Diclaz is underrated and unique in all the right ways

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Never black out. Relaxes every muscle and doesn’t have any rebound anxiety. Tizz and clam both have terrible next days for me. And what’s even stranger is that as I have made that transition, the euphoria and effectiveness of the Diclaz only seems to be increasing. Anybody know what the wds for Diclaz are like? I hear it’s the best for tapering. And I will def second that stopped taking tizz and clam pretty painlessly. Top tizz use was 15 mg a day or 1-2 mg of clam. Diclaz made it doable to stop with ease. Wonder what the downside is?

I’m not sure what the w/d’s would be like, but I’m sure if you stopped diclaz cold turkey, it wouldn’t be long before you saw the down sides.

“Don’t go down the path of least resistance with drugs in general, but with benzos especially. “

Presumably our philosopher is worried about OPs draw into an addictive class of drugs and his avoidance of side effects is a worrying behavior (likely from personal experience). He is suggesting that the side effects from these drugs are a good thing because they function as a “road block” that stops us from going down the path of addiction.

Very well said and a very true statement. I knew couldn’t kick tizz or clam without a crutch. (Previous experience) the Diclaz Seems so much more manageable and less dangerous. It’s def a path of less resistance. Hire little remains to be seen. Big difference however being that I don’t get high off Diclaz. All it seems to do is stop wd and after a week or so thereally pleasant but not drug feeling benefits appeared. Who knows what it’ll be like when I’m completely done but I’m pretty Diclaz is a better option then those other rc Benzos

Yeah, long half-life means the drug slowly leaves your system and gives your brain ample time to readjust. There’s also all of the metabolites of diclazepam that also play a roll.

I assume. That long ass half life got me off daily tizz and or clam without the nightmare that is Benzo withdrawl. When I do start fully running out I’m gonna taper like a motherfucker. I successfully quit h cold turkey after a 3 year habit. I’m sure if I taper enough this shouldn’t be too hard. Big brother is sitting on your shoulder. Stock up on thethings to help you get healthy again. Not the poisons that led u there. Just a couple of cents

I’ve heard it’s only better for wds because it has a significantly longer half life. Just don’t go more than four days between doses and you’ll probably be fine, but then again I don’t use that one

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