DANGERS of Illegally Buying Hutropin HGH Injections Online

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Hutropin is a synthetic form of human growth hormone manufactured by a number of underground lab (UL) companies.

Its name is similar to the brand-name and licensed chemical form of Humatrope.

This is often the case with UL labs creating “copycats” of a brand drug – giving it a name that’s similar.

Hutropin is available for sale on a number of online venues where bodybuilders can not only purchase HGH, but various anabolic androgenic steroids, growth factor substances, or other personal performance-enhancing drugs.

Most of these products are otherwise unavailable without a prescription.

What is Hutropin?

Hutropin is marketed and labeled as a recombinant human growth hormone.

It’s available in injection form.

Some labels (glass vials with a blue cap – often called blue top) provides the name, a batch number, and an expiration date. Others don’t.

Why would a bodybuilder use Hutropin or similar products?

For accelerated muscle mass, growth, and size. Before use, be aware of what growth hormone is and how it behaves in the body.

Sellers of Hutropin state that the growth hormone is manufactured in China by SymTech Biochem.

The information provided claims that the product utilizes recombinant DNA technologies and a sterile form of synthetic growth hormone that blends strands of E. coli, a strain of bacteria, with endogenous growth hormone.

It also contains 191 amino acids in a changed sequence identical to endogenous growth hormone.

Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is manufactured in the pituitary gland, located in the brain. Endogenous or body-produced growth hormone is known as somatotropin.

Growth hormone manufactured in a laboratory (synthetic) is known as somatropin. They look very similar.

A number of licensed and certified labs around the world create injectable growth hormone utilizing recombinant DNA technology.

HGH Price

In most cases, growth hormone injections are very expensive – often ranging into the tens of thousand dollars for a yearly supply.

The Hutropin sold on several online websites is cheap by comparison, with one vial (1 vial x 10IU) averaging about $40.

Growth hormone, both endogenous and reputable synthetic growth hormone does provide a number of benefits in the body and is involved in numerous body system functions.

Growth hormone makes things grow, and that means everything from cells, to bone, to muscle tissues.

Nevertheless, synthetic growth hormone like Hutropin injected into the body by bodybuilders can trigger undesired growth.

What Can Synthetic Growth Hormone Like Hutropin Do For Bodybuilders?

Growth hormone has the potential to:

improve bone density

enhance development of muscle mass

decrease fat tissues

boost immune system function

When used by bodybuilders, dosages can be quite high, which will trigger a number of unexpected and undesired side effects.

Dosage Recommendations

When seeking dosage recommendations for nonmedical use of Hutropin, bodybuilders must turn to bodybuilding websites or forum board discussion groups for suggestions in regard to dosage.

The same goes for any synthetic growth hormone purchased without a prescription.

Comparing information, the average recommendation for injection of any form of somatropin (synthetic HGH) is 1.0 mg to 1.5 mg daily.

In medical scenarios, dosages often determined by weight. For example, a starting dosage of 0.004 mg per kilogram subcutaneously, not to exceed 0.016 mg per kilogram daily.

Non-weight-based therapy suggests starting dose at 0.2 mg, with the norm ranging 0.15 to 0.3 mg daily.

Is Hutropin Real or Fake?

How can you tell if the growth hormone you’re getting is true pharmaceutical grade or UL grade?

Other than price, you generally can’t without a legitimate chemical analysis.

Before accessing websites in search of Hutropin for sale or any kind of HGH without a prescription with relatively low to moderate prices, take the time to review the website.

You may find cautions and warnings such as “all products and services are for research purposes only“, but with easy checkout processes and input of credit card information or an immediate online payment system, customers have no difficulty in purchasing these “research only” products.

Two popular websites selling Hutropin in the UK have different website and lab names but with identical website content.

Bottom line: be cautious.

Hutropin Reviews

Hutropin reviews are overall positive, with feedback left from mainly UK and Western European users.

Many comments reflect positively on good product, excellent service, and fast delivery.

Nevertheless, the above-mentioned website/s do not provide any information regarding dosage, merely claiming that it is designed for laboratory research use and is not to be used for other purposes.

Where Can I Buy Growth Hormone Injections?

Be aware however, that numerous underground labs around the world claim to be reputable, certified, licensed, and government-condoned and they are not.

Some of the companies out there include DRS Labs, Gen-Tropin AQX by Biogen,

Bodybuilders must be willing to accept the risk of receiving counterfeit, contaminated, or mislabeled product when purchasing products like Hutropin online.

Human growth hormone is beneficial for patients deficient in growth hormone production or function. Injecting growth hormone into the body when it doesn’t mean it can be risky.

Before turning to Hutropin or other underground lab-manufactured growth hormone products, be aware that benefits may not always outweigh risks of use.

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