Dianabol in South Africa [Laws, Prices & Where to Buy]

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Purchasing Dianabol from South Africa is always a risk.

Not only do you never know the quality of the product that you’re purchasing, but you’re putting yourself at risk legally.

While you might think that this is a country with lax steroid laws, they actually have fairly strict regulations when it comes to steroid use.

And remember:

Even if you do manage to purchase pharmaceutical grade product, there are a host of adverse effects that you could end up experiencing.

Dbol in particular is known for causing gynecomastia, water retention, and liver damage.

Below, we’re going to cover the steroid laws in this country, Dbol, and its safer natural alternative called D-Bal.

Dianabol from South Africa

Purchasing Dianabol from South Africa isn’t something that we recommend.

Of course, many people still do it, and if you choose to be one of these people, the most common brands that you’ll come across are:

Anabol 5


Atlas Pharma

British Dragon




Thaiger Pharma

For underground Dianabol pills, prices will range from $50 to $75 per batch of 100 5 mg tablets. For pharmaceutical grade pills, this will jump to $100 to $150 per batch of 100 5 mg tablets.

But even if you purchase products that are sold under the brand names above, you never know the quality of pills that you’re actually getting.

And here’s the thing:

This is true for any steroid in all black markets. For this reason, we don’t recommend buying steroids from South Africa at all, whether it’s Dianabol, Anavar, or any other anabolic steroid.

And it’s not just because of quality control issues—there are many legal risks as well.

Steroid Laws in South Africa

When it comes to other countries, it can be hard to get a grip on steroid use.

While places like the United States and Germany have specific class lists to distinguish between different kinds of drugs, others like Spain have none.

But as of 2015, the World Doping Agency has a new code that forces law enforcement agencies across the world to share information on doping organizations around the world.

In fact, they are considering making it illegal for athletes to work with coaches and staff members that have been linked to doping.

What does this mean?

Even though South Africa is far away from North America, their steroid laws are still in-line with global goals that seek to control the issue.

When it comes to steroids, here are their laws:

Illegal to be used for the purpose of muscle building, but legal for medical conditions that require muscle creation (for example, those with hormone shortages and muscle wastage)

Illegal to sell unless you’re a doctor, pharmacist, or healthcare professional

Illegal to possess with a prescription

This raises the stakes for those purchasing steroids illegally within the country, and increases the chances of those outside of the country purchasing counterfeits.

Buying Steroids from South Africa

Purchasing Dianabol steroids for sale is always going to be a risk when it comes to South Africa.

Consider Anabolics SA, a popular supplier in this country.

Although it looks legitimate and you might even receive some quality anabolics, you never know what you’re getting.

Don’t forget:

This is an illegal black market, so even if you receive Dianabol blue hearts (the 10 mg forms of the steroid), they might be fake.

And this also goes for products that appear to be pharmaceutical quality.

For this reason, we suggest legal alternatives like D-Bal, which we cover later.

But for those that just can’t look past the Dianabol steroid results despite the downsides, these tips are the conventional wisdom in circles of performance-users:

Use a steroid testing kit on anything you purchase to determine the purity of your product

Always use sites with encryption to avoid becoming the victim of fraud

Never purchase from suppliers that offer PayPal as a form of payment

Once a users receives their product, physique builders recommend that person makes sure they know how to use Dianabol tablets. Since they have a short half-life of around 4.5 to 6 hours, splitting up dosages is ideal.

Consider this:

If a user is taking 40 mg a day, he is recommended by his peers to take 20 mg when he wakes up, and the other 20 mg about 5 to 6 hours later.

This is said to help ensure that blood levels of Methandienone are as stable as possible throughout the day, maximizing your results.

But here’s the thing:

Even if you follow all of the above steps, remember that even in its purest form, Dianabol has side effects.

At the end of the day, avoiding damage to your body and scams can only be achieved one way: by using natural alternatives.


CrazyBulk advertises D-Bal as a legal alternative to Dbol that can give you moderate results without the nasty side effects.

Specifically, it’s made for those looking to increase:




It’s formulated using a unique combination of valine, tribulus terrestris, and whey protein concentrate.

CrazyBulk claims that this combination of natural ingredients helps your muscles retain nitrogen, which is one of the primary effects of Dianabol.

What does this do?

Since nitrogen is a key building block of your muscles, more of this element means a higher capacity for protein synthesis and, in turn, muscle growth.

They also offer the following guarantees with D-Bal:

Result in 30 days or less

Side effect free

Free shipping to South Africa and anywhere else in the world

Take a look at what customers are saying about D-Bal:

“I used D-Bal for 8 weeks to bulk up. I went from 140 lbs to 153 lbs. My body fat percent went from 16 percent to 8 percent. My bench went from 195 to 225. My squat went from 285 to 315.”

“I wanted to improve the definition in my abs whilst also increasing the bulk and strength of my upper body, both of which I have done. I have increased my weight exercises by 10 kg and have also gained 8.5 kg of muscle in 8 weeks.”

So, next time you consider purchasing Dianabol from South Africa, remember that there are other ways to get the physique that you want.

Will the results be as fast?

Of course not. But with natural ingredients and no side effects, D-Bal is a product for those that are looking for quality over speed.

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