DCK replacement (Vaping)

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Hey everyone

I havent been active here recently, but I have been craving finding a new vaping disso to replace DCK (unless that has magically appeared again)

looking for things not derivative/close of/to PCP, i dont like the mania, so mostly looking for ket derivatives

There’s diphenidine available right now. I read it’s disso crack. Is this worth buying? I never see anyone talk about it on the sub.

Idk, i ended up flushing it because it sucked but I kept getting stuck in a loop of doing it for almost a week straight. This is the only substance that makes me look uncontrollably.

its still 10 times easier to run out of the club, and rip my vape really fast, then run back

i also dont neccessarily wanna be high on THC while im getting disso’d 😛 usually wanna do this shit while rolling and i like to save my THC till the end of the roll

Im going to just lay it out here because I’ve vaped/attempted to vape everything I get my hands on. I use a meth style pipe for most compounds, but sometimes foil is better suited.

The best disso for vaping is undoubtedly o-pce, God will ye be missed. Its probably near 10x as potent as dck, and is a wonderful vape. If you can source this, which I doubt, then stock up you’ll be glad you did.

2fdck does vape but it’s tricky and easy to burn, it’s quite similar to ketamine and dck, though dck is about twice as potent and slightly more stimulating.

Ketamine is quite similar to 2fdck in terms of potency and vapability,

Diphenidine vapes wonderfully but the high is not enjoyable at all. I was excited when people were describing it as disso crack, but the high is extremely confusing to the point that you can’t enjoy it, and even you did you wouldn’t remember it anyway. Waste of money imo.

3-meo-pcp does not vape well unless freebased it’s a liquid in freebase form and a pain in the ass to deal with, its also quite stimulating and mania inducing. If you decide to freebase and vape it, I find mixed with weed is the most enjoyable, they have great synergy. Otherwise use foil.

3-ho-pcp does not vape, it burns. Did not get a chance to test the freebase. If the freebase does vape well I suspect it would be a great option.

Have not tried 3-meo-pce but as others have mentioned it seems to vape well but probably not what your looking for in terms of the high.

3-ho-pce I have been meaning to try as this sounds optimal but the reports I’ve read lack the enthusiasm that posts about vaping o-pce or dck tend to have so I have a suspicion it’s not all that great. But that’s just my speculation

You think 2f-dck would vape with my set up? (E-cig mod)

Honestly Ive found that the best way to reliably vape dissos is on foil or in a glass oil burner/meth pipe. I personally like the rush that I get from vaping dissos and when vaping something thats not very potent like 2-fdck you would need a very high concentration in your eliquid as well as take a very big hit to get a decent rush, and im not sure if its even possible or practical. If your not interested in getting a rush from vaping your probably better off using another more efficient ROA, but if you dont care about wasting it and you want to vape it anyway then It should work, but you will need quite a bit in your ejuice.

im vaping for convenience and stealth, if and when i can use a diff RoA i am not apposed to that. this is just an alternative option, for when i need to cross borders to things, go on flights, etc.

i am ok with all of those things, dont care how many hits i need to take, as long as i can get that light disso feel (i dont want to be even close to hole) thats all i need!

That works yes, but I use sodium hydroxide not baking soda. It also doesnt harden into rock like cocaine does from my experience, at least 3-meo-pcp doesnt. It turns to a sticky goo which is hard to manage.. You have to just kinda smear it on some foil or something and smoke it that way, I’ve tried smearing it on a cigarette but you lose a lot of smoke that way and its wasteful. Mixing with weed in a bowl works well too.

Can’t vape them but 2f-DCK and 3-HO-PCP are good replacements for DCK

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