DANGEROUS Stanozoland 10mg Side Effects & Long Term Health Risks

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Stanozoland is an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and sold in a 10mg tablet form.

In addition to the oral form, Stanozoland can also be found as an injection.

The generic name is stanozolol which is more commonly known as the brand names Winstrol (oral medication), Winstrol Depot (injectable version), and the street nickname, Winny.

Development of stanozolol began in the 1950s and it hit the market in 1962, manufactured by Winthrop Laboratories under the trade name Winstrol.

Stanozoland 10mg Reviews

Stanozoland is a brand of stanozolol produced by Landerlan.

Like other anabolic steroids, stanozolol is used primarily in medical treatments, not only for bodybuilding.

It is used for conditions such as:




muscle wasting diseases

aiding in the healing of bone fractures


certain kinds of breast cancer


delayed growth in children

corticosteroid overexposure

Since 2014, after many laboratories had been sold off, there is no U.S. pharmaceutical company marketing stanozolol, but it can be obtained by a compounding pharmacy.

It is still used in veterinary medicine for wasting diseases, increasing red blood cell production, arousing appetite, and for increasing weight.

Stanozoland Manufacturers

Landerlan manufactures Stanozoland in Paraguay, South America and can only be purchased there by prescription.

Although stanozolol is not currently marketed in the United States, it is plentiful online — both through other pharmaceuticals in through underground labs (UGLs)/on the black market.

Even though it is easy to find, stanozolol is also often counterfeited or contaminated.

Bear in mind as you look for a reputable online retailer that stanozolol is a Schedule III drug in the U.S., so it would be illegal to purchase without a prescription.

If you are given a prescription, the dosage will be much lower than what is given to enhance performance.

Stanozoland 10mg tablets (100) can be found on Brazilian websites for R$90 to R$132 ($31 to $42 USD). Otherwise, as a brand, it’s not as easy to find as other stanozolol brands, which tend to cost more.

Stanozoland Dosage Cycles

Stanozolol is not a go-to anabolic steroid for the bulking phase (except for women who may find it beneficial).

It is better used for cutting phases and to improve athletic performance — specifically to improve power and speed. Joint pain is usually experienced in cutting cycles while using Stanozoland, and nandrolone can be used to ease aching joints.

When used during a cutting phase, Stanozoland will give the defined, hard look and make already lean physiques look better.

This steroid will also help with preserving the strength and lean muscle mass gained during the bulking phase that is usually lost while on a calorie restricted diet.

A cycle should not last longer than 8 weeks, since stanozolol can be toxic to your liver.

For performance enhancement, 25mg to 50mg taken every other day or on a daily basis is a common dosage for male athletes.

Male bodybuilders will use 50mg and can increase to 100mg as a cutting cycle ends (usually for one to two weeks before a competition).

For female bodybuilders, a lower dosage of 5mg is common, and can go up to 10mg if virilization does not occur or can be controlled.

Stanozoland in tablet form is often the preferred delivery method since the tablets already come in 10mg.

Although there is no difference in efficacy between the injectable version and the tablet version.

Stanozoland Results

Stanozoland provides a number of benefits that help boost muscle mass and endurance.

One main benefit is how it can reduce Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHGB).

When SHGB is reduced, by as much as half, then there is less free testosterone in the bloodstream.

This means there is less of a chance that it will be converted to estrogen, causing unwanted side effects. Also this means there is more testosterone to use within the body.

Stress hormones, also known as glucocorticoids, can waste muscle while promoting fat gain. Stanozoland is known to help suppress these hormones that are only effective at lower levels.

It boosts protein synthesis, which means that muscles can be built more quickly. It also increases nitrogen retention within muscle tissue, which will also help with building muscles.

It also increases red blood cell production. When there are more red blood cells, then more oxygen is delivered to muscles, which increases muscular endurance.

Stanozoland Side Effects

Stanozolol is better tolerated than other anabolic steroids, but you can still have some unwanted side effects. You won’t find issues with estrogen, such as gynecomastia and water retention, but there are other issues to be aware of.

Androgenic side effects: Stanozoland takes advantage of genetic predispositions when it comes to androgenic side effects.

If you already are predisposed to male pattern baldness, this steroid will exacerbate it. Acne will occur, usually on your back, chest, and shoulders if you’re already acne prone.

Virilization: In women, virilization symptoms include voice deepening, hirsutism, and clitoral enlargement.

Cardiovascular side effects: Stanozoland can cause a great increase in LDL — the bad cholesterol— and a suppression in HDL production – good cholesterol.

LDL can cause arteries to be filled with plaque, causing heart strain and disease. Monitoring your cholesterol and adhering to a heart-healthy diet while taking stanozolol is imperative.

Testosterone side effects: It will suppress natural testosterone production, as do most anabolic steroids.

While you take this steroid, in order to prevent low testosterone levels, you will need to also take exogenous testosterone (Note: only men need to do this).

Liver toxicity: Stanozolol causes liver enzymes to increase. You should not use this steroid if you already have liver disease or damage. You should also avoid alcohol and all over the counter medication, if possible.

Stanozoland can be a useful addition to your cutting phase, as long as you monitor your body while you take it.

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