Dbol Steroids (Dianabol) For Sale in Injectable & Pill Form

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The Dbol steroid is one of the oldest forms of steroids available.

It was the first type of oral anabolic steroid ever created, and it is well known for its extreme powerfulness and is available in tablets and pills.

The purpose behind creating the it was to enhance performance, and ever since the 1950’s, Dbol has remained supremely popular.

Here’s a look at both the possible positive and negative side effects of Dianabol steroids as well as their basic nature and history.

Dianabol Steroid Dosages

Most importantly, doses should be reasonable and realistic. The most common dosages come in the form of 10mg to 50mg, with 50mg being for advanced body builders.

And as with any type of medicine, a person should start off with low doses and work their way up.

Although the Dbol steroid is in such high demand, it is still available as one of the cheapest steroids on the market. Perhaps this is another reason other than the great transformation you can get that contributes to its popularity.

The exact price of Dbol is determined by the company a person purchases it through, but when compared to the alternatives, Dbol always comes out ahead

It is recommended that thorough research be conducted on Dbol steroids before integrating them into a workout regimen, and with the Internet, it’s simple to read through reviews to determine the possible pros, cons, and before/after results.

Taking Dbol Steroids

From a medical standpoint, there are two primary reasons as to why a person would want to supplement their body performance regimens with Dbol steroids.

The first is to provide growth and strength during off seasons, and the second is to directly maximize athletic performance, no matter what the sport or activity.

It has been found that most people use it for off-season reasons, such as giving a kick start to a new workout method. Most people using Metandienone enjoy gaining both mass and strength in a short period of time.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear of people gaining as much as 20lbs in as little as four weeks with Dbol steroids. Comparatively Anadrol performs similar being able to gain even more than Dianabol but with more severe adverse effects.

It is ideal to cycle Methandrostenolone for about six weeks at a time, and then by this time any injectable steroids should maintain any progress that has been made.

Some people use Dbol to kick start their steroid cycles regimens, and then use it again during the middle of their workout cycle to help them break through periods of time when they seem to be making no further progress.

No matter how a person uses Dbol steroids, there should be six-week abstinence periods between each cycle. Check out the best Dianabol bulking cycles here.

How Do Dbol Steroids Work?

The scientific name for the steroid Dbol is Methandrostenolone, and it carries an anabolic rating of 90-210. Its androgenic rating is 40-60.

This androgenic rating is somewhat mild, but Dbol has androgenic activity that tends to be far higher than what the rating implies.

Featuring a strong aromatizing nature and a five-hour half life, Dbol steroids need to be administered at least once a day; however, many users choose to administer it twice.

Included within the C17 aa (alpha alkylated) family, meaning it boasts a structural alteration that enables it to stay active even after the first pass through the liver.

Both its hepatotoxic nature and aromatizing abilities play a large part in the side effects that Metandienone can have. Most steroid specialists state that Dbol pills have three defining traits:

Enhanced protein synthesis

Enhanced glycogenolysis

Enhanced nitrogen retention

Glycogenolysis is the term given to describe the body’s ability to breakdown glycogen into glucose. With an increase glycogenolysis comes an increase in energy is because carbohydrate intake is optimized.

And with enhanced nitrogen retention comes the ability to avoid slipping into a catabolic state because anabolic activity is increased. Furthermore, with enhanced protein synthesis comes greater muscle mass and lower fat levels.

Other side effects of this include:

Liver toxicity

Testosterone suppression

Excess water retention or bloat

High blood pressure


Increased bad LDL cholesterol

Decreased good HDL cholesterol

Hair loss

Male pattern baldness


Virilization in females

Dbol Steroid Cycles for Athletic Performance

Back to the sole reason the Dbol steroid was created; athletic performance.

The results to be expected from buying Dianabol for athletic performance are straightforward.

Most athletes claim they enjoy an increase in both strength and speed, helping them to perform at their optimal performance levels.

And being that Dbol maximizes food intake, energy is greatly improved.

There are very few supplements that come close to Dbol, not even Trenbolone is as popular in the Uk, and this is the very reason it has become so popular over the past several decades.

For those who are considering using Dbol steroids, it’s imperative to be aware of the steroid’s anabolic and androgenic side effects.

For starters, because it is an aromatizing steroid, it has the ability to make a person’s estrogen levels to go too high, which can lead to major complications.

As estrogen increases, it can attach itself to receptors, which can lead to a condition known as gynecomastia, aka male-breast enlargement. For some people, it also causes high blood pressure as well as high levels of water retention.

As a precautionary measure, if a person has high blood pressure, they should not use Dbol steroids, even at a small 10mg dose they should avoid it.

For those who choose to use Dbol, to combat the high odds of developing high blood pressure, the use of an AI is highly recommended.

History of Dbol Steroids

It was in the 1930’s that two chemists, Adolf Butenandt and Leopold Ruzicka, created the first synthetic anabolic steroid.

Hitting the shelves as pure testosterone, this drug was quickly used by Soviet Union athletes during the Olympics.

It was during the 40’s and 50’s that these athletes absolutely crushed US athletes.

It did not take long for American athletes to become aware of the reason that the Soviet Union had soared to success, so they began using the drug to improve their performance, as well.

This did not satisfy the US, though, and so Ciba Pharmaceuticals developed Dianabol Metandienone — aka Dbol steroids — and the results were phenomenal.

It has been since the 50’s as mentioned above that Dbol has became a household product for those in the bodybuilding industry. And while many athletes do use Dbol pills, people who go to the gym regularly account for its largest use.

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