition being treated as well as an individual’s response to the drug.

However, because of the negative side effects associated with its use (it causes virilism), the drug fell out of favor since its introduction onto the market place in the early 1970s.

Danazol Bodybuilding

Danazol steroid, Cyclomen or Danocrine, were not difficult steroids to find “back in the day”, and it was commonly incorporated into post-cycle therapy for its ability to reduce estrogenic-type side effects.

Until the 1980s and 1990s, selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) and aromatase inhibitors were still under development.

Therefore, bodybuilders using various forms of testosterone would often turn to products like Danazol capsules.

To reduce the potential of estrogen-type side effects that include:


Water retention


Increase in fat gains

When off cycle, Danocrine/Cyclomen, was often incorporated to help the body regain luteinizing hormone levels.

Luteinizing hormone plays a role in the increased synthesis of testosterone in males. It stimulates production of androgens, as well as a number of hormones in the female body including estrogen, progesterone, and androgens.

Today, the resurgence of use of Danazol capsules has occurred, with many considering it as an adequate substitute to popular anabolic androgenic steroids like stanozolol and oxandrolone, although very little information is found on this concept.

Such steroids are quite a bit different in structure and usage.

Danazol Steroid Results

The steroid was not an effective muscle mass builder, nor cutting steroid.

As a bulking steroid, a user would likely have to take several hundred milligrams daily.

It had a very short half-life, averaging three to six hours.

When it came to Danazol dosage, bodybuilders would likely have taken it in relatively high amounts.

Today, Danazol might be incorporated into a stack as an aromatase inhibitor, although other and more modern SERMs may prove more effective, as well as cost-efficient.

What About Side Effects?

Side effects are associated with use of Danazol steroid, and the same is true of other brand and trade names of the substance as well as Cyclomen and Danocrine.

Among the most common:

Weight gain

Decreased breast size (female)

Development of acne

Hirsutism (growth of hair on the female face or unusual places on the body)

Deeper/coarser voice

Is Danazol Steroid Satisfactory?

For individuals undergoing treatments with Danazol steroid, effects were rated as fairly effective. It’s still used today in countries around the world, though sparingly.

It’s been used to treat low platelet count in males, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) as well as hereditary angioedema.

It continues to be effective under medically supervised dosage and observations for potential side effects that include liver toxicity.

However, as an older drug Danazol/Danocrine has been replaced by newer, safer drugs that your doctor or pharmacist would give you. As for an anti-estrogen component to a post-cycle therapy routine, results are mixed.

Some bodybuilders have commented on muscle building forum boards that once they have experienced a bout of gynecomastia, it’s easier to trigger another bout later on.

Today, use of Danazol steroid (Danocrine/Cyclomen) would also be run with some type of aromatase inhibitor.

However, there’s not a lot of information about the effects of Danazol long-term on bodybuilding efforts, nor on the male body other than its use in medical scenarios.

The bottom line is that when older drugs used for one thing are introduced into bodybuilding cycles or stacks for other purposes, unexpected results can occur.

Going to buy Danazol steroid may prove beneficial for some, but for others can trigger a number of imbalances in the body that can take weeks, if not months to overcome.

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