Deca Durabolin For Running (INCREASED Speed, Endurance & Stamina?)

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Deca Durabolin for running can transform you abilities in ways you can’t imagine or get any other way.

However, one must be aware of the legalities and the dangers.

It may bring incredible value to your running. But like anything, it has consequences.

Deca Durabolin has been around for years. It’s chemical name is Nandrolone, but is commonly known by brand name, Deca Durabolin.

It’s one of the most-powerful muscle-building and strength-boosting steroids available.

Deca Durabolin for Running

Steroids like Deca Durabolin for running got a bad rap because of overuse, and abuse.

Athletes take very high dosages of drugs not approved for performance enhancement, and it results in serious side effects.

But people still do it because of the competitiveness of sports today.

When you are marathon running, you can hit a wall. You can do all the right things: food, training, and discipline. You hit that wall where you do well, but don’t improve.

Could the answer be taking steroids for running endurance?

If you are in a competitive realm, the fact that there will be drug testing, probably means no. Runners using Deca Durabolin can be detected in a drug test for as long as 18 months after your last use.

But let’s dial it down a notch. What if you just run 6 miles a day and are going for better health, better time, better burn. You want something to take you to the next level. Is Deca Durabolin is the best steroid for running? Should you consider it?

Probably not as the side effects and risks to your health are too severe at the dosages that athletes take. It’s never been trialled for athletic enhancement purposes, and it’s not going to be prescribed to you from a Doctor.

Deca Durabolin Benefits For Runners

What is Deca Durabolin used for?

Deca Durabolin lubricates your joints, which can help runners a lot.

It can be considered a steroid for running speed because it builds your muscle power.

Many use steroids for running endurance and for joint lubrication and mobility. It also increases muscle mass.

Still, these potential benefits are not worth the side effects. The best steroids for runners are steroid alternative supplements that have fewer side effects and are perfectly legal.

Runners on Steroids

These are some of the top running doping scandals, although none of them took Deca Durabolin for running, all of them got caught taking illegal steroids for running or injections for instant stamina.

Eddy Hellebuyck

Eddy Hellebuyck is the only Olympic-caliber US marathoner to have been found guilty of doping. In 2004, he ran 2:15:36 at the Olympic trials. That same year, he tested positive for drugs.

He was suspended for two years, but denied any drug use. However at an interview with Runner’s World in 2010, he finally admitted to doping. He had used the banned substance erythropoietin (EPO), which enhances endurance.

Marion Jones

Sprinter, Marion Jones from Los Angeles won five medals at the 2000 Summer Olympics. The medals were taken away after Jones admitted to taking steroids before the games, and lied to federal agents about her drug use.

She served six months in jail with a two-year suspension from competition. She used Tetrahydrogestrinone, known as “The Clear”, or “THG”.

Kelli White

Kelli White, a 34-year old sprinter from Oakland, California won gold medals at the 2003 Paris World Championships in the 100m and 200m events.

Her medals were taken away in 2004 for testing positive for steroids. She was banned from competition for two years.

Kelli White tested positive for Tetrahydrogestrinone and Modafinil.

Regina Jacobs

Regina was a Los Angeles Stanford University runner.

She was a middle-distance runner on the list.

She ran at three summer Olympic games in 1988, 1992 and 1996, set the indoor world record in the 1500m and won 24 US championships in distances from the 800m to the 3000m.

In 2003, she tested positive for THG. Her silver medals in the 1500m from the 1997 and 1999 world championships were not taken away. She was suspended from competition for four years, but chose to retire.

Marion Jones, Kelli White and Regina Jacobs were all linked to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) scandal.

That scandal implicated many top US athletes during the 1980’s who were taking steroids, including baseball player Barry Bonds. This overuse of enhancement drugs lead to many of the stricter laws and enforcement of steroid use.

Anyone considering taking Deca Durabolin for running must be aware of the consequences of doing so.

Ma’s Army of Runners

A Chinese group of female runners, who were coached by Ma Junren appeared at the at the world championships in Stuttgart.

His runners won six of a possible nine medals in the 1993. Skeptics wondered if steroids were used, but before it could be verified, China withdrew the team from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, because China feared the runners would test positive for EPO.

Ben Johnson

The Jamaican-born Canadian, Ben Johnson set world records in the 60m and 100m sprints, in most of the 1980’s. At the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic, Johnson tested positive for steroids.

He also admitted to using the drug before he set his 1987 world record. His medals were taken away and he was suspended for two years. Johnson tested positive for drugs again in 1999. He tested positive for the Winstrol Stanozolol.

Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin drug history had an early start when he was banned in 2001, after testing positive for amphetamines. Gatlin won at the 2004 Summer Olympics with a gold in the 100m sprint, with a time of 9.85 seconds.

In 2005 at the World Championships in Helsinki, he won the 100m by the widest margin ever seen at that event. But in 2006, he tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug, testosterone, then he was given a four-year ban from athletics.

Mary Decker Slaney

New Jersey native Mary Decker made running headlines at at 14 years old. It wasn’t until 1996, at the age of 37, that Mary Decker Slaney got into trouble.

When qualifying for the 5000m at the Atlanta Olympics, she got a drug test positive for testosterone/epitestosterone. She was banned from competition. She claimed the test was flawed because she used birth control pills.

As, always you must be aware of the good and bad implications of using anything in your sport. Deca Durabolin for running may help transform you abilities, but know the cost, physically, emotionally and the world arena of competition.

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