Did you ever get raided?

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I thought it’s not possible but I have been. Please be smarter than me.

Yeah, wasn’t meant to be a raid but cops got brought to my place when I was making noid blends and thankfully was just charged with possession. The kicker though was they only said I had .23 grams, yet I got 10 months in prison for it anyways.

Well what I had technically wasn’t, it was px1 which sucked, but it was an analog of ab-fubinaca and that was what they said it was, and that was a felony.

But it was a very fucked situation. The cops ended up searching my house for completely unrelated shit and found quite the catch. Unfortunately my lawyer sucked so fighting it like I believed I could have wasn’t really possible, but it was better than all the charges I could have gotten.

Yeah my bad, English isn’t my native language. I didn’t know raid didn’t simply mean policemen’s show up at one’s home, because that happened.

A package that I ordered like 8 months ago didn’t arrive, I didn’t become paranoid or anything I was expecting a love letter or something, it was a really small amount (5 pellets). 4 policemen showed up at my house and wanted my permission for a search.

After they confiscated my RC’s and a small amount of speed, they brought me to the police station for an interrogation and a fast urine test which showed negative but turned out positive by the lab test. About 3 months later went through the jail booking process (fingerprint+photo).

I wasn’t charged to pay any money which I was surprised about. Now I have to attend a diversion program and if I finish my course they drop the prosecution.

You dont have the right to refuse a search in most countrys in Europe.

In Sweden, You dont. If the police shows up at your home. And they wanna search it. They will no matter what you say to them. They dont even need a real reason to drug test you either. Its enouth if the “officers” have “suspicsion” of use. And then its off with you for urine test, wich will be sent to a lab. You can however refuse the urine test. And they will then take a blood test instead.

I guess this dude is not from US either, as hes native language was not english. So hes laws are probably closer to my countrys laws than to USA.

Im not from the us im from the netherlands and police always need a warrant to search your home without consent. In every case except if you open the door with a bag of crack in your hands. The police bullshit so much fucking shit to convince you to say yes if they dont have a warrant. They lie and lie over and over again untill they hear a yes and then they storm in. If they show you a warrant then let them in otherwhise always just shut your door.

Police could search my place anyway even if I refused to give consent, however that would be problematic for them if it ever got to court.

I completely forgot about my order because it was a sample, never thought I could have any problems because of it, I was sure they were looking for my neighbour who is in house arrest.

The Police often come to our street. A few weeks before the case he beat his father with a baseball bat and they knocked on my door because they were looking for witnesses.

But yes, I could be smarter as well, honesty is not always the way to go. I advice to everybody not to order to your real adress just in case.

Buddy, they could not have searched your house if you’d have simply said no. I’ve had buddies get visits from police after a package with a pound of marijuana was found with their name on it. They simply said they don’t consent to unwarranted searches and sent the cops on their merry way. You fucked yourself over man, learn from it I recommend reading up on America’s laws

Yes. And the only thing that caused it to happen was because of stupidity from the vendor i had. He had information on like tons of the customers wich the police then got when they busted him. Due to Fent analogs. I dont mess with those, the only shit i bought from that vendor was Nitrazolam. But the police thought i had order fent analogs , also lost my growtent, and shit with it Worth over 1200 euro. Funny times.

Happend to a fellow is Austria, then a few in the US and Europe from SI. Started with the Austrian and they didnt take concideration that they had been being investigated for the previous 2 years. They had a lot of peoples info but thankfully “burned” it before the law enforcement actually got ahold of their servers. RiP

I wish every vendor destroyed customer info but people vending out of their apartment probably aren’t thinking about opsec beyond maybe self destructive messaging

I got a piece of mail (a physical letter) inviting me to an online marketplace onion. This was around the time of the fall of SR1. It was from a Washington DC mailing area and I was like “nice try DEA.” never had a package lost or even appear to be tampered / damaged so I assumed it was a vendor going private… or busted. I never went to the link. The address was used again in very small quantities and deemed unburned.

It was in no way related to the address I was raided at for.

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