Did Ryan Reynolds Get the Buff Body From Steroids?

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Many people argue that Ryan Reynolds used steroids to enhance his muscles while featuring in the Movie Blade 3.

This is not true, and Ryan’s buff body is widely attributed to endless exercises complimented with superb feeding habits.

Reports claim that Ryan spent close to three months in a gym before acquiring the well-curved muscles and a perfect six-pack.

We’ll get into detail about the evidence of whether or not he used steroids below.

Ryan Reynolds Steroids

Ryan Reynolds claims that he never used steroids.

He was born in 1976 in Canada.

He started acting at a tender age featuring on ABC sitcom Two Guys and a Girl as Michael Bergen.

He also featured as Billy Simpson in the YTV soap opera.

In 2004, he featured in a movie called Trinity as one of the lead characters.


He was the main character in Deadpool, a movie that was released in 2016.

The role he played in Deadpool led to his nomination and eventual winning of the Golden Globe Award. He also acted as the lead character in the movie Blade 3.

To make things clear, many people agree that Ryan was in great shape even before playing the lead role in Blade Part 3 and he had a low body fat percentage.

He embarked on a vigorous six months training program before featuring in the movie.

Ryan had a personal trainer and a dietician that he employed on a full-time basis for the six months, he was training.

Throughout this period, he had no other commitments, and he spent at least three hours in the gym daily.

He ensured that he took at least eight meals on any single day and each meal comprised of the essential elements of a balanced diet.

As noted earlier on, Ryan didn’t start working from scratch. He already had a great body, and he had managed to keep the amount of fat in his body to minimal levels.

The only thing that he was working towards achieving was adding a layer of muscles complimented with some reasonable amount of weight.

Experts say that the amount of fat in his body was too little and he was almost risking attaining unhealthy body fat percentage while on training.

After three months of vigorous training, he took a break to allow the body to adjust.

Ryan’s Diet

Eating right served Ryan Reynolds well, and sources close to his dietician reveal that his diet mostly consisted of six to eight meals a day.

The meals were spaced at an interval of two hours with a lot of carbohydrates and proteins during the day.

After 8 PM, he was only allowed to take proteins with carbs coming immediately after the vigorous training activities.

The purpose of serving him with carbs after the training was to promote his growth abilities and refuel his body as he prepared to take the proteins. In this essence, the proteins were mainly used to grow the muscles.

The primary sources of the proteins were eggs, steak, protein bars, chicken, and protein shakes. He consumed oatmeal as a source of oatmeal.

Although the idea of consuming plain oatmeal without any sugar supplements may sound boring, Ryan had it down to science and treated his body like a real machine.

He mainly concentrated on the nutrients that would help him build the muscles and nothing else.

He avoided any food that would increase the amount of fat in his body. The main meals were mostly supplemented with snacks to help him get there.

He claims that he avoided steroids at all costs. He said he took creatine to boost in muscle building.

Ryan Reynolds’ Workout

The workout lasted for a minimum of three hours each day. The three hours comprised of both weight and fight training.

The weight training took a larger portion of the workout consuming at least four days every week.

Ryan concentrated on working out specific parts of the body each day. He would do Legs on a Monday, chest on a Tuesday and so on.

The chest routines he did would include bench press and many other forms of exercises.

The bottom line is that Ryan was already in great shape and the only thing he needed was to gain some significant weight while avoiding any possibility of increasing the amount of fat in his body.

He found Cardio to be very helpful since he was doing fast weight and fight training on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, he needed to gain at least 10 lbs every month, and that is what he was working to achieve.

He also conducted vigorous exercises with his ribs doing between 500 and 1000 sit-ups as a way of starting each workout session.

Although this seems a lot of work that is what it took Ryan to achieve the perfect body and muscles before featuring in Blade Part 3. Ryan Reynolds explained that he never used steroids but relied hugely on exercise and diet to gain the muscles and the weight.

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