Definitive Guide to Oxydex Anadrol | Dosages, Side Effects, Benefits & Alternate Choices

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Oxydex is a powerful steroid, with the main active substance being Oxymetholone (Anadrol).

This steroid is taken orally, mostly in pill form, and is touted to be the most potent oral steroid available.

The effects of taking it are almost comparable to those of the injectable testosterone which was the first anabolic steroid to be manufactured.

Notably, Oxydex is both an anabolic and androgenic steroid with a ratio of 320:45 respectively.

Its effects are considerably dramatic, and after taking only 50mg per day, some of the steroid users claim mass body gain of up to even 30 pounds in only seven weeks.

As such, it can be used in the synthesis of medicine for anemic patients and those struggling with weight loss and osteoporosis.

Recommended Dosage

Normally the dosage for Anadrol is recommended in performance circles to be between 50mg and 100 mg per day for about 4-6 weeks.

Considering that this product has a number of adverse side effects, it is wise not to exceed the recommended cycle and dosage.

In some instances, desperate users may decide to experiment with 150-200mg in a day, which is way past the recommended dosage.

This might make them appear bigger and stronger within a very short period, which explains why one might be tempted to use it excessively.

However, there are some health concerns associated with such excessive dosages. Hence it is highly discouraged.

One thing experienced performance users often say is that dosages should rhyme with financial status to ensure that users can complete the entire cycle.

Notably, a dosage of 50mg is believed to yield awesome results, and it will not give the same financial burden as a more advanced cycle.

Even if you have the financial ability, many will recommend against a dosage of 100mg per day.

This may accelerate the bodybuilding process considerably, but Anadrol is one of the harshest steroid in terms of side effects and a cycle like this is inviting trouble.

What to Expect

Before taking this supplement, it is important to note that it increases production of erythrocytes/red blood cells, body mass, muscle strength, and appetite.

Bodybuilders and heavyweight lifters use it primarily because of its strengthening properties to help push through an excessive workout. It is a staple bulker in the anabolic-androgenic steroid world.

Also, the user gets a feeling of satisfaction, strength, and relaxation.

The Downside of Using this Steroid

One of the worst side effects of this steroid — and any steroid for that matter — is that it puts a stop to the natural process of testosterone secretion.

Notably, this is a sex hormone and there is a risk of sexual dysfunction among other complications with excessive use of the steroid. Using Anadrol “in moderation” is not enough.

To avoid some of the unpleasant side effects of testosterone suppression, most men will cycle an injectable form of synthetic testosterone alongside Anadrol and engage in PCT to restart natural production of the hormone in the body.

Gynecomastia is possible, which is characterized by the swelling of the breast tissue in men or boys. The condition is caused by an imbalance of hormones in the body, especially estrogen and testosterone.

To reduce some of those estrogenic side effects, bodybuilders may try steroid adjunct drugs like Aromatase Inhibitors.

Liver damage is a significant risk with A-Bombs.

This is why it should never be stacked with another C17 alpha-alkylated steroid. Dianabol, another C17 aa steroid is also severely liver toxic, and if combined with A-drol could result in considerable harm to this vital organ.

Other side effects of short-term use may include water retention, balding, acne, bloating, and nausea. In particular, water retention is thought to be very serious since it leads to escalated blood pressure.

Some other serious side effects include:

High blood pressure: The use of Anadrol may result in increased blood pressure

Hormonal imbalance: The steroid’s inhibitory effect on the production of testosterone and its proclivity to aromatization which can lead to excess serum estrogen

< li>Hepatoxicity: It is very toxic to the liver and is considered one of the most toxic oral steroids out there

Liver cirrhosis, hepatitis or liver cancer: All possibilities with long-term use

Appetite loss: When taken in excess, this steroid is considered to lead to a loss of appetite rather than the gains commonly associated with it

The drug is also reported to increase insulin resistance, as well as glucose intolerance, in the body.

Psychiatric Effects

Libido change, insomnia, and nervousness are some of the psychiatric effects of using the drug.

Notably, change in libido directly affects sexual behavior, interest, and ability which can be damaging to the user’s psychological health.

The oligospermia and reduction of the volume of ejaculate may also be evident with some users.

For older male patients, there can be instances of enlarged prostrates which can lead to urinary obstruction. In such scenarios, the affected individual may decide to withdraw from society due to shame.

Use of This Steroid by Females

Females are highly discouraged from using this drug since it can affect them adversely.

In addition to most of the previously mentioned side effects, it also leads to clitoral hypertrophy, deepening of voice, and growth of facial hair.

These changes may be reversible in early stages of taking the drug, but they become permanent after continued use.

Various Forms of the Steroid

This steroid is available in many forms including tablets, liquid, and capsules. The market price is usually around $3.00 for 50mg of the drug.

You can purchase a legal alternative based on this steroid from CrazyBulk.

These dealers sell Anadrole, a legal alternative to steroids, in bottles of 60, at a price of about $1.25 per tablet.

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