DANGEROUS Genotropin Side Effects 5 mg / 12 mg For Bodybuilders

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What should you know about Genotropin side effects: 5 mg, 12 mg, or even higher?

Enough to know what it can and cannot do, how it behaves in the body, and whether it’s beneficial.

Especially when used for non-medical purposes such as bodybuilding or athletic performance enhancement.

Also, understand the risks of use, as well as how to take it safely.

Genotropin Side Effects: 5 mg, 12 mg

A number of side effects are associated with all types of growth hormone, including Genotropin 5mg and 12mg.

A number of adverse reactions can affect numerous body systems including:

Cardiovascular system – in most cases, mild and transient edema or fluid buildup – however, fluid buildup around the heart can contribute to some heart dysfunction.

Central nervous system – headaches, muscle weakness, an overwhelming sense of fatigue, and for some, paresthesia or tingling on the skin.

Metabolic system – potential hypothyroidism due to destruction of hormone levels, and possibly hyperglycemia.

Musculoskeletal system – local muscle pain at the injection site, stiffness, and arthralgia or joint pain.

Respiratory system – potential upper respiratory tract infections.

In addition, Genotropin side effects associated with 5 mg and 12 mg injections can also increase levels of inorganic phosphorus, glucose, alkaline phosphatase, and parathyroid hormone levels.

What is Genotropin?

Genotropin is a synthetic growth hormone. The generic term for synthetic growth hormone is somatropin, and it’s available in over two dozen brand name products today.

Genotropin and is only one of the brand name growth hormone products manufactured by legitimate pharma labs around the world.

The drug belongs to the therapeutic class of growth hormones, typically indicated in growth disorders.

The body does produce its own growth hormone, known as somatotropin; manufactured in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, which is situated deep in the brain.

When the pituitary gland is not functioning properly, manufacture and secretion of growth hormone may be inadequate for growth and development of children and teens during their growing years.

An adult dealing with a growth hormone deficiency is not necessarily applicable to height, but growth hormone is involved in a number of body processes and activities including but not limited to:



Muscle growth

Cardiovascular function

Brain function

Growth hormone encourages most of the cells in the body to grow. This growth is required for homeostasis, repair, differentiation, and reproduction.

About Genotropin 5 mg & 12 mg

Genotropin is available in different milligram strengths. Genotropin 5 mg and Genotropin 12 mg are only two of the options, most commonly found from black market resources.

Before using a growth hormone, any users should be aware of Genotropin side effects: 5 mg, 12 mg, or higher dosages so they know what to watch for.

Genotropin manufacturers also offer a multi-dose option for injections in 5 mg and 12 mg dosages.

Bodybuilders looking for Genotropin will most commonly find it in a solution form contained in a vial. This requires traditional use of syringe and needle injection application.

Note – do not use any growth hormone product if it’s milky or cloudy looking. If you can see particulates in the solution, avoid use.

Genotropin Dosages For Medical Treatments

Genotropin pens are available in a number of forms including injection and Genotropin and MiniQuick® injection:

1.5 mg or 4.5 international units (IU) per vial

5.8 mg or 17.4 IU per vial

13.8 mg or 41.4 IU units per vial

Genotropin MiniQuik injections come in 0.2 mg/vial and up to 2 mg per vial. A number of underground labs also sell Genotropin, typically in a 5 mg or 12 mg strength solution.

In medical scenarios, Genotropin is indicated as a long-term treatment for growth failure in children who produce inadequate amount or secretions of endogenous or body-produced growth hormone (GH).

Growth hormone like Genotropin may also be indicated to replace endogenous growth hormone in an adult patient with a growth hormone deficiency.

Dosages (in medical scenarios) for adults typically starts out at 0.04 mg per kilogram delivered subcutaneously on a weekly basis.

Such a dosage is divided into six or seven daily doses, with the maximum dose hovering around 0.08 mg per kilogram.

Bodybuilders taking higher than recommended dosages and for non-medical purposes increase their risk for side effects. Taking 5 mg and 12 mg injections of Genotropin should know what to watch for in regard to those side effects.


Those with undiagnosed medical issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, or metabolic syndrome may experience adverse reactions. The same applies to individuals diagnosed with any condition currently taking medications.

Drug interactions are also a strong possibility, applicable to both prescription-strength and over-the-counter products including herbs, nutritional supplements, and sports enhancement products.

Before using any type of growth hormone, be aware of what it can and cannot do. Genotropin side effects: 5 mg, 12 mg, or any of the higher dosages should always be used with extreme caution.

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