diclazepam experience and warning

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So me being an addict and constant anxiety sufferer, with very worst case of social anxiety with brain fog unmanageable I cant speak or think to anyone without some help of an anxiety medication. I screwed my early 20s up using kolopin and drinking being stupid. But you have to come from my point of view. I hid away since 13 not talking to people not till 19 I did receive an anxiety medication. Anyway doctors labeled me an addict Which I am but I have this insane anxiety that haunts me. They won’t write scripts for me anymore because of my idioticy at the time.

To the point diclazepam as most may know can cause ammesina used if used constantly. Which I did stupidly again. I attend a.a meetings currently, well started back up.

All I know is so not be like me and dose every day and night. I at work I’ve forgotten how to make the kinda newer sandwiches and in back cashier I paid an women out and forgot seconds later.. I just caught myself a few days ago and started a taper. I’m very lucky I’m at a job that tolerates this been there 2 years working my butt off.

End of report and forgive the long intro. Peace and love.

thanks for insight into diclazepam. i’ve noticed with etizolam that a lot of people seemingly become “immune” or very, very tolerant to it. interesting.

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